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Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On keeping and building on the lead in today's game) "I think it was total team ball. Obviously, our defense did a heck of a job today, held them down, stopped the run, turned it over a couple times for us, and then we ran the ball really well. Obviously, [RB D'Andre] Swift and the boys back there did a great job. The guys up front, [I] can't be more proud of those guys. Obviously a lot of moving parts throughout the week last week and obviously on game day today, and they overcame it all and kept the line of scrimmage in favor of us, which was awesome and it really helped us out today."

(On being 2-0 on the road against the Jaguars and if he plays better at certain away stadiums) "I don't know. I [don't] feel like I played all that great today. I missed a couple and wish I had a couple of them back, but it's nice to win. There's no question about that, especially on the road. This is our first game this year with a significant amount of fans in it so it was fun to have a little bit of juice out there and be able to keep them quiet all day. There were a couple Lions fans which we're happy to see some Lions people out there cheering for us, which was fun."

(On if how it felt to get the statistic today of throwing a TD pass against every other NFL team and if he was thinking about it during the game) "Not really. It was entirely too hard to score down there on a couple of those. I was trying to throw another one to Hock [T.J. Hockenson] earlier and [LB/FB Jason] Cabinda thought it was coming to him and he knocked it out and it was a tough series to get it in there, but it was nice to score. [I'm] just happy that our team got in the end zone, run or pass. Obviously, we got a couple rushing touchdowns today, which was awesome, and I know the guys up front loved that. The guys on the sideline loved that. It's awesome to watch us run it in and so I was proud of the guys up front for doing that. But as far as I go, I just wanted to score. [It's] cool that we got the touchdown, nice that I had the stat. I'll just keep it moving."

(On if they were forcing the play to get him the stat) "I don't think that was the case, surely wasn't talked about. I think more than anything we ran it in earlier. We thought the play action would be there. I think that was more the thought process than anything."

(On being more dressed up in today's postgame press conference) "[I] just don't have anything to carry my suit back in other than my body, so figured I'd put it back on my body."

(On the development of RB D'Andre Swift this year) "He's done a nice job. Obviously he missed some practice early on in training camp but got healthy and has been doing a really nice job. Just whatever his role is, he's trying to do it the best that he can. There were some really great plays out there today, a couple plays I'm sure he wants back. There was one miscommunication between he and I in the pass game that we'd like to have back, but the thing I like about him is just nothing really fazes him. You know, he made a mistake like that and just keeps it moving and knows he going to make great plays later in the game. He's got a lot of confidence in himself and his teammates. We have a lot of confidence in him, really all the guys on this team, so he's just another big part of it and [has] done a really nice job as a young guy."

(On what having a dual threat player like RB D'Andre Swift does for the offense) "It's awesome. Obviously I thought the guys up front did a great job of opening holes and he was hitting them with authority, making guys miss, running people over. He did a nice job. I thought all of our backs ran it really well. I've got such a good view. I hand it off and watch those guys do their thing. I thought all of them ran it really well, got what was there and then some. So he's definitely a talented player, a guy that we can get the ball to handing it to him and throwing it."

(On blocking out the outside opinions on Head Coach Matt Patricia and getting a win today) "That's our job. Our job is to go out there and play. It's not to pay attention to all the other stuff that's going on. We don't live in a bubble, not yet at least. I think all that stuff is around or whatever, but it's our job to play at a high level. That's what we concentrate on doing and it was just nice to get a team win today."

(On if today showed the offense at its best) "I still think there's quite a bit out there. We definitely try to spread the ball around. We try to get everybody involved in the game. Sometimes guys have more big plays, more yards than other guys, but we have a great unselfish group. We all just want to do whatever we can to get the ball in the end zone and help our team win games. Kenny [Golladay] had a great game. [It] helps [when] you get a free play, launch one up, and it gets a 50-yarder on that and some other big plays throughout the game, but I thought our guys did a nice job on the perimeter, getting open, and making some plays."