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Lions Running Back D'Andre Swift: Sunday, October 18, 2020

(On having good vibes in this stadium, either college or pro) "I love this field (laughs). It felt good to go out there and get a win, especially on this level. I like this one more."

(On the 54-run yard run) "The O-line (offensive line) did a great job so it was easy for me. We have to keep running, though."

(On making the most of his opportunity today and being comfortable) "It comes during the week with preparation, allowing them to see me run the plays that is called. I'm happy with this win and hopefully we can get this thing going."

(On what this does for his role moving forward) "If it comes to me, I'm going to be really productive."

(On the rotating offensive line and how they performed) "It started with this week. We had something. I knew whoever was going to be in there was going to get the job done."

(On what confidence today's performance gives him moving forward) "Believing in myself. I know I have the ability, so believing in myself. We're going back to work every day so whenever my number is called, I will make the most of my opportunities."

(On if he prefers running over people or out-running people) "Whatever the opportunity allows me to do. I can do either one."

(On being unfazed by it all) "Yeah, I know that is not me as a player. I'm showing everyone else that because I know that."