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O-Zone: A little respect

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steve from Yulee, FL

O, let's get to what would it cost to cut C.J. Beathard loose. And if the Jags were to cut left tackle Cam Robinson and left guard Andrew Norwell next year and slide Walker Little in at left tackle – if he isn't already there – would the savings be enough to sign a good right tackle through free agency and slide Jawaan Taylor to guard and maybe sign another offensive lineman early in next year's draft?

We may be in the weeds here – and we're certainly a bit ahead of ourselves. Mostly, there are too many hypotheticals here to answer with accuracy. Jaguars quarterback C.J. Beathard has $2.75 million guaranteed in the two-year contract he signed in March, so releasing him would cost the Jaguars that much – and there's no guarantee yet the Jaguars want to release Beathard. Decisions regarding Norwell and Robinson will be made next offseason. What will happen to the rest of the offensive line? There are 17 regular-season games to be played between now and next offseason. What happens in those games will dramatically influence those moves. But make no mistake: the Jaguars will have ample salary-cap room next offseason to address areas of need. Whether there are free agents that make sense to address those areas remains to be seen, but they will have the space.

Travis from Dallas, TX

Would you happen to remember you and local Jag reporters "Final Analysis" record predictions before the 2017 season? That year we all figured the defense would be solid, bringing on cornerback A.J. Bouye and others … but I can't remember if it was a hesitant year to predict over .500 because of quarterback Blake Bortles, a rookie offensive tackle and the rest of the offense.

We didn't do "Final Analysis" before the 2017 season, and I don't know that many of the Jaguars' "experts" included in the series predicted specific records before that season. But it's safe to say few – if any – analysts were predicting the Jaguars to finish over .500 before that season. They had had six consecutive losing seasons at that point and finished 2-14 the season before. There were some signs they could be improved – particularly the presence of cornerback Jalen Ramsey and the addition of defensive end Calais Campbell – but not enough to predict what happened that season.

Chris from Mandarin

Yet "Mike from Reality" is still commenting on a sports website. Good job dude, you played yourself. You're still a fan and you can't hide that fact. Just by being on this website, it's obvious you're not being truthful with yourself.

That's not nice.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

I just wanted to say thanks for being an open neutral place for fans to voice their question/comments about the vaccine on both ways. I love that you haven't shut down questions on it and that you see both sides. I feel the same. I'm vaccinated but many of my friends are not. I wish they were, but I also understand that it's a very big thing to ask some to inject themselves with something they may not be comfortable with. It's a conversation that is happening at every level in society and the NFL is no different.


Richard from Jacksonville

O'Man, Laviska Shenault Jr. lined up at tight end about 20 snaps last season. Do you take the over or under on that number this season? Is this strictly a gadget play or does he have the size and skill set to block at tight end in addition to pass catching from the position?

I suppose I'll take the over in this sense: I expect second-year wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. to line up at multiple spots around the offense – as a running back and a wide receiver. I expect the Jaguars to use him creatively enough that sometimes he will be next to the line of scrimmage and perceived as a "tight end." He probably won't be blocking much from there. I would expect he would be running routes as he would from the backfield or wide receiver or perhaps after lining up behind center. I'm not trying to be vague here. I just expect the Jaguars to be creative and dynamic enough before the snap to make it difficult to identify exactly what position players such as Travis Etienne Jr. or Shenault are playing on some particular plays.

Gary from Suffolk, VA

Not really a question, more of a statement. I have never been a person to hold it against someone who wanted to be paid their worth and respected while doing so. Respect to me is earned as an individual and usually given to a position regardless of the occupant. With that said, I am super happy for Jalen Ramsey. Did I want him to leave? Nope. Was I happy how he left? Nope. But I am glad he did what was in his best interest. I find it striking that I have not heard any teammate of his speak negatively about him as a player or a person. Yet some fans want to crucify him to this day. I ride with Jalen and want him to continue to be the best in the league. Yep, and I am still DTWD

You go, girl.

Jen from Jacksonville

Is there ANY chance of there being a 10 percent chance of the Jaguars scooping up Aaron Rodgers? Second, if O had the choice to bring Rodgers on, what would it be?

The Jaguars selected quarterback Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. I would not pursue Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers if it was my decision considering the Jaguars' current circumstance. I can't imagine a scenario in which the Jaguars would do so.

Roger from Houston

All of a sudden, everyone is an expert on HIPAA?


Steve from Nashville, TN

Would it not be difficult for receivers to adjust to catching balls from Trevor and then from Gardner Minshew II in the same practice?

It's almost certainly tricky. Lawrence threw a pass Friday, for example, that reached the receiver quickly and the receiver couldn't get his hands up in time to make the reception. It's possible that the receiver could have reacted in time had another quarterback thrown the pass.

UnHIPAAcat from Carlsbad, CA

Hi John. There are 3,006 counties in the Unites States and 67 in Florida. The New York Times reports that Duval, with 96 reported cases per 100,000 residents, ranks 28thand third, respectively, with a 200 percent increase (that's three - not two - times as many) in the number of cases reported over the last two weeks. So, I did a little research and learned that Derrick Henry (2,027 yards last season, btw) has played 10 games against the Jags, in which he's rushed for 1,013 yards (100/game). To be honest, I thought it would be closer to 200 and was going to predict this year he'd total against the Jags what he averaged. Holding him to 50 yards a game would be difficult, but at least I think we won't have to sit through any 99-yard TD, 250-yard, or four touchdown games this year. Based on nothing but speculation and hope, how do you think Joe Cullen's defense will do against him this year? (p.s., have any O-Zone questions violated your HIPAA rights?)

I'm so tired.

Jim from Middleburg, FL

Who will be the O line utilitarian replacement after Tyler Shatley gets promoted due to starter injuries?

Good question. I expect rookie tackle Walker Little to be the swing tackle. I don't yet have a feel for if Little could play guard, though likely he could if needed. Who would be the interior swing lineman? It ideally would be second-year guard Ben Bartch. The next month or so should determine if he is ready to play. It's unlikely the Jaguars will find someone this year to do it as well as Shatley. He's very versatile and very reliable, which is how he has carved out a long career.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - Why do you always try to appear to be unbiased with your answers about non-football topics (such as Covid-19) when you subtly show your biased opinion in the end? When there has always been a cure that politicians and the media don't want to talk about, it's not by definition a pandemic. When there is an injection that hasn't been formally approved yet, it's not a vaccine. When there is "group think" pushing to vilify those who do as they're told versus those who think for themselves, it isn't a free country.

I answer questions as I do because it's my column.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-Man, do you think Trevor is ripping cigs down at Pete's?

I'm answering this question at 7:30 in the morning. Therefore, I hope not – though I would have to admit at least some level of respect if he were.