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O-Zone: A matter of trust

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Paul from Saint Johns, FL

Jalen Ramsey is talented, but when he gets upset, he seems like he is out of control. Yelling at the head coach? That is disrespectful.

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had words with Head Coach Doug Marrone Sunday in a 13-12 loss to the Houston Texans. Ramey didn't speak to the media afterward, and Marrone didn't address the incident beyond saying he didn't remember it. There was little to be gained for either Ramsey or Marrone from rehashing the incident – but because they didn't, we're left to interpret what we saw. Ramsey appeared upset in the first quarter when Marrone didn't challenge a reception by Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, a play on which Ramsey was in coverage. While replays showed it might have been a drop, it didn't appear conclusive enough to overturn. After the Texans' drive ended in a field goal, Ramsey was still upset and appeared to shrug Marrone off as he passed him walking toward the bench. Ramsey remained upset and Marrone approached him on the bench. Safety Ronnie Harrison blocked Marrone and the incident appeared to end. It was a bad look for Ramsey, and I wouldn't be surprised if he is fined. It's also an unfortunate misstep for a player whose public persona is that of a diva/prima donna. I don't believe Ramsey's actions usually hurt the team, and I tend to think reaction to his actions are often overblown. I also believe he is misunderstood at times. But his actions and reactions on the field and on the bench Sunday were too extreme – and when you behave as Ramsey did Sunday, people assume you're a selfish guy. Even if you're not.

Rob from Zebra Hunter's Lodge

That was an exciting last drive but I'm shaving my mustache. Couldn't help but notice that none of the refs had mustaches. Perhaps they are biased against or jealous of our 'staches? I guess I understand it makes them feel inferior or less manly, but acting out by calling ghost holds and PI's is just immature and childish. Here is hoping the refs can learn to respect the 'stache and not act out of jealously. #Moodastache

I'm sure the referees were biased against the Jaguars Sunday just as they have been for every game in franchise history. But if they don't respect the 'stache and rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II, they're going it alone. #Moodastache

Mark from Sobieski

Defense played better … check. Less penalties … check. Minshew played well in the fourth quarter … check. No one ejected … check. Touchdown with few seconds remaining to tie the game … check. Team went for two-point conversion to win the game … check. Jaguars Win … (crickets chirping). Same ole, same ole.

If "same 'ol, same 'ol" is really all you got from that game Sunday, we'll have to agree we won't see eye to eye. Minshew showed serious signs of being able to lead this team. He provided some hope for the next couple of months – and after that, who knows? Either way, this was not same 'ol, same ol.

Al from Orange Park, FL

I'm likin' the kid more and more and more ...


Josh from Atlanta, GA

That was an extremely tough game to watch. The offensive line is, in a word, bad.

The offensive line had a tough game in many fronts Sunday, particularly untimely and costly penalties. But the group played well against Kansas City in Week 1. Remember: both tackles – Will Richardson and Jawaan Taylor – are in their first NFL seasons. Let's let a few weeks play out before writing the group off as a disaster.

Steve from Section 215

Is it true that Jalen dropped what could have been a game-winning interception because he was concentrating on composing his end-zone celebration? I heard this and it seems to fit his character.

Does it? Really? Have you watched Ramsey for three seasons or are we just in a bad mood? Actually, this comment is misguided enough I tend to believe you may be serious. One reason for the absurdity is no one who would say this would have any idea what Ramsey was thinking when he dropped an interception in the third quarter Sunday. But the biggest reason is that your question implies Ramsey dropped the interception because he was concentrating on something other than doing whatever was necessary to play at the highest possible level. Nothing could be further from the truth, and to think otherwise is to completely miss what happened Sunday – and to miss what you refer to as Ramsey's character. Anyone with any knowledge of Ramsey knows he is fully committed to being a great cornerback. Remember, too: Ramsey on Sunday held perhaps the NFL's best receiver – DeAndre Hopkins of the Texans – to 40 yards on five receptions with no touchdowns. Hopkins was very close to being a non-factor. It was a remarkable defensive performance by an elite player. It's true that his first-half behavior will cause many to miss that. That's too bad because the performance deserved to be recognized.

Hulk from Las Vegas, NV

Coaches robbed Gardner of his first win. Defense showed enough that we could've won. The coaching staff owes an apology. This team needs to get in sync really quick or all will be lost!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's always coaching in the NFL, especially when coaches issue mass apologies.

ABC from ABCTown

What was the reason to go for two??? Why don't go in overtime instead?

You go for two because you're two yards from a victory on the road, and percentages say the chances of winning going for two in that situation are greater than playing for overtime.

Clayton from Gambier, OH

O, would you have gone for two in that situation yesterday?

No, I would have kicked. Though I understand why Marrone went for it, I liked the Jaguars' chances of stopping the Texans and winning because they were outplaying Houston on both sides of the ball at that point.

Kathy from Jacksonville

The game was very hopeful as stated, but Jalen Ramsey's behavior with the coach was disturbing.

It was a bad look. I tend to believe it was the result of a very motivated, hyped-up player who got lost in the moment more than the actions of a bad guy, but yeah … bad look.

Jon from Southampton, UK

Do we ever run for more than four yards?

Yes. Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette did this multiple times Sunday.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Taven Bryan looked pretty good getting some pressure on the quarterback. It's almost like he's developing and improving. Bryan needs to learn how to use his hands better to get leverage and get off blocks and learn pass rush moves in addition to the bull rush. It looks like he is doing that. Which is exactly what Josh Allen needs to do. They have the athleticism, one more than the other, but NFL linemen get paid a lot of money to block big athletic guys. They have to develop moves and techniques to defeat them which takes time and experience. Is Bryan's arrow pointing up?

It's very difficult to focus on individual players, particularly linemen, when covering a game. My focus is more on the big picture, and I tend to get more specific examining players during the week as warranted. But I noticed Jaguars defensive tackle Taven Bryan getting better penetration and mattering more Sunday than I remember in any game since Bryan joined the team. That has to be a good sign.

Keith from Christiana


Thank you. Sometimes the reaction when I pose shirtless isn't this enthusiastic.

Josh from Columbus, IN

Same old, same old. Running straight ahead into eight-man fronts. It's almost as though the staff thought this worked efficiently last year. Can we PLEASE run play- action or throw on early downs? The rookie QB is not an excuse as that means poor roster management. Been a fan since I was 7, not sure how much more patience I have.

"The rookie QB is not an excuse as that means poor roster management." So, what … offensive coordinator John DeFilippo is supposed to say, "Well, I wish I had an experienced quarterback as a backup, so I'll throw willy-nilly and blame the front office?" C'mon, Josh. I get that there was frustration watching the Jaguars' offense at times Sunday, particularly early. But you can't just have a game plan in which a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start on the road is throwing on every down from the opening kickoff. That said, I sense your frustrations will end soon. Minshew showed Sunday he can handle a lot. The way he played late in the game undoubtedly will convince coaches to trust him more and have more in the passing offense. He earned more Sunday, and I have no doubt the coaches will give it to him.

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