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O-Zone: A ways to go

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Hilarious from Funnytown

Did the coach's kid do anything?

Josh Pederson, son of Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson, played in the preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys Saturday. Like many reserves and players deep on the depth chart, he played mostly in the second half. He was targeted once without a reception. He also snapped twice for punts after long snapper Ross Matiscik sustained a shoulder injury in the first quarter.

Armand from Jacksonville

How serious is the shoulder injury to our long snapper?

Doug Pederson on Monday morning said Matiscik's injury is not expected to be serious and that Matiscik will be day-to-day. The team on Monday signed eight-year veteran and former Jaguars long snapper Carson Tinker, who practiced Monday.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

Hey, Zone. Until Saturday, I honestly never realized the importance of having a healthy long snapper. Do we have someone who typically dresses on game day that could fill that role in an emergency capacity? Is it something center Luke Fortner or anyone else ever practices just in case? Teams have backup players dressed and ready to go at every other position – including quarterback, punter and kicker – but it wouldn't appear that is the case with long snapper. I hope bounties ended with Greg Williams' punishment, but it seems like you could almost guarantee victory by taking out the opposing long snapper as much or more as you could with any other position.

Jaguars defensive tackle Adam Gotsis also can be the emergency long snapper. Doug Pederson on Monday said the Jaguars considered both Gotsis and Josh Pederson to long snap Saturday after Matiscik's injury, deciding on Pederson because Gotsis' hands were heavily taped – and because the Jaguars were unlikely to face exotic/heavy punt rush in the first preseason game. The approach almost certainly would have been different in the regular season.

Johnny B from Howey In The Hills

Mr. O: First, great job with you and your colleges Kainani Stevens and Brian Sexton. Monday was my first time listening to Jags A.M. and I really enjoyed it. Very informative and really cordial. Well done. My question: I see where the Jaguars signed Bobby Evans, another offensive lineman. I thought the Jags were loaded on the offensive line. From what I see, they are two and three deep with some quality linemen. Is there anything going on behind the scenes that we don't know? Ben Bartch is coming back and it looks like Blake Hance and Cooper Hodges are really solid, so is Evans that good or just a steal off another team's waiver list? What say you?

Evans, who signed with the Jaguars Monday morning, is a tackle who was a third-round selection by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 NFL Draft. He spent 2019-2022 with the Rams and signed with the Jaguars after being released by the Minnesota Vikings earlier this month. This signing doesn't mean something's "going on behind the scenes." Evans is a veteran. The Jaguars like offensive tackles Walker Little, Anton Harrison and Cam Robinson. They also have veteran swing tackle Josh Wells on the roster. But Robinson will be suspended for the first four games of the regular season, and it makes sense to bring in an experienced veteran. You're always trying to ensure you're as strong as possible at the bottom of the 53-man roster.

Al from Orange Park, FL

On my high school football team, the five-feet guard was our punter and kicker. He was also the star shot putter on the track team. Our tight end was a 6-6 basketball player. It would not be fair to say that his knuckles dragged on the ground when he walked, but he did have long arms. For short goal-to-go situations or extra points, Bob just stood in the end zone with his hand (way up) in the air, and Ralph shot putted the ball to him. Worked every time. I envision tight end Garrit Prince and tight end Luke Farrell and wide receiver Jacob Harris and maybe tight end Brenton Strange spread across the back of the end zone on goal-to-go and two-point plays. With a lot of cornerbacks and safeties in the NFL being 6-feet-0 or less, could that work in the modern NFL??

No, teams can't just line up tall receivers in goal-line and goal-to-go situations and shot put them the ball in the NFL. Bob and Ralph will need to find another line of work.

Don from Marshall, NC

I think I will start to worry after Trevor throws five interceptions because I already know that he can win throwing four. For teams out there without a quarterback and winning is important to you, then give a call to Blake Bortles. The Carolina Panthers would be doing themselves a huge favor. He throws a duck now and then, but he is a winner who does not choke. Just do not understand why he is still out there unless it was something he did that no one knows about. Don't make you evil if you like to party and Go Jaguars!

When it comes to Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence – not to mention now-retired former Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles – Don remains "all in."

Johnny B Howey In The Hills

Mr. O: I know that Urban Meyer's name is not held by many of my fellow O-Zone contributors in high esteem, but I think he was instrumental in selecting of one of the best draft classes in recent memory - 2021. Players starting and remaining are Lawrence, running back Travis Etienne Jr., safety Andre Cisco, cornerback Tyson Campbell, Little, outside linebacker Jordan Smith and Farrell. I don't think many NFL teams can match the longevity of this class. Based on my research only two from that draft are not with the team any longer. Not bad for "Urban Renewal."

"Credit" and "blame" for drafts are often elusive concepts, and we may never know exactly who should be responsible for the selections you name. The Jaguars' 2021 NFL Draft indeed appears to have been a good one. Credit to Meyer for his role.

Michael from Newport News, VA

A real question. What are your thoughts on throwback uniforms/helmets? I like it when teams do it. I knew the Jags are still a new team, but I don't really feel like we have a legit throwback. I know we have the older logo, but it was just a few minor tweaks. I was never a fan of the black and gold helmet, so I hope they never use that as a throwback. I would love to see a new helmet worn once a year.

I thought NFL throwbacks were really cool when teams first started wearing them, and some really work. Others … meh. I expect the Jaguars to play in a throwback in the foreseeable future. I have no details on this and don't know exactly what "foreseeable" means in terms of time frame. I'm hoping for a return of the color rush jerseys. I'm in the minority.

Thrill from The 'Ville

I'm surprised no one has pointed out the inaccuracy in your description of the 46 defense. The name does not refer to a personnel grouping in 4-6 alignment, but rather it is named after the jersey number of Doug Plank, the strong safety for whom Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan named it. The 46 defense is more of a 6-2 alignment. Six on the line of scrimmage, two linebackers, two press corners, and a safety.

This one's on me. It was named after Plank. I knew this, and even remembered it when answering the question. I made the mistake of looking it up on the interweb to make sure I had details right. The article I came across talked about alignment. My answer reflected the story I read and not what I remembered. I'll be available for flogging and public humiliation at a later date. But seriously, do something long enough and you put one on the ground. My bad.

Mark from Archer

Zone, everyone going crazy about the preseason – whether good or bad – needs to just chill and remember it is only the preseason. Remember: The Detroit Lions in 2008 went undefeated in the preseason then went on to go winless in the regular season. So just chill.


Dingus from Duval

It seems to have been a while since a Jaguars defender outplayed his contract or draft position. Maybe defensive linemen DaVon Hamilton or Roy Robertson-Harris. You got any candidates for this year to break out ? I'm hoping for Cisco.

Cisco is a good candidate for this, though he was the first selection of the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft, so he wasn't all that underrated.

David from Ada, OK

The Jags are ready for the Super Bowl. But is the Super Bowl ready for the Jags?

The Jaguars will play their second game of the 2023 preseason against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit, Mich., Saturday.