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O-Zone: Adjustment

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mark from Daphne, AL

How much did Sunday's performance affect your long-term questions about No. 15?

A bit. Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II played very well Sunday in a 27-20 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Anytime that happens this season, it will spawn a flurry of people anointing him as the Jaguars' franchise quarterback. Any time he plays poorly, there will be a similar flurry burying him. The reality is Minshew should and will be judged over the course of the entire season. He absolutely played well Sunday. When you complete 19 of 20 passes for 173 yards and three touchdowns you play well. He made big throws at important times. He protected the ball. He showed the fourth-quarter savvy and poise you want from your quarterback. There also were times he appeared to miss some things downfield and he also appeared to check down too often through the course of the game. You still worry about his arm strength. I'll be fascinated moving forward how teams game plan Minshew once they get a few weeks of video on him playing in new coordinator Jay Gruden's offense. That will go along way to telling this story. But the bottom line is Minshew continues to win more than he loses. He's 1-0 this season. He's 7-6 overall as a starter. He keeps proving the doubters wrong. If he keeps winning, eventually the doubters will stop doubting. Sunday was an impressive step toward that.

Paul from Apalachicola, FL

What impressed you most about Minshew Sunday?

Poise. Clutch play. His knack for performing well in the fourth quarter. He led the Jaguars on a go-ahead touchdown drive in the fourth quarter Sunday. He capped that drive with a touchdown pass. The Jaguars went a long time without a quarterback with that knack.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Hard to criticize Minshew's Sunday performance versus the Colts, but if he could just learn to throw the ball away instead of taking a sack that would be an opportunity for improvement. Granted, throwing the ball away is probably contrary to his nature.

Minshew did take a sack or two that could have been avoided Sunday; sometimes, a quarterback does need to know when to throw the ball away and avoid a sack. Minshew overall still must improve seeing down the field and making the right decision based on what he sees. He has started 13 games. He was playing in a new offense Sunday. Perfection wasn't reasonable to expect.

Vince from Farmington, NM

Mr. O! After having a few hours to bask in the glow of Sunday's win, I realized it felt different than even last year's win against Indy. This feels like a team, not a supporting cast to a few talented egos. I know it's one game, but this feels more genuine, dare I say promising! You have repeatedly said winning is good, and you're right. In addition to that, this win felt right. Should I be worried I see things your way?

Sunday's victory over the Colts felt different than the one last season for a very legitimate reason. It mattered. The Jaguars last season beat the Colts in a regular-season finale that meant nothing in the standings. Sunday's game mattered very much. And from the Jaguars' perspective, it very much didn't feel like a fluke. They improved as the game continued. They overcame adversity. They played together and made plays in the fourth quarter. It's just a start, but it hardly could have been a better start.

Neal from New York

Great game and great win on Sunday. The defense really stepped up when it mattered most. Just wondering why everyone said K'Lavon Chaisson is going to be a core player. I know it was his first game, but he really struggled to rush the passer and help in the run game. I think we need to wait before we call him a part of the team's future core.

He's a rookie. It was his first NFL game of any kind. He's not going to be as polished as defensive end Josh Allen was last season. Allen was rarity – a Top 5 talent more ready than most rookies. Chaisson was a later first-round selection. He's unlikely to make huge impact plays in every game. Time will be needed.

Brian from Jacksonville

Who takes snaps if Minshew has an equipment issue, or if he sustains an injury? We don't have Tom Matte on this team, do we? Is Jake Luton so shaky that a non-QB makes more sense? Very odd.

Mike Glennon would have taken snaps as the backup quarterback Sunday. He was active.

Yoav from St. Johns, FL

Sunday's outcome was great: Jaguars converted on third downs, capitalized on the Colts' mistakes, and came from behind to win. If you were Head Coach Doug Marrone, however, what lingering concerns would you have about this team going forward?

Many things. This was an impressive victory, but far from perfect. The run defense improved late in the game, but struggled early. The pass rush applied pressure at times but didn't get home enough. While Minshew passed for three touchdowns, he threw for just 173 yards – and the Jaguars had just 241 yards total offense. This wasn't a dominant victory and the Jaguars might not have many dominant victories this season. They're going to have to scrap and play intelligently, with effort and with few mistakes. An inexperienced, growing team can win that way and that figures to be the Jaguars' formula.

Hunter from Orlando, FL

I think the Jaguars' biggest challenge to getting a win again next week will having everyone in the world accurately recreate everything they did on Sunday. I took notes and hope everyone else did as well.

Good plan.

Pete from Queensbury

John, I loved the win on Sunday, but my concern now is other teams have tape on us, especially James Robinson. Do you think this win could have also been about no preseason tape? That appeared to be an issue last season with Minshew, once teams figured out what he didn't do well...

That's not as big an issue for running backs as for quarterbacks and receivers. If the offensive line blocks well, Robinson is more than capable of hitting holes and making the right reads to continue to be effective.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Shout out to the fans at the game. Before the game I did not think that the small crowd could make enough noise to affect the game. After being there, I thought we did have an impact on the Colts' offense and hopefully gave some energy to the Jags.


Ryan from Nashville, TN

I guess all the national experts saying the Jaguars were tanking because they got rid of all their "big-name" players don't realize just because you've never heard of someone doesn't mean they can't play football. This team has plenty of talent if you just look.

National experts typically don't see young talent until it shows itself on the field. A lot of the Jaguars' young talent showed itself impressively Sunday. If they keep doing that, and keep winning, the national types will notice soon enough.

Crash from Section 134



Dave from Chorley, UK

Hello, O. So, I will be the first to admit I had no hope for this offensive line. I didn't see them keeping Minshew upright or making holes for the run game. I was pleasantly surprised. Hell, they even cleaned up their penalties. Is there something to keeping the same guys on the offensive line? Is this something a lot of teams do?

It's something teams strive to do. It's difficult to do in the salary-cap era because good linemen often sign with other teams. The Jaguars clearly saw something in the offensive line observers didn't. Remember, too: lines can be helped by skill players. A running back seeing holes and maximizing what's available on a play with smart decision-making can help; Robinson did that Sunday. A quarterback getting rid of the ball to avoid a sack or making the right early read in a play also can help; Minshew should be better there as he gains experience.

Marty from Jacksonville

John, what really surprised me yesterday was how well we played in spite of not having any preseason games. I saw it with a lot of other teams Sunday, too. Perhaps preseason games are vastly overrated?

Perhaps, though there might be fans of at least 16 teams who disagree.

William from Savannah, GA

This team is going to be a Rogaine special. They will be exciting to watch but probably have some of the coaches pulling their hair out at times for mistakes young players make every now and then. Based on what you saw, have you changed your prediction for an upper limit on projected wins?

A little, maybe. I thought before the season the Jaguars could win six or seven games. Now? Maybe seven or eight.