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O-Zone: All the credit

JACKSONVILLE — Yes, I noticed is different. I am good at noticing things. The other day, I noticed a lady with a dog on a leash in Home Depot. I pointed out to her I noticed it seemed an inappropriate place fora dog on a leash that wasn't a service dog and she didn't seem to appreciate how good I was at noticing things.

As for the new look, a couple of points before we get deep in today's O-Zone:

One: a new, dramatically different version of indeed debuted Tuesday. I would describe it here, but you're probably already looking at it so describing it seems pointless and silly.

Two: – like all NFL team websites – was designed at the league level and not at the team level. Therefore, there are details we here at can't control. We have people here who work with the league to maintain it, but the general scope of the site design is a league decision.

Three …

Well, upon reflection, those are the two main points.

It seems many of you have much in common with me because many of you noticed many things about the new design. Unlike Home Depot Lady,we here at do appreciate how good people are at noticing things. At least some of us here at appreciate it. I am almost sure of it.

Many of you have questions. Many of you have observations,many of which sounded sneakily like complaints. That's OK. It's a new thing and people don't always love new. We'll get to the questions and complaints beginning today.

Let's get to it …

Brian from Greenwood,IN

Fulham FC just made the playoff final and are playing at Wembley Stadium for the first time since1975. The man is a genius.

I assume by "the man" you mean Jaguars Owner Shad Khan, and you're right: he's a smart man who deserves a lot of credit for what's going on with the Jaguars and with Fulham FC right now. But a reference to "the man" in this case should in no way omit Jaguars Owner Tony Khan, who serves as the Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operations for Fulham. He officially has had that role since February 2017, and the team's success since – particularly this season – has made them one of the sport's best stories. Tony Khan has been influential as an owner of both teams – and he and his analytics has been key to many Jaguars players acquisitions, including running back Corey Grant and safety Jarrod Wilson. While Tony Khan doesn't seek the spotlight, his role in this recent run of success for both teams shouldn't be overlooked.

Dave from Atlantic Beach, FL

Maybe it's just me, but something seems different about the website. Have you noticed anything?

Yes. I am good at noticing things. I remember mentioning this.

Dan from Cary

Zone! Help! The sorting on the site has gone haywire. ... I need to read the last week's columns. They have been chronological for ages, now look at them.

The relaunch has some early bugs. This is common. We here at are working tirelessly to solve them. My guy, Carlos, tells me this: "The way the league migrated everything over it is a little haywire. That being said, the last five days are in order but getting everything in order dating back a month or so will take some time for us to be able to reorder all of the content." On a side note, it should go without clarifying that others at are the ones working tirelessly. I'm not. I watched a guy work tirelessly Tuesday. It looked like it sucked.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I didn't have anything to say I just want to see how it would look when I said it after the makeover. #HereWeGoNewWebsiteMakoverQuestions

I am the king of all funk.

Aaron from Nashville, TN

I like the new website. I can't believe I get something so modern and sleek for only $39.99 a month! Tell Shadrick thanks!

Will do.

Somebody from Somewhere

Would you like to hear an actual football question?

Tomorrow. Today we are hearing unanimous praise for the newly designed website …

Alan from Mandarin

No question,just a quick goodbye. I have been a Jags fan since before we got the franchise, charter seat holder. Have been visiting this site daily since then.Unfortunately, this is my last visit. The new web site is horrendous, the typeset is a mess. O-Zone is hard to find, and where, oh where, are the comments? Sorry, have to go, have better things to do with my time.

… well, so much for unanimous. Way to give it time to grow on you Alan. The comments section indeed was not operating on the O-Zone early in the day Tuesday, but it was fixed by the afternoon. (By the way, I remember in the early years of the franchise. I highly doubt you visited daily. And I'll bet we could debate the "better-things-to-do-with-my-time part, too).

Ralph from Jacksonville

A new web page and format! All done just to put a new picture of your smiling face online. How did you get so handsome, O?

Good eye.

Cliff from the Netherworld

Horrible, John. I know it's not your doing, but the new site design is atrocious. Then again,the comments section is gone soooo.....

One not fer …

Bill from Melbourne,FL

Your words look different today. Why?

There is a simple explanation. I originally wrote Tuesday's O-Zone in Lemnian, which for the less "language aware" among us was a now-lost tongue spoken on the Island of Lemnos in the sixth century BC. Shadrick with the assistance of Microsoft Word did a nice job translating it back to English,but I imagine that was the difference.

Jon from Brentwood, UK

So, Zone: Fulham FC are one step away from reaching the Premier League. Shad is having a pretty good2018 so far. Here's hoping the Jags can go one step further than last year and Shad becomes the owner of two elite teams. Any preference for who you might like to see playing against Fulham during your visit to London later in the year?

I would love to see them play Crystal Palace. I played them on FIFA a couple of years back until my son made me realize I stink at FIFA. I stopped playing soon after that, humiliated and joylessly shamed once again.

Yikes from Jacksonville

O, u do realize what a birthday suit is, right? Beware Charlie!

I am the king of all funk.

Chris from Jacksonville

OK, so first off, respect for all the hard work somebody put in on the website redesign.Second off, fire them and burn their employee records, revert the website andpretend it never happened, period. It's terrible. I loathe it. It looks like my Geocities page from the '90s. Jesus Zone, it's just so cheap and crappy looking. I can't express enough how much I dislike it. (quite a bit as it turns out)

Apparently you can express how much you dislike it. The NFL designed the website and it's ours now whether we like it, love it or something else. On a side note: I checked with the league. They liked your Geocities page very much. And they say thanks.

Joe from Palm Coast, FL

Let me be first to say, I much prefer old WEB page format.

Joe from Palm Coast … first one of what likely will be many complaining about something new he'll eventually be OK with and that we can't control … check.

Steven from Memphis, TN

WOW, went to and there is a new layout. This is very nice. There is a bigger box to type in questions. That helps.

One fer …

Brandon from Asheville, NC

Did send you guys a template of their website? I like the new look. How come this wasn't released with the new, sleek uniforms?

Stay in your lane, Brandon. One fer …

Andy from Roswell, GA

I don't like change!!!!! No more white on black?? What am I going to do? Actually, looks pretty slick - I like it!

One fer …

Jeff from Orange, CA

I don't know what I dislike more: the new website, the new jerseys, or you! Am I alone in this?

Not fer three …

Joel from Jacksonville

Wow, the new website freaked me out. After the first shock, I figured it out. Too many contributors, to many articles to just keep them in the same list. Broken up this way is a lot easier. Kudos to you and IT team.

Another fer … and thanks. I do a great job.

Sean from Manassas, VA

LOVE the new look of the site. Was this your idea?


George from St.Augustine, FL

This new site sucks. This was your stupid idea, wasn't it?


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