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O-Zone: In a trap

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gerald from Hilliard

Why the big deal about Meyer? I think it is none of our business.

There's some truth to this – in a general sense. The bigger truth in this specific sense is Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer coaches in the NFL, and he is a leader of men. This means he is in the public eye and therefore – fairly or unfairly, rightly or wrongly – he is subject to public scrutiny and expectations. He coached at the collegiate level 17 seasons, with many of those seasons at the highest level – and therefore at a phenomenally high level of scrutiny. He understands all of this. Implicitly.

Bryan from Lutz

You're closer to the situation than the rest of us. Is there any truth to these rumors that Urban is losing the locker room? I would think the players have enough to worry about that what their coach does in his time off wouldn't top the list, but the reports are ugly.

I haven't sensed this. I haven't seen it. But this is something you don't always see or sense. How a locker room feels about a coach is usually heard in whispers among players and anonymous sources to media. We have heard some of the latter in recent days. I don't know the extent or the depth. Remember, too: A player or two saying something doesn't automatically mean a feeling is rampant among all players. This story will play out in the coming weeks. I suspect we'll know better about how the players feel about Meyer soon enough.

Mike from Atlanta, GA


… you need is love.

Steven from Charlotte, NC

Obviously, we have an awful team due to truly terrible scouting and drafting with miss after miss in the draft well-documented. The only players we hit on we couldn't seem to keep even for the length of a rookie contract. So here we are, 1-15 last year (which you routinely remind the readers). So, please explain to me how a terrible 1-15 team devoid of talent can't seem to pick starting football players in the first three rounds of the draft. Why on earth are were drafting for "depth" in the second and third rounds?? I'm starting to wonder if the new regime is no better at the scouting/drafting as the old. If so, we are looking at another decade of embarrassment.

A couple of thoughts here. One is that the Jaguars didn't "draft for depth" in the second and third rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft. They drafted players they believed could be long-term solutions at some key positions. Cornerback Tyson Campbell (second round) is starting and left tackle Walker Little (second round) – while not yet starting – is perceived by many as likely being a long-term starter. The same is true of third-round safety Andre Cisco. If those players never develop into starters, then it was a bad draft. If they develop into two- or three-year starters, it will be viewed differently. You don't necessarily draft with the idea of obtaining immediate starters. You draft with the idea of building your roster four a three-to-five-year period.

KC from Orlando

KOAF: With the start to this season, despite all of the hope and excitement over our free agents and draft, is it wrong to want to already hit the fast forward button to the next off season? Man it is tough being a Jags fan...

I can't tell you what's right or wrong – and it indeed has been too tough being a Jaguars fan in recent seasons. But I wouldn't necessarily give up on this season. Not yet. The Jaguars have improved each week of the season so far. If they continue on that path … well, I'm not going to project playoffs or a winning season. But the season could still at least end up being interesting. Or even fun.

Robert from Oneonta

Look at the bright side, you have plenty to write about.

I never have trouble finding something to write about.

Red from O-Zone Comments Section

There has been no discussion about the kicker position this week. Who will be kicking field goals and extra points for the Jaguars this Sunday? Josh Lambo or Matt Wright?

There actually has been a discussion about the Jaguars' kicker this week. It has been discussed here in the O-Zone and Meyer was asked about it Wednesday. His answer wasn't definitive because his answer was that Lambo and Matthew Wright would compete in practice this week to decide who would kick field goals and extra points Sunday. I expect this to be a topic when Meyer speaks to the media Friday morning. I don't know whether he will have decided Sunday's kicker at that point. Stay tuned.

JT from Palm Coast

I'm pretty sure Derrick Henry is still running on the Jags. Any chance we hold him under 100 yards?

Henry, the Tennessee Titans' running back, runs effectively against many teams. And one of those teams absolutely has been the Jaguars. One pertinent statistic here, though: While Henry has run for 238, 159 and 215 in the second Jaguars-Titans game each of the last three seasons, he has run for 57, 44 and 84 yards in the teams' first meeting during the same span. That doesn't guarantee holding him under 100 yards Sunday, though it perhaps shows that doing so isn't impossible.

John from Jacksonville

Hello King of Zone - As dismal as our 0-4 record is this season (and I don't choose to constantly dwell on the record of last season), I feel like this Sunday is the Jags' "moment." What better way to start a string of some wins and turning things around than with the Titans ... at home ... with a chance to be relevant again in the AFC South division race? Who cares about players released to other teams, the O-Zone streak, next year's draft? Just win the game.

Winning Sunday wouldn't make the events or the fallout of the past week disappear. It would make Monday feel a lot better around here.

Claudio from Barcelona, Spain

Hi, Zone! Trevor Lawrence said "He's still my head coach" and suddenly I thought that the situation is bleaker than it seemed. I would preferred Trevor saying "He's my head coach" … that "still" sounds like thin ice to Urban Meyer. Am I reading too much on that phrasing?

Probably. Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence was asked multiple questions about Meyer Wednesday. On one of his answers he indeed said, "He's still my head coach." I took Lawrence to be saying despite all the questions and all the fallout Meyer was still the head coach. It didn't sound as if Lawrence was putting any sort of a time frame or saying Meyer was still the head coach "for now." It sounded more like a player who figured he had answered all there was to answer and wanted to move on to a different subject. Understandably.

Hickory, NC

Forget everything else. We've got Trevor Lawrence and he's proving on the field and off that's all that really matters.


Logan from Wichita

Sunday is all about two teams that got humiliated and embarrassed in Week 4 looking to fix their woes. Unfortunately, one embarrassing situation (losing to New York Jets) lights a fire under a team. Meanwhile, losing respect for your coach (because of stupid choices off the field) typically doesn't light a fire unless you mention pitchforks.

I expect the Titans to be motivated for exactly the reason you cite – that they are a good, veteran team that knows a second consecutive loss to a struggling team wouldn't bode well for their postseason hopes. I expect the Jaguars to play well, though not necessarily because of the coach as much as because they have been playing better in recent weeks.

Bruce from TAVERNIER

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You're right. The Fine Cannibals were awesome.