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O-Zone: Anger is an energy

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday.

Let's get to it …

Barry from Jacksonville

Do people realize just because Jaguars Owner Shad Khan is an accomplished and brilliant businessman with a long history of making outstanding decisions in his other business ventures it does not mean he has been brilliant or will be outstanding at consistently putting a successful football team on the field? At least we have big scoreboards, swimming pools and a dog park. Hottest ticket in town!

Let me let you on a secret: Few NFL owners are "brilliant" when it comes to football because most owners made fortunes in other lines of work and came to football relatively late in life. In fact, I'm not sure I would count any current NFL owner as football "brilliant" – though one or two may be escaping my mind. Most owners hire the best football people – in their best judgement – and hope they're correct in their assessment. They then hope those people are the right combination of lucky and good. Khan, as is the case with most owners, will continue to try to get the formula right. For many owners, that takes years. But know this: Khan has been at this a relatively short time. And he is a good owner. He is forward-thinking on the business side and passionate about the football side. He doesn't meddle in football operations and lets his people do their jobs. That's the right approach. It hasn't worked well enough yet. I believe it will. Some fans are starting to believe it won't, which is understandable because losing is frustrating. Time will tell.

Michael from Jacksonville

Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles is out here trying to preach patience to build a culture when the culture is crumbling around him. We were supposed to win now, not build a culture for 2020. It's hard for me to listen to "patience" when so many people will be out of jobs.

Fair. More than fair, actually.

Michael from Gainesville, FL

Tell us again about the important three-game stretch against AFC South opponents. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for Red Zone.

I'll be glad to tell you again: The recent three-game stretch against AFC South opponents absolutely was important. Winning all three would have put the Jaguars firmly in control of the division. Losing all three dropped them out of the postseason conversation and into last place in the division. I'm not sure three-game stretches can be much more important.

Kathy from Jacksonville

You said when coaches say, "We have to coach better," they are saying what is expected. The same is true of Foles. He's not giving up, but is thinking positive. What else do you expect him to say?

Fair, but he may be at the point with the fan base where it's OK to say less of it.

Eric from Duval

How can Khan realistically expect people to pay their hard-earned money to watch a team of this quality?

I imagine Khan has a pretty good grip on realistic expectations for Sunday's attendance.

Steve from Wallingford, CT

No quips with this. Ramsey>Marrone. The Jags' front office looks foolish now. Regardless if they cut Marrone or keep him from here on, they look foolish either move.

Cornerback Jalen Ramsey being traded by the Jaguars wasn't about choosing Ramsey over Marrone. Ramsey didn't have a problem with Head Coach Doug Marrone. Ramsey apparently had a problem with the Jaguars' front office to the point he refused to play for the team anymore – or at least to the point that his back injury became so severe it kept him from playing with the teammates he so dearly loved. The trade essentially was about the Jaguars not being willing to let a chronically discontented player decide how the organization was going to be run. Does that make the front office foolish? Perhaps, but if every front office in the NFL that doesn't give Ramsey everything he wants is deemed foolish, my guess is there might be some silly-looking front offices around the NFL in the next few years. I would expect Ramsey to play for multiple teams and have trouble finding one that will: A, pay him what he wants; B, allows him to behave however he sees it. I also expect him to become unhappy with something pretty much wherever he plays. We'll see if I'm wrong. I'm guessing I'm not.

Bob from Jacksonville

Why hasn't somebody on the defensive coaching staff been fired yet?

Because Marrone doesn't believe coaching is the issue.

Matt from Fort Worth, TX

Obviously, there will be draft capital that should be spent on interior offensive line, but where does Tyler Shatley fit into the picture? I imagine we'll need some more competition for all three spots – right guard, left guard and center in that order. I remember Shatley playing well when he got some snaps a few years back. Has he dropped off? Could we see more of him?

Shatley is a valuable reserve offensive lineman who also is versatile, and teams need reliable reserves who can play multiple positions. But if you're looking for a major upgrade at a position, it's tough to find that in a player who has been backing up what's already starting.

Chris from Nashville, TN

I think most people knew deep down that 2017 was a fantasy ... speaking of, sad day when I drop the Jags Defense from my fantasy team. Any chance they turn it around this season? Could start with firing Wash ...

The Jaguars' 2017 season wasn't a fantasy or a fluke. You don't fluke your way to the AFC Championship Game or an AFC South title. Now, if you want to call building with free agency – and without a franchise quarterback and with an emphasis on defense – a short-term, small-window way to be successful … yes, absolutely. And firing Wash wouldn't turn this season around. If it would, they would have done it.

Peter from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Does any other team make it so apparent what they want to do on offense and act like the other teams are not aware? This team went off the rails when Marrone basically said that he wanted to run the ball every down last year. Do the New England Patriots announce their game plan at the start of the season? We have idiot coaches but not for much longer in all likelihood.

Good effort; your boldness is admirable. But Marrone made the statement you're referencing during the 2017 offseason. The Jaguars finished sixth in the NFL in total yards, fifth in points, won the AFC South and advanced to the AFC Championship that season. So, while the Jaguars' last couple of seasons indeed have felt off the rails, Marrone's comments had little if anything to do with that.

Limo Bob from Neptune Beach, FL

When do you think teams will start relocating to international cities? Saw a few games yesterday with poor attendance and or visiting teams having more fans than the home team.

I think we're many years from teams relocating to international cities outside North America. I have been saying for several seasons that I see a time fast approaching when many teams have "sister-city" relationships with overseas cities.

Joe from San Antonio, TX

You recently said, "The problem isn't the equity spent on the interior of offensive line," and "the Jaguars haven't been negligent in the area in terms of capital spent." Let's be honest: a third-round pick in 2014, a third in 2015 and a fourth in 2018 is not an investment in the interior offensive line. That is bargain shopping.

They also made Andrew Norwell the highest-paid interior offensive linemen in the NFL in the 2018 offseason, so all in all the Jaguars have spent enough to expect better interior offensive line play than they have gotten.

Spazman from Jacksonville

I know we've had this discussion, before but I am still confused about something. With the Jaguars' continually declining defense, what exactly is Dom Capers' job and what is his job description supposed to be? Maybe his journeyman mediocrity as a defensive coordinator is somehow rubbing off on Todd Wash by osmosis?

First, Capers wasn't and isn't a mediocre coach; far from it. Second, his job is defensive assistant. It doesn't mean he's the coordinator. It means he is on staff to assist where and when needed.

Colt from Woodstock New Brunswick, Canada

Since jalen Ramsey is gone and Dj Haden is out can we maybe put in beron borders in instead of tre Herndon

Try again again, Colt.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL

Let's be clear my obsession is with the team and not you, O'Shill. I was fan a before you, and I'll be a fan after you. Here's hoping the next senior writer actually informs the fans and gives us the TRUTH. Hopefully they will have the cojones you lack and calls out the coaching staff, players and owners when they fail the team base. And not insulting fans who care enough to write in that they actually write in.

They're so adorable when they're angry.