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O-Zone: As good as any

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Zac from Austin, Tejas

Only because of how much I've had to see his name in your column, just wanted to throw again that I always hated Peyton Manning. Only because of how soundly he dominated this team twice a year. Every year. Then again. To knock us out of the playoffs if needed. Then, so fun, he would make sure I had to see his face in any number of sponsorships and commercials. It seems he is a great guy, though. I only hate him in the way I imagine he would want to be hated.

This is as it should be. You're supposed to hate your rival. You're supposed to be hated by your rival. It's why Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence stiff-arming his way to a touchdown then pointing at the scoreboard when the Jaguars beat the Tennessee Titans in Nashville last December was cool. I expect Titans fans and Titans players "hate" Lawrence a little now. That's fun. And the NFL is football and football is a sport and sports are supposed to be fun. Hate on, Zac. Have fun.

Daniel from Geneva, Switzerland

O-man, I know that Mahomes is best until he is not, but that being said, do you think Trevor could surpass him one day?

Perhaps. It will be a challenge. I expect Lawrence to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL within a season or two. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is already there and seems capable of finishing his career as one of the best of all-time. Lawrence certainly aspires to that. He's capable. Being capable is a good place to start. Not many quarterbacks are in that conversation.

Lawrence from Blair, NE

I'm calling it now, Foye Oluokun is going to be an NFL head coach someday. He's got "it."

Jaguars inside linebacker Foye Oluokun has made a lot of money in his NFL career, likely enough to retire after retiring. Maybe instead he will want to work essentially year-round and dawn-'til-well-after dusk for half the year. Good for him if does.

Woofie from Louisville, KY

Opening day at home against the Chiefs and you walk onto the field before the game. What would be your walk-on song playing on the loudspeakers? Mine would be "Psycho" by Muse. Whatcha got KOAF?

Renegade, Warren Zevon.

Kalani from Duval

Hey, O! With all the excitement mounting for the start of the season, it got me thinking. After next week and the world sees what we've been anticipating to see all summer, you guys are going be scrambling around for a catchy nickname for Trev and his high-powered offense. Assuming you've heard of Florence and the Machine, I present you with "Lawrence and the Machine." You're welcome in advance. Go Jags! #DTDUBS#LFG

I love emails that include "it got me thinking." Those can go in a lot of directions.

Bryan from Reston, VA

The most efficient realignment would actually be: Indy to the North; Baltimore to the East; and Miami to the South. Boom.

Rivalries and owners' wishes trump efficiency when it comes to realignment. I wouldn't expect much here.

Chris from London, UK

KOAF, I know a lot of players you cover are probably good guys, but man, did Jaguars wide receiver Christian Kirk come across as a top man. He spoke so well and after only 30 seconds of listening I knew I would love to sit down with a beer with him and talk all things football and life. I hope he has a monster year.

My experience is most "real people" are decent-to-good people, yours truly notwithstanding. Because NFL players double as "real people," it makes sense that most NFL players are decent-to-good people. Kirk certainly fits into this category. I have found him to be thoughtful, respectful and willing to try to give an informative answer when being interviewed. I also have found him patient and willing to give his time outside interview situations. That's about all I ask of players, so Kirk certainly qualifies as a good guy.

Bren from Jax Beach

What does the next episode of The Hunt come out?

Thursday at 7 p.m. Then, our long national nightmare at last will come to an end and we can all sing "Hallelujah."

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF. For all the fans who worry about the Jaguars looking past the Colts with the Chiefs game the following week, I feel that is more likely later in the season than Week 1. All teams want to win Week 1. This is a divisional opponent. You don't win the division, beating the Chiefs is somewhat meaningless. The coach is good about getting a team prepared (except for the mysterious Lions game last season). My hope for the season is for the Jags to establish a pattern of starting strong and scoring more points than the other team. There are no easy games in the NFL.

I'm not as big on the idea that NFL teams "looking past" opponents causes upsets. Struggling teams beat good teams in the NFL more because there are good players on every team than because the better team wasn't ready. The Colts could win Sunday. If they do, I expect it will because the Jaguars made some critical mistakes – and because it's difficult preparing for a rookie quarterback and rookie head coach in Week 1. And because Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson is capable of big, off-schedule plays. I don't expect it to be because the Jaguars overlooked anything.

Steve from Nashville, TN

While fortunate all three of the 2023 opponents dictated by the Jaguars' first-place schedule will be played in Jacksonville or neutral site (Buffalo, Kansas City, San Francisco), the real hay will be made by winning the games they are supposed to win against AFC South and NFC South teams where for the most part they will be favored in all of those games?

You must win the games you're supposed to win in the NFL. The Jaguars must do that this season.

Frank from St. Augustine, FL

I recall from last year watching the Jags games on CBS and always seeing the same idiots calling the games. Mispronouncing players names and picking on our record. I feel like that CBS team was the lowest rung on the CBS Football ladder. Anyway, with an AFC South Championship last year, and trending upward this year, is it safe to assume that the fools at CBS may grant us a better TV crew for any game that's not nationally televised?

I understand that this is important to fans because it's how they consume the games, but I don't listen to television announcers or analysts during games. I also pay little attention to them when rewatching the games. I therefore spend little time worrying about – or assessing – analysts. I expect the Jaguars increasingly will get "better" crews moving forward because networks typically assign their crews based on perceived interest in the game. Perhaps this will cause people to complain less about those analyzing the games. I don't expect this to be the case. It's my experience that fans find something to not like about anyone talking about their team, broadcasters and senior writers very much included.

Bryan from Tampa

Two questions if I may. 1) Why is Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard referred to as, "Dewey?" 2) Is it unusual for a second-string player to be named a team captain?

One) Dewey is sort of short for Andrew in a way. Two) Not if he's a special teams captain.

JR from Callahan

How many times since, say, 1990 has a quarterback with moderate to no success in college, drafted in the first round, gone on to have a sustained starting role in the NFL? I can't think of any but I can think of a bunch that were total busts. Don't you think quarterback needs equal parts head and arm talent?

I don't know; finding out sounds like a lot of work. OK. Yes.

David from Oviedo, FL

KOAF - Are the wins this year going to look any different than the wins last year? How does a team go from squeaking out victories to winning strong?

I expect the Jaguars will win more games this season than last and I don't expect they will have to come from double-digit deficits as consistently. Play better early.

Jay from Richmond

Methinks this version of the Jags is a better offensively-coached version of the current Los Angeles Chargers team. With a bit more seasoning, and some fortunate luck with a lack of serious injuries, I think Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson has what he needs to get the ball over the end-zone line (i.e., a Super Bowl appearance). Your thoughts?

I don't know what the Chargers have to do with anything. I do think the Jaguars have a chance to make the Super Bowl if they play well, stay healthy and if breaks go their way.