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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Robert from Chicago, IL

Unless I'm reading too much into your responses, it's pretty clear you don't feel coaching is the problem facing this team. You often stated after last season with quarterback Blake Bortles it was "time to move on," and I agreed with that completely. What are the equivalent signs you'd need to see that would convince you it was time to move on from the coaching staff in the same way it was time with Bortles? I'm not trying to make this a pointed question, but like many fans I'm sure, it's hard to grasp what exactly is ailing this team.

Signs that it's time to move on from this coaching staff would be as follows: if it appeared Head Coach Doug Marrone was incapable of leading the team, or that defensive coordinator Todd Wash was the problem with the defense – particularly the run defense – or that offensive coordinator John DeFilippo was why the team has struggled at times offensively. Have these coaches erred at times? Certainly. But I believe Marrone is a good head coach. I believe Wash is a good defensive coordinator. I haven't seen enough of DeFilippo to have an extreme opinion either way, but I thought he did admirable work most of the season considering he worked with a rookie quarterback for eight games. So, what's ailing this team? Many things, but let's focus on the defense. The linebackers aside from Myles Jack have been a weakness, and the safeties haven't been good enough for the most part. The defensive line has been poor much of the season against the run. There have been other issues, of course, but that element of the team – run defense – has struggled enough to make everything else look far worse. That's a far bigger issue than "coaching."

Eric from Columbus, GA

Is it finally!!! time to WASH the slate clean?


James from Orange Park, FL

Do you believe that the Jaguars at some point in their franchise future will win a Super Bowl? We all hope so, and fans certainly count on it each year, but I was hoping to get your unbiased opinion. Thank you for all you do for us diehard Jags fans!

Yes, I believe the Jaguars will win a Super Bowl. Eventually. Times and circumstance change dramatically in the NFL and they can change quickly. The Jaguars went from last place to four minutes from the Super Bowl to last place in span of less than two seasons. It can be turned around. Logic tells you it will be turned around here. Someday. Eventually.

Jags Fan 818 from Jacksonville

I was shocked when Jaguars Senior Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin took the podium and spoke! I liked his statement and I liked how he answered questions. Straight and to the point. Here's one for Tom! I will be at the game Sunday because the Jags are my team. Go Jags!

So, one fer Coughlin …

Howard from Homestead, FL

I gotta say, I don't get the Coughlin criticisms. He owned the current situation, he challenged everyone (including the fans) to step up the last five games, he refused to get distracted by peripheral issues or drug down by the past. He did exactly what a leader of men should do in that situation.

… and another fer Coughlin …

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

It was already going to be a very empty stadium Sunday. I think Coughlin somehow found a way to make it even worse. His press conference made me want to go to games even less. What a joke. No wonder he doesn't talk during the season. There is no way he could possibly be more out of touch. I'm not on the "get rid of Coughlin" bandwagon, but I'm officially on the "never let him talk to the media again" bandwagon. Just remember, fans: this is what you were clamoring for when Jalen was released ... for Coughlin to speak. Feel better?

… and one not fer Coughlin.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

Nice to see so many Jaguars on the 2020 Hall of Fame ballet. In addition to former left tackle Tony Boselli, we have running backs Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew along with wide receiver Jimmy Smith. Perhaps 2020 will be Tony's year. I'd love to see Fred Taylor in the HOF, but it seems the odds are against him. My question is why no defensive players have been in the conversation. Cornerback Rashean Mathis, defensive tackles John Henderson and Marcus Stroud, defensive end Tony Brackens and linebacker Daryl Smith were all standouts and compare favorably with their peers.

The players you mention haven't been in the Hall of Fame conversation because while they were all very good players none were quite "Hall-of-Fame" level performers throughout their careers. As for Boselli, I believe this does have a chance to be his year. And Taylor making the semifinal list is significant. It's a step forward.

David from Maplewood, NJ

We suck but Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

This is a day late. I laughed at this anyway.

Cathy from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Tom Coughlin's press conference reminded me of some of his press conferences toward the end of his first tenure here. I was angry back then, and I'm angry now. We don't need to be lectured on how to be loyal fans. Tom should be telling us how he is going to fix this team - not chastise the fans. And, if he's going to make an appearance, he needs to answer the questions!

I wish Coughlin would have answered a few more questions more extensively on Thursday, too, but let's be fair: while Coughlin's tone was characteristically direct and short with the media, he wasn't "chastising" fans. He was asking for their support. Coughlin does take on a lecturing tone in press conferences, but I never have gotten the impression that he's one to talk down to or chastise fans. Media? Yes. Fans. Not so much.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'll start reading the O-Zone with an anti-toxic mask.

I suck. Ask anyone.

Doug from Jacksonville

Is the left guard, Andrew Norwell, a bust? I am tired of seeing him going backward? Could we please make up our minds at right guard, Will Richardson or A.J. Cann? Did we pay center Brandon Linder too soon! Thanks for taking my questions.

Norwell's not a bust, though he hasn't been the All-Pro player here that he was in Carolina. He has had a few awful plays this season, but other than that he has been OK. The Jaguars didn't pay Linder too soon, though again... he has been good not great. As far as making up their minds at right guard … why? Richardson and Cann have platooned and been OK. Neither has been great, and neither has been awful. What's the difference in platooning that or choosing one?

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

There doesn't seem to be any first-ballot shoo-ins this year ... is this Boselli's year for the Hall of Fame?

We'll get more into the whys on this one as the balloting grows closer, but I believe there's a good chance.

Jon from Bronx, NY

I would like to know your Top 3 position needs going into next season. Right now, it seems like we have more holes than next year's draft can fix.

Interior offensive line, interior defensive line, tight end. Yes, it does.

Brian from Cranford, NJ

Nick Foles recently mentioned that the team is "beginning " to know who they are as an offense. It's now Week 13. If this team is finally starting to figure out who they are as an offense, then that's problematic, which can be ... a problem. Tell me John, what do you make of these comments? I understand there's not much else to say, and I don't expect him to cater to what the fans want to hear, but this talk is nothing but emptiness.

Foles has played two full games after missing pretty much the first nine. It makes sense that the team is "just beginning" to know what they are offensively from that perspective. That doesn't make it easier to here, and it doesn't change the record, but it does make sense.

Nick from Palm Coast, FL

In the last 10 years, only Cleveland and the St. Louis/LA Rams have less wins then us. With the way both of them are now playing by the end of this season, WE will have the LEAST wins in the last 10 YEARS. WOW.

I get your point, but the Rams aren't playing well.

Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL

When you buy a Ferrari and the engine has problems, there is some kind of warranty that may apply? Is there something like that applicable to quarterbacks? Jaguars Owner Shad Khan must be throwing up.

No, there is no warranty on quarterbacks.