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O-Zone: Big difference

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Clayton from Gambier, OH

I feel bad for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Goes to show you that you need all 53 players to get to the big game.

Of course. You can't have long-term, sustainable success – i.e., playoff appearances and Super Bowl contention – without a franchise-level quarterback. But even the best quarterbacks depend on those around them to win Super Bowls. It's why Super Bowl titles are a vastly overrated measure of great quarterbacks while playoff appearances – and consistent double-digit victory seasons – are a far more accurate gauge of quarterbacking greatness.

Patrick from Jacksonville

So much for diversity, huh? Not surprising.

You need to be more specific, but I assume you're referencing no minority head coaches yet being hired in this NFL hiring cycle. It is indeed unfortunate – and I specifically am surprised Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy hasn't been hired yet. That's still possible, with the Houston Texans' head-coaching job still unfilled. The difficulty in the process remains the same difficulty that has made this issue so tricky for much of the last decade and a half or so – that while the league clearly and correctly wants more minority head coaches, it's still impossible to mandate who individual owners hire in specific positions. Imagine if Jaguars Owner Shad Khan had been ready to hire Urban Meyer as head coach and the league had intervened and mandated he hire Bieniemy? That obviously wouldn't have been right. Hence, the issue – and one that remains incredibly difficult to fix.

Bill from Jacksonville, FL

For what it's worth (zilch), I would rather have three great players than six good ones. The Jaguars drafted 12 players last year; they have 11 picks this year. They do not need 23 first- and- second year players on their roster in 2021.

If I'm reading this correctly (and perhaps I'm not), you're wanting the Jaguars to trade a draft selection or two to move up early in the 2021 NFL Draft. And you make a fair point that it's possible to have too much youth. But you still must be careful trading up and not make those trades willy-nilly. If you trade a later-round selection or two to move up early in the draft, fine. I don't know that this team will want to trade away first- or second-round selections to move up in Round 1. Or maybe it will. Stay tuned.

Roger from Valdosta, GA

I just got off the phone with a friend. What did we talk about? You know the answer about as good as you know the numbers to tonight's lotto. Point being, how does the NFL know what a coach and player are talking about during the offseason. Kinda of a dumb rule dontcha think?

No. You're referencing NFL rules not allowing coaches to talk football with players in the offseason until the offseason program begins in April. But while the rule may seem silly, the reality is it does keep coaches from implying that players should be meeting or studying during this off time; if coaches were abusing the rule it undoubtedly would be discovered – and the team and coach undoubtedly would be punished. Severely. It's not to say coaches and players never talk football in any form during the offseason. But the presence of the rule does prevent abuse – and that's the idea of the rule.

Mark from Jacksonville

Would you trade TheLaw for Mahomes?

Yes. I would trade the rights to the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft to the Kansas City Chiefs for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. That's because Mahomes has proven to be elite while any college quarterback is by definition an unknown. But that's the only quarterback in the NFL I would trade for with the No. 1 selection. Otherwise, I would take Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Didn't these people see the movie Draft Day? Don't they want to know if Trevor Lawrence's teammates showed up for his birthday party before the Jags draft him?

I have received more than one version of this email in recent days. So, I'll go ahead and acknowledge the joke. Now, perhaps we can move forward.

Chaka from Cordele, GA

Is there a reason why Urban Meyer is not coaching the Senior Bowl? I thought the head coach of the team with the worst record would get to coach the game. And how do you feel the lack of a combine will play a part in player evaluation?

The Jaguars' coaching staff is not coaching the Senior Bowl because staffs with newly hired head coaches don't coach the Senior Bowl. Staffs with new head coaches are too busy to coach the Senior Bowl. While Meyer has been hired, he has yet to even announce the rest of the staff. It would be impossible for the staff to work the Senior Bowl this week in that circumstance. As for how the lack of a combine will affect player evaluation, it certainly will change it. Teams will have to send more scouts to more Pro Days around the country, and team physicians and trainers may have to go to different sites around the country to evaluate players medically. I doubt it will hurt or help teams in terms of accurately evaluating players; it will just make the evaluation process more cumbersome.

Chuck from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I've not heard one knowledgeable football person, including our new head coach, describe Trevor Lawrence as anything other than a generational talent. So it seems preposterous to have our new coach and general manager act like there's serious consideration being given to others. If we want to start a new culture, new image for the Jaguars, how about just signing the guy promptly and quit the gamesmanship!

It's not preposterous. It's not even close. It's exactly what any head coach and general manager would do in their situation. Reminder: It's January 24, not April 24. The coaching staff isn't yet in place. There's plenty of time to let the process play out.

Rico from San Jose, CA

We need to change our uniforms. Get those plain Tom Coughlin uniforms out of here! "If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good." -Prime

Teams can only change uniforms every five seasons. The Jaguars changed uniforms between the 2017 and 2018 seasons, so the next time they can do it is between the 2022 and 2023 seasons.


I'm sure J-ville will seem a lot more small-market after we choose Trevor.


Dan from Varna, Bulgaria

Hi Zone, currently it seems that more than half of NFL teams are set at the quarterback position. Do you think that all the rule changes to benefit the offence has made that position easier to fill? Are we getting to the point that offensive line, defensive line and secondary will become more valuable than anything else in the draft?

Yes, the rules changes generally have made the quarterback position easier to fill. The position never has been easier to play. Think of it: There are more "great" quarterbacks now than at any time in memory. Is it reasonable to think the world suddenly started producing more? That said, quarterback always will remain the most valuable position. There always will be teams that need the position because no matter how good all quarterbacks get, a few teams will be the worst at the position. And those teams will seek improvement with The Next Great Quarterback in the draft.

Daniel from Johnston

"The general manager's job is to scout players..." - Based on just that first part of your answer, in that regard only David Caldwell did pretty good on hitting on players in the draft, no?

The main thing former Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell missed on was the quarterback position. When you miss on that in the NFL, it makes everything else look bad.

J. Hooks from Same ole same ole, Florida

Rules, John! Rules! We got rules here! Jokes aside, my biggest concern with going college type coach over experienced NFL coaches is the knowledge of the different rule system in the two different systems. They are subtle differences that can completely change outcomes of games based on how much knowledge the coach has. Know what I mean? Am I right to have a concern?

Yes, but good coaches can adapt. Meyer is a good coach. He's a smart coach. He's surrounding himself with NFL experience in both coordinator positions. He spent much of the last year studying the NFL and preparing for the possibility he might coach professionally. Considering Meyer's well-documented and thorough approach to preparation, I can't imagine he won't be well-familiar with the different rules in the NFL. I understand the concern. I just wouldn't worry about it much.

Nic from Palatka, FL

John, the Jaguars are going to look a lot different next year, aren't they?

Well, yes.