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O-Zone: Check the date

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tom from Jacksonville

As much as we all want more rushing attempts, l am not convinced we have the bulldozers to do it. We have to mix the plays.

I think your question implies that the Jaguars don't have the offensive line to run more than they have in the first two games of the season. I don't know that this implication is correct. The Jaguars have a good run-blocking offensive line. It blocked well for the run last season, and it has blocked well for the run through two games this season. Nothing has happened to date, in fact, to indicate the Jaguars can't run this season. Is the line good enough to run every play without mixing in any passes? Of course not. No offensive line can do that in the NFL. Is it good enough to have a healthier balance offensively than the Jaguars have had the first two weeks of the season? No doubt.

Matthew from Townsville, Australia

Hi O, NFL Media and Jaguars Media analyst Bucky Brooks says "Jaguars coaches need to find a way to make the game easier" for Trevor. Exactly. And we saw at least part of how to do that in Preseason 3. Shotgun. Trevor was much better with just a little more time and space. Shotgun is suited to him because his rocket arm still gets the pass there quickly. It will help receivers catch shorter rocket passes when they have a little more time to get their hands right. So why are Head Coach Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell so insistent that Trevor has to "learn" their way, when that way is losing, and when Trevor has already shown them that he has a way to do it better right now? Surely at least on third and long?

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence did look good in the shotgun in Week 3 of the preseason. It might be noted that the Dallas Cowboys played practically no front-line players or starters in that game, so performances in that game should perhaps be judged accordingly. But yeah … I would expect Bevell and Meyer to continue to seek the best way to help Lawrence. I expect that will be as much about getting more from the running game and working in some shorter passes than focusing on the shotgun, but that will certainly be a focus. And don't call me Shirley.

Paul from Jacksonville

This isn't fun. Wake me up when it's fun.

You think football is still fun?

Earl from Middleburg, FL

Is the Oline gooder?

If you're asking if the offensive line is better this season than last … sure, I suppose it is better so far this season than it was over 16 games last season. It has run-blocked pretty well and only allowed two sacks through two games. The unit committed three holding penalties in Week 1 in Houston, and all three hurt the Jaguars' offense in the first half of that game, so that performance wasn't as good as the one in Week 2 against Denver. If you're asking if the line is better than people expected, I would say it's better than many observers expected. It seems to have been about as good as the Jaguars' decision-makers expected, because those around the team expected good things from the group. It's why the Jaguars brought all five starters back this season.

Steve from Nashville, TN

The "loser" of the Jags-Jets game on December 26 gets the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL draft?

Maybe. Both teams are without a victory now. It's a long season.

John from Jacksonville

During one of Coach Meyer's media availabilities, he mentions that he and Coach Bevell were "trying to turn Trevor into an NFL quarterback." What does he mean? Trevor has barely lost a game in his life. I know it's the NFL, but football is still football. Makes you wonder if the coaches for Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray tried to change their quarterbacks or just let them play to their abilities. It's like telling Jimi Hendrix he should be playing an acoustic guitar.

Saying football is still football, while technically true, does not reflect the mammoth difference between the NFL and the college game. This is because the speed, physicality and violence are such that they are actually practically different sports. This isn't something that's easy to grasp watching the game on television, but it's undebatable if you've witnessed an NFL and college game up close in person. When Meyer said that the Jaguars don't want Lawrence running designed runs that would expose him to injury and long-term wear and tear. And remember, too: While Lawrence is a good athlete and runner, he's not at the level of Murray and Jackson. The Jaguars want Lawrence to be great for a long time. He'll find his comfort level when it comes to the run in due time. And two regular-season games for a rookie quarterback on a young team is not due time.


How can you have five draft picks in the first 65 picks with none of them making an impact outside of the No. 1 pick quarterback?

It has happened for multiple reasons, with injuries perhaps being the most notable. Running back Travis Etienne Jr., selected No. 25 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, was expected to have a major role in the offense before a season-ending Lisfranc injury in the preseason. And one of the reasons safety Andre Cisco, the No. 65 overall selection, hasn't moved into the starting lineup is the team is increasing his time cautiously as he returns from a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury that kept him out most of his final collegiate season. The Jaguars invested in the future by selecting offensive tackle Walker Little No. 25 overall, and the Jaguars' two starting tackles – Jawaan Taylor and Cam Robinson – are good enough that it would have been a surprise for Little to start over either of them immediately. As for the No. 33 overall selection, cornerback Tyson Campbell, I expect he will play a major role Sunday. We'll see his impact.

Carlos from Jacksonville

Why does Lawrence continue to throw deep to covered receivers when there are second receivers open?

He's a rookie.

Don from Marshall, NC

I say make Trevor learn from the pocket just the coaches are doing. I do not see Tom Brady running around and I would like Trevor to do the same. Learn to do the flop like Peyton Manning. Surviving in the pocket is the way to be great. Of course, that does not mean you cannot do it other ways. He is a rookie, and he has a long way to go but do it from the pocket. Go Deep! Go Jaguars!

Lawrence has the talent to use his legs. He will use his legs more as he gets more comfortable with the Jaguars' offense, speed of the game and situations. This is early-season quarterback stuff. He will improve.

Ronald from Thomasville GA

It seems to be clear after Game 2 that the Jaguars aren't as "talent laden" as maybe previously thought. That said, should the coaching emphasis on being efficient and not making mistakes be amplified going into Week 3? Also: The offensive playbook as a whole seems to be bland and lacking creativity as well as imagination. Thoughts?

I'm not sure who thought the Jaguars were talent-laden entering the season; when you're 1-15, it's tough to think you're going to out-talent a lot of teams the next season. I do think coaches will emphasize efficiency Sunday, particularly with Lawrence in terms of making the right decisions and throwing shorter in some situations. As far as the playbook … play-calling tends to look bland and uncreative when it doesn't work. The Jaguars have been behind the chains, behind in points and haven't run enough plays in the first two weeks. All those things can prevent an offensive coordinator from being as creative as he would like.

Royce from Jacksonville

New offensive coordinator soon?

It's Week 3.

Jake from Jacksonville

Is Lawrence another Jeff George?

It's Week 3.