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Josh from Atlanta, GA

If they were both available this year, and all college statistics and analysis remained the same: Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence No. 1?

If I were limited to what I knew about Luck and Lawrence after their college careers, I would probably select Luck. But that opinion is biased because I remember having a real feeling watching him at Stanford that he wouldn't miss. This was because I was impressed with Luck's ability to call games at the line of scrimmage and change plays when needed. I didn't have quite the same impression watching Lawrence at Clemson. But that in no way means he can't do it; all reports are that his football intelligence and study habits are impeccable, which leads you to believe he can mentally excel at the position. You also would be tempted to lean toward Luck in your scenario because he played in the NFL at a high level for an extended period, so he is a known quantity. While Lawrence is the most enticing prospect since Luck, he remains an NFL unknown until he plays. The flip side of the discussion is Luck retired from the game after seven seasons – and although injuries contributed to that, he could have continued playing had he so desired. Would Lawrence do the same in that situation? It's hard to say – but if you're drafting a player, you want the player who would do everything possible to not walk away from the game. That said, they're both otherworldly good prospects. To say you would select one is in no way to criticize the other.

Ted from Jacksonville and Section 211 Since Day One

John, per the reports that the Jaguars have agreed to sign Brian Schottenheimer as the passing-game coordinator, would that position be the same as quarterback coach – or would Urban still add that position?

Head Coach Urban Meyer reportedly is close to completing his first coaching staff with the Jaguars, with one of the latest additions reportedly Brian Schottenheimer as passing-game coordinator. Reports indeed are there would be no "quarterback coach" in addition to Schottenheimer. That structure makes sense, because Schottenheimer previously has been the offensive coordinator with the New York Jets, St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks. He clearly is a "coordinator-level" NFL coach, so it's logical he would have a title reflective of more input into the offense and more experience brought to the position.

Sean from Jacksonville

Nice! They got Brian Schottenheimer as the passing-game coordinator. Could that make Trevor Lawrence even better? Only time will tell. What are the usual responsibilities of the offensive coordinator versus the passing-game coordinator?

The offensive coordinator runs the offense and often has play-calling duties; because Meyer has said he won't call plays, it appears offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell will handle those duties for the Jaguars. A passing-game coordinator focuses on the passing game and presumably – in Schottenheimer's case, it seems – work more directly with the quarterback position.

Aqeel from Toronto, Canada

I don't know which player Reuben is watching, but Jalen Allaboutmey has been far from a good citizen with the Los Angeles Rams. Did he miss the interview last year when he threw his fellow player under the bus and went forward reverse a few times? Did he miss the offseason interview where he walked out and had to be "convinced" to return by his PR people? After signing a huge contract and being one the "cornerstones" being built around, why didn't he do an interview after the playoff defeat?

People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. Sometimes. Not all the time.

Keith from Palatka, FL

It has been reported that Orlando Brown of the Baltimore Ravens wants to play left tackle so that he can earn left tackle money. If he were to become disgruntled and want a trade, would you trade the second pick in the first round (number 25) for him?

Brown, a Pro Bowl selection as a right tackle in 2019, played the final 10 games this past season at left tackle after Ravens left tackle Ronnie Staley sustained a season-ending ankle injury. Brown, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract, recently tweeted "I'm a left tackle." He may be right. There are reports he may force a trade. Would I trade the No. 25 overall selection for a for a Pro Bowl left tackle? I would have to consider it. Seriously.

Mark from Jacksonville

Hi John. You state as if it's not debatable that "the area around TIAA Bank Field and the stadium at some point must get improved for the Jaguars to work here long term." Why? Hasn't the value of the team like tripled since Khan bought it? When I think of Jacksonville (which I love living here), I think of San Marco, Riverside, Mandarin, Southside, Town Center, the Beaches and other surrounding areas like Fruit Cove, Orange Park, etc. Everyone from Jacksonville knows how spread out it is. Downtown sucks. It just seems like it always will be that way. But I simply don't understand what the problem is with having Jacksonville like it is and the stadium down there and things rocking and rolling with a respectable team. I'm a fan with money in my pocket and I don't care about the area around the stadium – I care about going to the playoffs. And please explain to me what was the problem with the area around the stadium from 1995 – 2012?

I, too, love Jacksonville. I have lived in many the areas you mention and spent a lot of time in a lot of the other areas. But if you look at TIAA Bank Field and the areas around it – and if you compare it to other NFL stadiums and surrounding areas – and you don't believe it must improve to keep pace in the NFL, then you're not seeing reason. You say, "Downtown sucks?" I disagree, but isn't it fair to want downtown to improve and not just accept it? Here's the reason I say the stadium and area around the stadium must improve for the Jaguars to work here long-term. Because this is the big leagues, and to be in the big leagues there must be big-league facilities – with big-league surroundings and revenue streams. As far as 1995-2012 are concerned, the stadium and area around it worked early in the Jaguars' time in Jacksonville because the stadium was new compared to most NFL teams, and because the team's deal with the city allowed the team to be near the top of the league in total revenue. Over two-and-a-half decades, most NFL teams have relocated, renovated stadiums and built stadiums that have allowed them to pass the Jaguars in terms of local revenue and stability. It's not 1995 anymore. It's a different league. To be in it for the long term, the Jaguars must adapt – and the stadium and the surrounding areas must adapt, too.

Daniel from Johnston, IA

I'm very excited to see Schottenheimer is allegedly joining the staff. I think that's a great add. His dad was a tremendous coach that just never could quite catch the right breaks in the postseason, but he knew how to build perennial winners.

Marty Schottenheimer is perhaps the most underrated great coach in NFL history. That has little to do with his Brian Schottenheimer now being part of the Jaguars' coaching staff, but it's true.

Bobby from Doboy Island, GA

Seems pretty apparent now that former Jaguars defensive end Ngakoue will end up making less money over the course of his career than he would have had he signed the offer from the Jags. If I have the years right, he would be approaching his third year of that deal which means in a couple seasons he'd be on the market again looking for second somewhat sizable contract. Now he'll be lucky to get just one over his career. I don't know if he received a lot of bad advice (agent, other players on the team pouting about money, etc..) or if he came to the decision all on his own. But it's a shame because both the Jags and Ngakoue ended up worse off.


Doug from Jacksonville, FL

If the defensive line represented so poor, and overall the options in the draft are slim pickings, could that translate to a mirage on the true depth of the offensive line in this draft? Do they look so good top to bottom because the defensive line play is so poor?

There some truth to this, but it's mostly a matter of scouts and analysts seeing the defensive tackle class not being as good as previous years and a lot of offensive linemen having the traits that typically translate into NFL success.

Sandy from Isle of Palms, SC

Will Trevor Lawrence wear No. 16 when he quarterbacks for Jacksonville and how can we get tickets?

Players are assigned numbers when they join the Jaguars. Information on Jaguars tickets can be found here.