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O-Zone: Clouds in his coffee

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Braddock from Jacksonville

I think Foles missing a day or two because his wife had a miscarriage should put things in perspective. Yes, players are paid millions of dollars to play a game, but they are also people. I think his return shows his leadership – and at the same time it furthers speculation on Jalen's lack of leadership. Prayers to the Foles Family.

New Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles and his wife, Tori, indeed revealed on social media Wednesday evening that they suffered a miscarriage this week. This was why Foles missed Tuesday's organized team activities practice, an absence initially attributed to "personal reasons." As far as your question … yes, thoughts and prayers to the Foles family in this difficult time. Yes, NFL players are people and go through the same happiness and heartaches as everyone else; money doesn't make you immune to such things. Yes, Foles is a leader – as he should be because he was signed to be the Jaguars' franchise quarterback. And yes, Foles returned to OTAs Thursday. But no, Foles returning has nothing to do with cornerback Jalen Ramsey not being at OTAs. Nothing about what happened this week has anything do with Ramsey and doesn't reflect on him in a good or bad light. Ramsey isn't "lacking" because Foles opted to practice Thursday. That's not what this is. The situations aren't connected. Sorry.

Ken from San Antonio, TX

My wife and I had to deal with a miscarriage a couple of years ago. You do bounce back from it with time, but there's no doubt it hurts. No question -- just condolences to the Foles family on their loss.

Well said.

Mike from Eagan, MN

John, I hope Nick and his wife know how much Duval cares about them, and that they are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Football is one thing, but not bigger than this. Duval supports them both wholeheartedly and he needs to take whatever time he needs to support her and their family.

Also well said.

Sean from Jacksonville

I wish I had something magical to say to the Foles family. I wish their anguish would never have happened. But I do hope that they see a plan that moves them forward and brings them back to happiness as soon as possible.


Kenneth from Fernandina Beach, FL

O, how does pay week to week differ between undrafted and unsigned drafted personnel in organized team activities, minicamp and preseason? Rookie defensive end Josh Allen just got a $7 million signing bonus after he signed. Don't all drafted persons receive some signing bonus upon signing?

All NFL veterans and rookies receive $235 per day per diem to participate in the voluntary offseason program, as per the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement. That payment stays essentially the same for rookies in training camp and is close to double that for veterans. Salaries begin for players once they make the team and the regular season begins, so the signing bonuses for drafted players – and for a lot of undrafted players – are a big deal. For a first-round selection such as Allen, the bonuses are in multiple millions. For late-round selections and undrafted rookies, the bonuses aren't quite that high.

Howard from Homestead, FL

So, if Telvin does sit out the year, wouldn't it be advantageous to the Jags to accelerate someone else's contract extension so they can dump much of the cap hit on 2019?

Weak-side linebacker Telvin Smith's decision to sit out 2019 at some point will affect the Jaguars' salary cap, but not necessarily in this way. The Jaguars won't be sure they're getting Smith's cap space until the fall when they know for certain he's not playing. They might use the room at that point to renegotiate another contract, but cap room also can be rolled over into future years, so there isn't a tremendous amount of urgency or a deadline to do this to ensure it hits in 2019.

Tom from Section 141 and the Mean Streets of San Pablo

So, I fell asleep on the couch tonight with the TV on. When I awoke, somewhat foggy, who was on my TV? The O-Zone himself, along with Shadrick, Beef and the only North Florida cultural icon who doesn't stand in Frenette's shadow. How about one fer Hacker?

I never know what's going on.

David from Orlando, FL

O - Is it safe to say this is defensive end Calais Campbell's last season with the Jaguars? What if he has another 10-plus sack season?

There's a chance this will be Campbell's last season with the Jaguars, but there was a chance this time last offseason that 2018 would be his last season with the Jaguars. As long as Campbell plays at his 2017-2018 level, there's a strong chance the Jaguars will find a way to keep him.

Jess from Glen Carbon, IL

The Jaguars signed wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Does this mean that they weren't as enamored with their receiving corps as some have led us to believe?

The Jaguars as of this writing have not signed Pryor. If and when they do, it's probably important to see the signing as what is – the addition of a player who was available in mid-May for a reason. It's fair to expect Pryor to have a chance to make the team. I don't know that it's fair to read to much into his acquisition beyond that.

Chris from London, UK

John, have we really just signed Terrelle Pryor?? I just don't get that logic over giving someone like Michael Walker a chance??? He's basically a 30-year old who's had one good season ever. How can anyone justify that signing over giving a youngster a go???

Nothing needs to be justified. The Jaguars tried out Pryor – and if they sign him, it will be to see if he can be one of their five or six receivers. If he makes the team, great. If he doesn't, it's not a big deal for anyone except Pryor. It's not a major issue. It's not reflective of the other receivers on the roster. It's a May signing. They happen.

Mac from Jacksonville

If both Leonard Fournette and Ryquell Armstead are used to running behind a fullback and prefer a gap blocking scheme ... then why don't we have a fullback on the roster?

The Jaguars are working with players from other positions at fullback on occasion in OTAs. That's an approach many teams take at the position these days.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

I'm really bored right now.

Read a book. It's not against the law. Yet.

Marc from the Southside

Regarding the "leader" narrative that's been lingering: We don't need 53 leaders on the roster. I'm fine with one of those guys just being one of the best corners in the league and working out at home this week. And I doubt his coaches or teammates are feeling too disappointed about that situation.

Leadership is an important element on an NFL team. It also in some cases is the most overused, tired narrative in sports. Not every player needs to be a leader and teams don't want every player leading. Ramsey is fine. He is key to the Jaguars. This is a non-topic.

Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

John, you're more up on the numbers than most of us fans. Our lack of safety experience troubles me. Here it comes. What if we kept Tashaun Gipson? What would the roster look like now? Just wondered what we gained by not keeping him. Go Jags!!

The Jaguars saved about $7.5 million cap space by releasing safety Tashaun Gipson, and they made a move toward getting their secondary in a position where it can grow with manageable cap figures for the next several seasons. It was the sort of move teams have to make to keep cores together, and I don't know that the Jaguars would have made a different move regarding Gipson had they had more cap space for 2019.

Max from Jacksonville

He'll never make a top 10 greatest list, but in a Top 10 favorites list, there's no question Greg Jones deserves mention. One for 33!

You're not alone in how you feel about former Jaguars fullback Greg Jones. Fans loved him to the point that he took on a folk-hero status. So yeah … one fer Jones. And one fer being stronger than any human being should rightfully be.

Stephen from Jacksonville

Having several readers complain that your comedy isn't funny enough for them to enjoy this free website is one thing. But at least nobody recorded a song proclaiming the existence of your extreme vanity, like what happened to Gene Frenette. What did he ever do to make Carly Simon so upset?

Apparently longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette made the mistake of walking into a party like he was walking onto a yacht. But Carly's wasn't the first heart Gene broke. And it sure wasn't the last.

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