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O-Zone: Cry, mama, cry

JACKSONVILLE – One more day 'till Krimma!

Let's get to it.

Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville, FL

So, who are Jaguars going to beat in the final two games? And more importantly, do you think the win/loss record will impact support for Lot J and a stadium? As a fan, I know getting us to pay money in the form of taxes for a stadium is starting to become a tough pill to swallow. Maybe if our team didn't suck and we weren't the literal punchline of the league's ongoing joke.

I don't know who the Jaguars will beat in the final two games; it's quite possible the answer is, "No one." As for the record and how it will impact the Lot J situation, I'm sure it will be mentioned in media coverage of the situation and by fans weighing in online – and by fans weighing in in other forums. I hope for the sake of the Jaguars, their fans and the city of Jacksonville that those deciding the issue separate the short-term of the team's record with the long-term of the importance of Lot J to the future of the Jaguars and downtown Jacksonville. The projects are too critical to many big-picture issues to be impacted by the struggles on the field. One would hope, anyway.

Shanghai Stevie from Jacksonville

Zone: Why is it OK for a coach to purge, or agree to purge, the roster of talent to put the cap in order for the future, but it's not OK to lose out to put the franchise in a better position moving forward? Seems silly to think one is OK and the other is "no way - out of the question." If the coach doesn't see losing as being best for the team long-term, shouldn't that coach be fired - or at least counseled on what is best for the team?

I've received many versions of this question. I expect to receive many more. The difference is in the case of telling a coach to lose out, you're asking a coach to prepare a team for that game and coach that team while not trying to win. It's a hard ask. And not that a coach is likely to answer positively.

Varna from Bulgaria

Hey John, in a recent answer you stated that the other teams relocating/building new state-of-the-art stadiums has impact on Jaguars being one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to revenue generating. In your honest opinion, do you believe that spending billions on a new stadium will make any difference in Jacksonville if product on the field doesn't change? The second part is building that new shiny stadium will cause for price increases across the board. Do you think this market is ready for that given that even with the lowest ticket prices in the league Jaguars are still having issues selling out?

I don't expect a "new, shiny stadium" will be built in Jacksonville. I do expect in the foreseeable future a major renovation will have to take place. And in terms of how on-field results impact interest and therefore revenue … the Jaguars don't plan to be one of the worst teams in the NFL forever. In an ideal world, the Jaguars would have competed for Super Bowls in the years before needing stadium upgrades and developments around the stadium. But stadiums and the development around them are long-term capital projects that take long-term planning. The Jaguars can't wait to improve on the field before planning for such things. And in my honest opinion, I believe the stadium and area around it must be upgraded in the future for the Jaguars to be in Jacksonville for the long term. It may not have to happen in an specific time frame, but it's going to have to happen.

Alex from New Orleans, LA

I've watched this team too long to believe they'll actually get the No. 1 overall pick. They'll beat the Bears Sunday and continue mediocrity. So, after taking a QB at No. 2, what are the team's biggest needs heading into 2021?

Defensive tackle, secondary and tight end.

Rog from Heidelberg, Germany

So, we are looking to draft our franchise quarterback with hopefully the No. 1 spot in the draft. What will happen with quarterback Gardner Minshew II then? Will he be given the papers or will they retain him as a backup? I'd keep him for the swag.

This won't be known until the Jaguars hire a general manager and decide the direction of the organization. I'd say it's a toss-up either way.

Mark from Jacksonville

Hi John. Reading your bios on ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, Jaguars Interim General Manager Trent Baalke and former Houston Texans General Manager Rick Smith – and notice that every single one has been out of the league since 2017? (except Trent Baalke this year with us). Is Jaguars Owner Shad Khan serious lol? Or is this only because the season is not over so employed candidates can't be interviewed yet? I'm no billionaire, but if I was charged to hire a general manager for a pro football team, I absolutely would not hire someone who has been out of the league since 2013 or 2017. Am I off base?

Teams can only interview candidates not affiliated with teams (except their own) right now. That's why you're only seeing such candidates interviewed. That's not to say the candidates being interviewed aren't worthy. But the three reported candidates for the Jaguars' general manager position – Baalke, Riddick and Smith – are not "lol" candidates. I don't know if they will get the Jaguars position because I suspect there will be more candidates, but they're perfectly legitimate candidates.

Michael from Henderson

Louis Riddick is terrible at evaluating players. He trashed Justin Herbert non-stop leading up to the draft. Jaguars should be able to find someone with a much better track record than him.

Riddick is not terrible at evaluating players. Every person who ever has evaluated players and built teams has missed on evaluations.

Paul from Jacksonville

Big O ... so who is this year's BAGc... Best Available Gator? Trask Pitts? I don't your crystal ball to know how we're going to screw this up.

(Insider tip: A written "zinger" is typically more effective the better if punctuated correctly and necessary words are included.)

John from In my seats from Day One

Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone should be expected to coach to win on Sunday; I'd hope for nothing less. But should he win, he will instantly and unfairly become the most hated man in Jacksonville. With a likely release coming after the season anyway and an abysmal game on Sunday, Khan could have easily let Marrone go on Monday, thereby not putting him in a potentially horrible situation. To me that would demonstrate the leadership we desperately want to see from Khan. Take care of the franchise and protect the people who have served you.  

I hear you and you may not be wrong, but anyone Khan replaced Marrone with in your scenario would coach to win.

Roger Valdosta, GA

Do you think is finally the year for Boselli and the HOF ?

Yes – either this year or in 2022.

Jim from Jagsonville

Is it coaching? Is it the players on the field? Tom Brady looks like he's heading to the playoffs. The Patriots? Not so much. So, is it always coaching in the NFL? O-Zone readers want to know...

It's always coaching in the NFL. You can ask anyone. Just don't look at reality. You won't find the answer there.

Nerd from West Lafayette, IN

O. Assuming things stay the same, has there ever been a more attractive general manager job on paper than the Jaguars upcoming situation? Generational quarterback at top of draft, this much added draft capital, significant cap space, a solid core of skill position players, and a chance to (possibly) reshape the coaching staff as you wish? The closest has to be the 2012 Colts job, but I don't recall them having as many draft picks or as many young core players. They had an all-time great wide receiver in Reggie Wayne – and Andrew Luck was in my opinion a better quarterback prospect, but certainly not exponentially better. Overnight, this may have become the best incoming general manager set-up at least in the modern salary cap era.

It's an attractive position. Off the top of my head, I don't recall a better situation. It's quite likely there have been comparable ones. If so, it's a short list.

Don from Marshall NC

When you first started, I thought you would never keep writing every day. All the questions and comments you have responded to, you never cried mama and you answered questions you did not have to. It has been a rough year for everyone, but we will get them back next year just like we always have done. Thank you for all you do and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Go Jaguars!

Merry Krimma.