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O-Zone: Dance the night away

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Stokes from Orange Park, FL

What's your sense of Khan's statement that he has "an opinion" on who should be calling plays this year? Talk about saying it without saying it, if you ask me. The injuries to quarterback Trevor Lawrence, wide receiver Christian Kirk and the abysmal offensive line/running game reigned supreme last season for the offense. But a close second to all that was "Why is [Head Coach] Doug Pederson not calling the plays?" And I just don't get Pederson's rationale meeting that sentiment force to force. Maybe Pederson feels like taking those duties back will drag [offensive coordinator] Press Taylor under the bus, but outside of that - why would he be so opposed to it? [Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach] Andy Reid does it. [San Francisco 49ers Head Coach] Kyle Shanahan does it. [Dallas Cowboys Head Coach\ Mike McCarthy does it. It just starts to come off like he's spearheading an ego swinging contest. He triples down and still doesn't call the plays this season and the offense lulls, it's a wrap for Doug P. in Jacksonville. And I'll be honest ... if that's his next move with how it's all played out to this point, he not only painted himself into that corner, but it furthermore will scream he just doesn't care.

Khan on Wednesday while speaking to local media on football matters indeed said he had an opinion on who should call plays in 2024, with the feeling being that he would prefer that be Pederson. My sense is Pederson will have Taylor call plays, as was the case last season. Why doesn't Pederson take over play-calling? The answer is very simple, though those analyzing and debating this issue tend to overthink and overcomplicate it: Because unlike most observers, Pederson doesn't believe play-calling was a problem last season. He didn't believe it was a problem throughout last season and still doesn't seem to believe it. Remember: Pederson is in every offensive meeting. He was in the headsets communicating with Taylor in 2022 when Pederson called plays in the first halves of games and Taylor called plays in the second halves. Pederson sees little – if any – difference in how he calls plays compared to Taylor, and Pederson believes he benefits when he doesn't call plays. These benefits include the ability to better oversee the entire team and in-game situations. Remember, too: The idea that the Jaguars' offense was a lot better in 2023 than in 2022 is a myth. It was essentially the same offense in 2023 as 2022 until injuries mounted late in the season. If Pederson thought Taylor calling plays would give the Jaguars a better chance to win, he would call plays. To think he doesn't care is really silly.

Keith from Section 436 since 1995

Based on the recent (last 15 years or so) MO of the NFL to award Super Bowls and, more recently, NFL Drafts for cities who either build a new stadium or undergo a major renovation, when do you think DUUUVALLL will host a SB and/or Draft?

I don't expect Jacksonville to host a Super Bowl in the foreseeable future. While the Stadium of the Future absolutely will be at the level to host the game, the infrastructure of Jacksonville – specifically the availability of high-end hotels – isn't yet close to what's needed for a Super Bowl. I expect there's a good chance the city will host an NFL Draft relatively soon after the stadium is completed.

P Funk from Murray Hill

Could you please list the 91 players on the Jaguars' current roster in descending order by Pro Football Focus grade and ability to perform a Triple Lindy?

Jaguars 2024 Training Camp begins in late July.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

With all due respect to SteveC from Cardiff, UK us citizens of Jacksonville are also glad relocation is off the table. But asking us to be happy about having to have ONE game a year in London? Never. I don't want to share my team, especially when NO OTHER TEAM has to do that. And we aren't the only small market team, so why don't any other teams have to do this? It literally like being told to be happy your spouse only cheats on you ONCE a year to save your marriage. Oh, because you just don't perform well enough to provide what is needed. I mean it's ridiculous. I hope I live for the day where Shad finally shows in ACTION that whole "Never Doubt Jacksonville." Because saying it while playing a game in London is disingenuous at best.

I expect the Jaguars to play a home game in London for the foreseeable future, and I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't change. But to say Khan hasn't shown "ACTION" regarding Jacksonville is absurd. He has solidified the Jaguars in Jacksonville. He has proven his commitment to the city and to keeping the franchise here. As it stands, the Jaguars are solidified in Jacksonville for the future and it's very hard to imagine that happening without Khan. To say he hasn't shown action is in favor of the Jaguars in Jacksonville is, well … disingenuous at best. Just because some fans don't like a game a year in London doesn't make that not true.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Peon seems like a fitting name for the man from Moscow. Go take a long walk on a short cliff.

One not fer Peon.

Sam from Orlando, FL

Does Jaguars rookie wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. know he doesn't get paid till he beats Eugene "Footloose" Frenette in a race? Gene may not run a 2.9 in the forty anymore. But as Ric Flair says Brian, to be the man, you must beat the man.

Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist, Northeast Florida cultural icon and force of nature Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette has what I think of as "winner's speed." He's not a 40-yard dash speed guy, but get him in a competition … well, he's somehow just fast enough. He's a scrapper. He does what it takes to win.

Paul from Washington, D.C.

Why would the new stadium ditch grass for turf? The NFLPA hates turf. And the Jaguars and city would spend millions to install grass for soccer. So with no cost savings, why do it?

There were reports in May(ish) that the Jaguars' Stadium of the Future would feature turf rather than natural grass. We're four years from the stadium's projected opening. As such, many details remain to be determined. I get the idea there's a good chance the field will be grass. Stay tuned.

Kerry from Millersville, Md

KOAF, in the giddy excitement of the Stadium announcement fans are missing the obvious "final move" in one of the greatest long cons (or Khans) ever played out. After the owners fail to ratify the deal (due to the unacceptable even split - why should an owner pay half), Owner Shad Khan will have the ultimate excuse to relocate the team! Just a thought for all the conspiracy lovers out there! PS. I fully expect the owners to ratify the deal for all the reasons you have previously mentioned.

I see the sarcasm, and it's well done. But in case anyone really is thinking this – and I imagine there are those among us who are – remember that the Jaguars/Khan have spent significant money developing the stadium agreement and have broken ground on the Four Seasons project across the street from the stadium. If it's a long play to move the team – and it's not – it's a hell of an expensive long play.

Jonathan from Formerly of Jax Beach

I am certain your answer would be something along the lines of if the Jags deem said FA edge rushers worthy, they will attempt to sign them but I am very surprised we haven't done more than sign Trevis Gipson to back up Travon Walker and Josh Allen. Do you think we make it to Game 1 without more depth at the position?

I expect the Jaguars to monitor this through training camp. But if they thought they needed more depth at edge, I expect they would have addressed it by now.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island

O, These comments should have been included in my recent question: Congratulations to Trevor and Marissa! Raising children is a great blessing (and perhaps harder than being the Jags QB!). Also congratulations to all involved in getting the new stadium approved and ensuring that the Jags will remain the Jacksonville Jaguars! I pray that the new stadium will benefit ALL people living in the Jacksonville area.

One fer Trevor, Marrisa and L'il Law – and one for all who made the stadium happen.

Adam from Round Here

Zone. What now? Can we sign someone? Can we draft someone? Can we schedule something? Can we ask a Rookie what he listened to this morning? Zone... what the %^& (heck) do we do now?*

We dance.