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O-Zone: Dangerous combination

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Paul from Jacksonville

Piping in crowd noise, like the Indianapolis Colts have done for years? I kid, but would that be something they would add to a television broadcast or something actually done at the stadium? How do you replicate and regulate the roar of the crowd? I'm all for having the crowd noise, and creating a home-field advantage, but would piped-in noise give an unfair advantage to dome teams or teams with closed roofs?

The NFL hasn't specified much about this; like much involving COVID-19 and the 2020 NFL season, final decisions have yet to be made. But there indeed is a difference between "simulated" crowd noise and "piped-in" noise. A network could simulate crowd noise to enhance the viewer experience, and that noise wouldn't be heard in the stadium. As for "piped-in" noise … maybe – providing stadiums are empty. It would seem less likely if crowds are at 20-to-25 percent. And if teams are allowed to "pipe in" noise, there likely would be a rule limiting volume level. If there were no rule, then yes … there likely at some point would be an unfair competitive advantage.

Redfoodog from Ponte Vedra, FL

John, I'm wondering if a clear protective plastic can be installed in front of the helmet to prevent the spit or saliva spray. It will act as the face mask.

The NFL and Oakley reportedly have developed a face shield that can be installed on the helmet. It was done so with feedback from players. There's no timeline for implementation so it likely won't be on masks for the start of training camp, but I would expect them when games begin.

Sam from Orlando, FL

In 2012, when Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell was hired, the Jaguars and the Kansas City Chiefs had the top two picks in the draft. Fast forward eight years later … and yikes. How can anyone argue our front office has done even what could be considered "a good job?"

You're not alone in your feelings. The Chiefs in the last eight years have emerged as a model franchise. No argument can be made that the Jaguars have been good enough during that time. Owner Shad Khan likes enough about Caldwell that he retained him as general manager after dismissing Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin late last season. It was a gamble, and I get the sense the Jaguars must show obvious growth in 2020 for Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone to be in their positions in 2021. Stay tuned.

Scott from Satsuma, FL

Hey, John: In response to finding a comparison for Jaguars rookie wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. – he is a bigger, faster Keenan McCardell. Fearless over the middle. From his highlights, I see a hybrid. Like Jimmy Smith's speed and make you miss with Keenan's "it's-my-ball-and-I'm-making-this-play attitude. So, I'd call him #light thunder. If he can be that type of player, then we have three great wide receivers on the field with a great tight end in Tyler Eifert. Also: I must confess that I was hard on Jaguars guard Andrew Norwell, but re-watching him in the All-22 on NFL re-broadcasting he did his job 90 percent of the time. His bad plays came off from what looked like zone-blocking scheme on pass plays – or left tackle Cam Robinson getting thrown out of position. Only four times did he get just ran backwards on his own merit. So, I apologize. On the other hand, Robinson needs to be full strength. If he his, then our left side could be what it was in Games 1 through 3 in 2018. And that's a good thing. Rookie Ben Bartch looks tougher than A.J. Cann. I wouldn't be super-surprised if he gives Cann a run for his job just on that aspect alone.

It seems you've been busy this offseason, Satsuma – though perhaps the opposite is true. And your eyes seem to be pretty good. Shenault has big-time ability and the Jaguars like Bartch a lot; both have potential with the caveat being the one that applies to all rookies – that simply no one knows how they will translate to the NFL. And yes … Norwell, for all the criticism directed his way, is a player coaches and personnel officials believe is an asset at left guard. Robinson's development is critical to the left side this season.

Steve from AB

Washington has been one of the few teams that arguably has been worse than the Jaguars over the last several years. I love that idea of werewolves as a mascot. Then the pressure will be off the Jaguars with all this talk of moving to London. Yes … Werewolves of London. There are also a number of alternating options not as likely to be considered such as Whippoorwills, Wiffenpoofs, and Weeping Willows. But instead let's take a page from the FSU book and call them the Washington Wampanoags. This would require consent from that tribe. That should not be difficult as it would likely lead to a revival in interest of Wampanoag customs and culture. Non-alliterating options could include Scandals, Vetoes, and Cherry Blossoms. Foggy Bottoms? I would favor Mimes. Intimidate the opposition with silence and white facial paint. Pump OUT stadium noise. Silent cheers for empty stadiums. And best of all, not one Mime in the entire world would raise his voice in opposition. What do you think?

About what?

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL

Who are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offending with their name?? Captain Jack Sparrow? On a more serious note … I am fortunate to have a Native American friend, so I asked her. Granted not all people think the same, but she said Washington and Cleveland's names she finds offensive, however she has no issue with Kansas City and Atlanta. That's the best way to learn, though ... ask the affected group what is and isn't okay.

Conversation indeed is the best way to learn, and many times reasonable conversations take place with reasonable conclusions drawn. Still, because people are capable of interpreting things in countless ways, there also will be times when pretty much anything offends someone somewhere. Perhaps Buccaneers won't offend, but some seemingly innocent name will cross a line with someone somewhere.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I like Ngakoue on the field more than many players, ever. That being said, I'm at the point now where I don't really care what happens with him. We will move on with, or without him like we have with all players. Do you think we are more likely to move on with, or without him this year?

I don't expect the Jaguars to trade defensive end Yannick Ngakoue before the 2020 season, and I don't expect Ngakoue to like that. I doubt he will show up for training camp, but I would guess he will play for the Jaguars this season. I don't expect him to do that because he loves the Jaguars. I do expect him to do that because it's the only way he will get paid to play football in 2020.

Mario from Oviedo, FL

Hi, John. I read an article on reporting that the Jags turned out trade deals for Ngakoue including trades that involved a Pro Bowl player. Then the person who wrote the article wrote:"(Sidebar: If a Pro Bowl player doesn't "fit" your system -- assuming he's a true Pro Bowler and not simply a respected veteran added to the all-star squad after the fact -- your system is trash.)" I feel very bothered by this comment. I believe it is irresponsible and ignorant. We all know that even Pro Bowlers can go to a team and simply just not fit in a system. Calling a system trash? What's your take on this Zone?

It's difficult in today's media world to differentiate oneself with the written word. Many writers attempt to do so with hot takes and pot shots at the expense of insight. Perhaps this was such an occasion. If I cared more about was written on by people with whom I'm unfamiliar, I probably would spend more time analyzing this. As it stands, I probably won't.

Big on Blake from Philly

Hi KOAF, couple thoughts/queries. First, the NFL site keeps referring to the Washington team name as its "nickname." It may be semantics, but doesn't the organization and the team share the same name? Second, a couple of suggestions: Washington Colonials or Washington Georges (admittedly I made myself chuckle when it hit me yesterday). Thirdly, despite all this global push for name changes, I could never turn my back on Blake, so I will go on bearing the burden of this outdated "nickname."

Stay strong, Blake.

Pat from Duval

Did you cry tears of joy or pain when Kid Rock mashed Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon together a few years back?

I didn't cry and I didn't love the song, but I do like Kid Rock. And Skynyrd and Zevon are both among my favorite all-time artists, so I did like the effort.