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O-Zone: Dream weaver

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Ed from Jax

A couple years ago, we traded a fifth-round pick for Pittsburgh Steelers third-string quarterback Josh Dobbs to be our backup. Shouldn't Minshew be worth more than that in trade value?

Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II on paper absolutely should be worth more in a trade than Josh Dobbs – if the Jaguars indeed opt to trade him. Minshew has started 20 games NFL games, winning seven, while Dobbs never had started an NFL game when the Jaguars traded for him early in the 2019 season. But the Jaguars had little leverage when they traded for Dobbs, having lost starting quarterback Nick Foles the day before to a collarbone injury. They needed a quarterback for depth and seem to have paid a higher price than otherwise might have been the case. Could Minshew draw a fourth- or fifth-round selection this offseason? I suppose, but that's theory. In realty, a trade still requires a team wanting a player. What a team wanting Minshew would be willing to give remains to be seen.

Steve from Nashville, TN

What is the point of segmenting jersey numbers by position? The obvious is to help the defense differentiate between eligible and ineligible receivers. What else?

That's part of it, but the NFL's number system actually was put in place to help fans and other observers – broadcasters, etc. – differentiate quickly between positions. Remember: There are 22 players on the field moving quickly. Having uniform numbers that differentiate between positions makes it an easier game to follow and chronicle. It also gives the game some semblance of order and logic, there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, it would just look silly to have an offensive lineman wearing No. 1 and a quarterback wearing No. 73. Now, get off my lawn.

Geoffrey from Kuwait

Greetings from overseas in Kuwait! I've seen all the hubbub about a nickname for our prospective franchise quarterback. For me, it's obvious, it has to be Law-related. Law Dog maybe? Or going jaguar themed, T-Rawr. Nicknames are fun, I like them.

I like Law Dog. That probably means it never will catch on, but I like it.

Alon from Malibu, CA

If the Jaguars draft an offensive tackle with the 25th pick, and he beats out Cam Robinson for starting job, which are both very real possibilities, what do we do with Cam and his $10-plus-million-dollar contract?

There's a decent chance the Jaguars could select an offensive lineman No. 25 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. I would be surprised if a rookie offensive lineman starts over left tackle Cam Robinson, but you're correct that it's at least a possibility. If it happens, I expect Robinson would remain on the roster. Depth is a good thing, Red. Maybe the best of things.

Jared from O-Town

Hey KOAD (king-of-all-drops)! When did Damon Jones start making personnel decisions for the Jaguars? Oh, wait. He wasn't the couch. He was the Big Sofa.

Good one, Jared.

Steve from Nashville, TN

What are your responsibilities the night of the draft Thursday April 29th and where will you be performing them from?

I will be writing stories about the Jaguars and the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft on April 29. I also, when cued, expect to be periodically speaking into a camera about the Jaguars and the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft that evening. I will be doing this at TIAA Bank Field. This will be my performance space as opposed to the NFL's Draft Headquarters in Cleveland or in the college town of the Jaguars' expected first selection that night because the TIAA Bank Field is the Jaguar's draft headquarters. This is where decisions are made and where the decision-makers speak about the moves, so the "meat" of the coverage happens here. Representatives of Jaguars Media may be at the other aforementioned locales. Stay tuned for more on that.

JR from The Squatchlands

O-Man, assuming Trevor Lawrence is our first pick and starting quarterback on Day 1, what do you imagine his number of reps will look like in the preseason? Obviously as a rookie, you want him to get some experience, but being the valuable prospect that he is you might consider resting him to avoid injury. How do you imagine the coaching staff will thread that needle?

Addressing how much a player who hasn't yet been drafted might play in the preseason might be getting sliiiiiightly ahead of ourselves, but why not? Assuming the Jaguars play three preseason games, I would expect a rookie quarterback expected to start Week 1 might play a little more than a half in Preseason Week 1 and close to three quarters in Preseason Week 2. Maybe a quarter in Preseason Week 3 – something like that.

Biff from Jacksonville

So, you and I are sitting in a bar, enjoying a nice IPA. I ask: "If you're going to have the best WR and the best OT in the draft available, which do you select?" Let me add some context. 1) It's 2020 and Trevor Lawrence is the real deal. 2) Trevor Lawrence is fully capable of releasing the ball in three seconds or less. 3) You can also grab a Top 5 veteran wide receiver or offensive tackle in free agency.  I ask because it goes to the mindset the Bengals might employ for their first pick in this year's draft (left tackle Penei Sewell, wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase, or tight end Kyle Pitts), and it's possible the Jaguars may be in the same spot next year. And I'll buy the first round.

I'm going to go with the Top 5 wide receiver because I'm assuming a Top 5 wide receiver will have the long-term, game-changing impact of a player such as Julio Jones of Atlanta. It feels as if we're in an era where such a player will be capable of impacting the game even more than has been the case in the last decade plus. I imagine there would be moments I would regret the selection because there are going to be moments when you feel really good about having a Top 10 left tackle anchoring your line, but life's all about choices – and in this era, the wide receiver might be the best choice. And you can buy the second round, too.

Ed from Jax

What are The Roar's plan for 2021? Get an idea of what I'm talking about.

They'll cheer. Cheerily. Presumably.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

The reaction to Trevor's comments about football really are too funny. People need to get a grip. If anything, the kid has more maturity than most at his age. And remember something, he just got married. Of course, football isn't the number one thing on his mind. It is understandable we all want this rah rah, go get em, win at all cost football is life persona. But reality is there is a HECK of a lot more to life that football. As long as he gives his 110 percent when he is on the clock, that is all we can ask. If anything, the kid's approach to life in general makes me feel a lot better about him being the face of our franchise. He is a good kid and doesn't seem like the type to let the fame and spotlight go to his head.

I don't know if Lawrence eventually will be an elite NFL quarterback. I believe he has a very good chance for a number of reasons. I am confident that if he doesn't develop into an elite quarterback, balance in his life won't be what holds him back.

Steve from Hilton Head SC

John, it seems like the No. 1 draft pick got married in a high-end resort next to Hilton Head. I'm guessing he's not going to be a big problem going forward.


Art from Orange Park, FL

When do offseason workouts start? Have any players said they won't join in due to COVID-19 concerns?

The Jaguars' offseason workout program is scheduled to start April 19. Players from multiple teams as groups have said they don't plan to participate in the off-field portion of these workouts because of COVID-19 concerns. Jaguars players as of this writing have not made such an announcement.


Mr. O, last night I had a dream in which I was at a mall food court and I saw Trevor Lawrence and his new bride waiting in line for food. When I saw them, they looked over at me and waved me over, so naturally I went. Marissa gave me a big hug and Trevor gave me a bro hug. Then Marissa thanked me for protecting Trevor this upcoming season. Suddenly, I realized that I was the team's clear starting left tackle in 2021 and that's what she meant by protecting Trevor. At this point I became self-conscious of the fact that I was wearing old gym shorts and abruptly walked away.

The 2021 NFL Draft is 10 days away.