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O-Zone: Easy to see

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Paradise, CA

What would the Jaguars have to give up to acquire Ertz from Philly? Also, what is wrong with O'Shaughnessy as a pass-catching tight end? From what I remember, he seemed to get the job done, but obviously does not have the explosion that Ertz could offer.

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly are seeking a third-round selection for tight end Zach Ertz – but while the tight-end position has been a major offseason topic among Jaguars observers and fans, I don't sense much urgency from the team to make such a move. As far as your second question … there's nothing wrong with James O'Shaughnessy as a pass-catching tight end. He has shown signs and flashes of productivity as the move/receiving tight end during four seasons with the Jaguars, and it appears there's a good chance he will get the chance to show those flashes again in 2021.

Van from Blountville

A recent question about players being able to refuse vaccination without fear of violating NFL/NFLPA regulations (which I wholeheartedly think is and should be their right BTW) sparked a question in my limited mind. Will the pandemic scare result in future players contracts getting an extra page of fine print to preemptively prevent that being an option if another wave of panic sweeps the nation in the near future?

Predicting the future is always tricky on something like this because you're talking about something that requires input from multiple parties on two sides of a potential negotiation, but my guess is the answer is no. Such an extra page of fine print would require NFL Players Association approval. I would expect that group to want a concession from the NFL Owners to include the extra page. I doubt the owners would want to give up something to secure the aforementioned page of fine print, so I doubt anything such as this would happen.

Eddie from Jacksonville

Hey, O. Do you think Coca-Cola would have preferred that Cristiano Ronaldo would have not spoken to the media before Portugal's match?

One would think.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville

Have to admit it was great to see Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence featured in the new Madden 22 trailer video. They had the Duke of Duuuuval jogging on the field with special attention paid to the proper length of his hair. It was inspirational. Now if only they can perform to Madden-like standards in real life. That would be just … surreal. Let go Jags. #SHOCKTHEWORLD

I admit I'm not much of a Madden guy anymore. I played the old versions on Sega Genesis, PlayStation One, Two and Three, but just can't keep up with the modern versions of the game. Call it the effect of aging on an already limited soul. I do remember enough about the Madden experience to know this: For a Jaguars fan, seeing Lawrence's flowing locks in Jaguars garb in the game … yeah, that would be the definition of cool.

Chris from Mandarin

I'm going to ask you for an analysis of Trevor Lawrence's memorable minicamp throws when we get to the end of the season – you know, because of your eidetic memory and all.

Well … I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.

Steve from Nashville, TN

Thinking about the great Bill Parcells quote "you are what your record says you are" and applying that to the 2020 Jaguars, I think it applies less to the teams on the ends of the spectrum. I would like to think the team was somewhat better than the one-win record implies?

I can't say the Jaguars were better than their 1-15 record in 2020; while there were numerous games after their Week 1 victory over the Indianapolis Colts they could have won, there were few games – if any – in which I thought afterward they were the better team. The record therefore seemed deserved. Now, if you're asking if there was better talent on the team than that 1-15 record might suggest … yes, I would say that is true. My guess is that will play out this season, with returning players such as linebacker Myles Jack, defensive end Josh Allen, cornerback CJ Henderson, wide receivers DJ Chark Jr. and Laviska Shenault Jr., running back James Robinson and a slew of offensive linemen likely to be core players – and capable of big seasons. Head Coach Urban Meyer has talked often this offseason about the quality of numerous returning players – and on that front, the 2020 Jaguars indeed were probably somewhat better than one victory.

Media Police from Orlando, FL

Zone, when you include "… presented by Baptist Health" in an O-Zone response, is it still a free site?

How much did you pay to subscribe?

Nathan from Utah, USA

Ah, yes … No. 28: Fred Taylor. The reason I became a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. The best running back I've ever seen. Do not lose contain, or it is six- from ANY distance. Thanks for the memories, Freddie T!

Taylor is one of the most-underrated players in the NFL in the last two and a half decades. So, yeah … one fer Freddy T!

Sam from Orlando, FL

Footsteps Falco? From Ohio State?

Damned straight.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

All of the pizza?

Damned straight.

Dave from Jacksonville

KOAGF, it was a shame what they did to Bobby Boucher. They tried to make him a quarterback in the pros, never worked out, ended up in jail. He was no Burt Reynolds.

Damned straight.

Nathan from St Augustine, FL

Hey, John. Why are kickers not kept on teams practice squads? I can't recall a kicker on any Jags practice squad. Is this the norm around the league? You see several teams every year signing two or three different kickers because of injuries or missed field goals, why not develop a kicker on the practice squad?

There's really not all that much you do to develop kickers. They kick. If you sign them off the street, they kick. If you keep them on the roster, they kick. There's not much game-planning advantage to having them on standby, either. Teams historically can sign a kicker on short notice and have a chance of success. That's not saying teams wouldn't keep a reserve kicker if they had unlimited roster size. But because roster sizes do have limits, the general thought around the league is practice-squad spots are better served on other positions.

Biff from Jacksonville, FL

What is a storyline you're interested in seeing develop that might not be on the radar of the average fan? Bonus question: Best concert you saw while in high school or college? I caught R.E.M. at JU's Swisher Gymnasium for their "Fables of the Reconstruction" tour. The Minutemen opened for them. At the time of the show, I'd just discovered The Minutemen's "Double Nickels on the Dime" and to this day it's hard for a show to beat that one.

I'm never good at "off-the-radar" questions because I don't know what's on the radar of all fans. I do know I'm intrigued by Walker Little competing at tackle with Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor, and I'm equally intrigued by Gardner Minshew II/CJ Beathard Jake Luton at backup quarterback. Bonus answer: I saw Bruce Springsteen on the River Tour in 1981 at the Coliseum. I've seen many concerts, but nothing beats Skinny Bruce live. I saw R.E.M. at the Bandshell in Gainesville in 1984 on the Reckoning Tour; it was off-the-charts good.

James from Salt Lake City via Jagsonville

O-man. I remember our 2017 run to the AFC Championship Game. Robinson played pretty danged good as our left tackle. Then, in 2018 he was looking good again. Then the dreaded torn anterior cruciate ligament, and he never looked the same since. Do you think maybe his knee never gotten back to 100 percent? Anyway, I sure hope this year it's fully recovered. The 2017 version of Cam would sure be a big plus for the offense.

We may be remembering Robinson's career arch differently. Robinson indeed played pretty well as a rookie in 2017, particularly in the run game. He also needed to improve consistency and technique as a pass blocker, something that remained true before his torn ACL in Week 2 of 2018 and something that has remained true the past two seasons. The Jaguars do need Robinson to improve that consistency. That has been his primary task during his career, and it remains his task.

WJB from Yulee

Can we divide the "O-Zone" into two sections: 1) O-Zone (For legitimate Jaguar questions/comments) and 2) oh!zone (for all other comments/questions)?

No, but we can divide the questions into questions I like and questions where the asker should stay in his or her lane.

Jeff from Jacksonville

I think I missed it. Who presented the 2021 Jaguars Minicamp?

It was Baptist Health. I'm surprised you missed it. I included it in a lot of the stories I wrote for this free website.