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O-Zone: Either or

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mark from Crescent Beach, FL

This team is an embarrassment! This owner may know auto parts, but it shows he knows nothing about building a professional sport team or hiring anybody that does.

Anger is expected at 1-12 with 12 consecutive losses, and that's the Jaguars' situation following a 31-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans at TIAA Bank Field Sunday. And it's understandable that that anger be directed at ownership; that's where the buck stops. The Jaguars have had one good season under Owner Shad Khan and the eight others have not been good enough. He already has started the process of major change with the recent firing of General Manager David Caldwell and it's quite possible much more change is pending come season's end. Khan hasn't succeeded enough running the Jaguars or hiring the right people to do so yet. A lot of NFL owners take a while to become good at the job – or more specifically, to be fortunate hire the right people and have the good fortune to have success. Khan will keep trying. We'll see what's next soon enough.

Nick from St. Augustine, FL

Seriously though, one fer Robinson.

Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson went over 1,000 yards rushing Sunday, doing so in fewer games than any undrafted rookie in NFL history. So, yes … absolutely … one fer Robinson. Hell, two or three fer Robinson fer that matter. What else is there?

Zach from Wisconsin

Almost like Minshew had the Jags in the game more than Glennon giving them, what's the word for it? … Oh! … "the best chance to win." As an obviously bitter fan this year at this point, I'd love to see Minshew win out and get this disgrace of a group of decision makers canned.

Ah, more bitterness. 'Tis the season for it. But let's not draw too many conclusions about quarterback from Sunday. Yes, starter Mike Glennon struggled. And yes … Gardner Minshew II in his place led a scoring drive against a defense giving the offense short passes and willing to allow long drives that took time off the clock. I, like you, would love to see Minshew – or whoever the Jaguars start at quarterback – win out. What a much more pleasant time I would have on Sundays and Mondays. Even if that were to happen, it would change little about any important storylines from this season.

Sean from Jacksonville

The Jaguars' starting quarterback next year is currently not on the roster. Agree? Disagree? And why?

Agree. Because my goodness … haven't we seen enough?

Jeremy from Omaha, NE

To be crystal clear, there are no franchise quarterbacks currently on the Jags' roster.

Wait, What?

Michael from St. Johns, FL

I think it's okay to think that Minshew isn't the quarterback of the future but if you are trying to win, he is the best option.


Matthew from Jacksonville

I know you say it's never coaching, but when you're 1-12, coaching is a large part of the problem –especially when you're 1-6 in games decided by a touchdown or less.

I never said it's never coaching. I actually have said it's always coaching in the NFL – though I say it tongue in cheek a lot of the time. And because I like making people angry. Either way, you see coaching one way and I see it another. That's fine. It's OK for people to disagree. That's the hard-earned confidence I strut around with after a lifetime of never being wrong.

Biff from Jacksonville

On a positive note, the Jaguars held the Titans to fewer points than their first meeting.

Thank you for that, Biff.

Josh from Saint George

Do you think there is any chance the Adam Schefter report is true that Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone might be retained? How could a new general manager explain keeping a coach that in the past two seasons was 7-23. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't a new general manager get to decide if the head coach is retained or not. Please: NO MORE HALF MEASURES!

Adam Schefter of ESPN indeed reported Sunday that some around the NFL believe the Jaguars' effort in recent weeks could give Marrone a chance to be retained next season. Schefter is one of the most-respected NFL reporters, and I have no doubt some in the NFL have told him they believe that to be the case. The report is kind of a non-issue, though. The Jaguars don't yet have a general manager hired to replace Caldwell. The new general manager doesn't automatically have final say over a head coach. That depends on how Khan wants the hiring process handled. But the general manager at minimum would have major input, so until there's a new general manager there will be little meaningful news on a new head coach.

Ryan from Reality

Still three games left, but one more loss guarantees us a Top 3 pick. And since the Cincinnati Bengals are definitely not drafting a quarterback, that means a Top 2 quarterback for us!

Go Jaguars.

Jacob from New York

The Jags did a good job of being physically present at the game. Other than that, what went well?

Very little. When seasons go bad – and this one went bad a while back – there often come a game or two when a team that's fighting every week but outmanned wears down and sustains a really bad one-sided loss. The surprise isn't that a team such as Tennessee delivered the Jaguars such a loss as much as the fact that such losses have been rare in the second half of the season.

Jordan from Jacksonville

Almost there. Soon all this pain will be worth it.

So you say.

Dan from Somewhere in the back

So wait Glennon doesn't give us the best chance to win anymore? Color me shocked. Shocked!

When you're 1-12 and on your fourth quarterback change of the season, maybe not much is shocking. And maybe there is no player who gives you "the best chance to win."

Unhipcat from Carslbad, CA

Hi, John. So, defensive coordinators watched film on Minshew, and he didn't play well. Defensive coordinators watched film on rookie Jake Luton, and he didn't play well. Defensive coordinators watched film on Glennon, and he didn't play well. I think defensive coordinators watch too much film.

It would make things easier if they didn't, wouldn't it?

Mike from Atlanta, GA

K'Lavon Chaisson has come to life a little bit in the last couple weeks. I'll chalk it up to not having an offseason. Is this a good sign that there will be less worry about the edge rushers after the season?

Jaguars rookie defensive end K'Lavon Chaisson indeed has shown more in recent weeks, and pass rusher unquestionably is a position where not having an offseason can hurt a rookie. I would still say edge rusher will be a focus in the offseason. You never have too many pass rushers, particularly when the ones you have are young and comparatively unproven.

Dr. Smith from Lost in Space

The appearance, regardless of the facts is that Marrone caved to the fans; neither quarterback is good, but that was a complete lack of leadership if in fact "Glennon gives us our best chance to win" as we were repeatedly told. Also, can someone smarter than me please explain why the best player on the team gets one carry in the second quarter and zero in the fourth?

Marrone wants to win. When you don't have a front-line quarterback, you can spend a lot of time putting the ones you do have in and out of the lineup hoping someone at least plays like a front-line quarterback. As far as why Robinson didn't get more carries Sunday, he indeed carried just once on the Jaguars' three second-quarter possessions. He was on the injury report with a knee issue this week and Marrone mentioned after the game Robinson being "banged up." Considering the game was still close in the second quarter, perhaps that's the reason for getting away from their best player. And a Tennessee defense that was focused on stopping him and stacking the box. Those are legitimate seasons, but one carry in a quarter still isn't enough.

Zach from Washougal, WA

Haha they waited two weeks too long to put Minshew back in. Then they finally do when the game is over. These coaches are the most inept, unqualified people for the job. Minshew trying to play through a broken thumb as you media folk are putting out headlines saying he's on thin ice. Why would he voluntarily bench himself when quite possibly his career was on the line? He's the most talented QB the franchise has ever had and they went with Glennon.

Minshew is not the most talented quarterback the Jaguars ever have had. And the media folk are not Minshew's enemy.

Chris from Mandarin, FL

It's hard to believe Mike Glennon gives the Jaguars the best chance to win. Yeesh.

It's whatever, to be honest.