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O-Zone: First order of business

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it…

Evan from Section 37

There are potentially at least two very good college quarterbacks available in the draft: Daniel Jones of Duke and Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State. Kyler Murray from Oklahoma and Will Grier of West Virginia also could factor in. That being said, don't you think the Jaguars should stay put in the draft and wait to see which quarterback becomes available – and if both Jones and Haskins are gone, then consider drafting Grier? I hate to see them give away picks especially since quarterback is not the only problem this team has going forward offensively.

There will be many quarterback scenarios in the 2019 NFL Draft on April 25-27; with nearly four months remaining until then, it's difficult to dig accurately into specifics. Much will change regarding not just the quarterbacks you mentioned but others, including Drew Lock of Missouri. Teams will pick apart those players, then build them up and tear them down; if history is an indication, multiple quarterbacks who aren't currently considered top prospects will be Top 10 possibilities. A general guess about how this may play out: The Jaguars will go into the draft comfortable with more than one quarterback at No. 7 overall – and with a couple of quarterbacks they like enough to either trade back from No. 7 or up from the second round. My guess is one of the quarterbacks they like at No. 7 will be there and that will be their selection. But specific to your question … yes, I believe the Jaguars will consider scenarios in which they don't have to give up selections to select a quarterback in the first round. That doesn't mean they won't eventually trade up, but they would love to avoid it if possible.

Chuck from Ponte Vedra, FL

How do you think the Jaguars might overcome the problem of attracting a top-tier offensive coordinator when our head coach and management team are not secure for more than next season?

The Jaguars will hire the best coordinator available who they believe fits their vision for what they want offensively. There's no long-term security in the NFL. You either win or you're insecure. And sometimes you're insecure even if you win.

Marcus from Jacksonville

You have been pretty adamant that injuries were a primary reason for the downfall of the Jaguars this season, and it's hard to argue that they didn't play a huge part. But, you have also said that in the offseason the team will likely address quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, tight end and running back. So, if I put those two lines of thinking together, is it safe to assume that the Jaguars would have been a mediocre team this season even if they had stayed healthy? If you thought they would be a good team, then it seems like the main goal of the offseason would be to just get healthy. A good team doesn't have to address every position on the offense in one offseason. Is that an accurate assessment?

I've said often that the Jaguars' offense was about the same before injuries in 2018 as it was in 2017 – i.e., good enough to make the postseason but not as consistent as would be ideal. But even if the Jaguars had been as good offensively in 2018 as they were in 2017, there were going to be changes. Those changes perhaps wouldn't have been as sweeping as will be the case, but there would have been changes.

Josh from Cincinnati, OH

O-Man: WR1s are very difficult to find. Curious your thoughts on why the Jags moved on from Allen Robinson last season. He would not have changed our season but, his big play ability would keep us from drafting and developing a WR1. Was it injuries? Money? The front office not viewing him as a WR1? Or some combination?

The front office last offseason didn't view Robinson as a No. 1 wide receiver and didn't want to pay him as such. Money played a role, too, as it always does in free agency. Robinson wasn't willing to stay for what the Jaguars were offering. That's often why players leave in free agency.

Rusty from New Iberia, LA

The Jags were able to trade Blaine Gabbert even though he was on his way out of Jacksonville. Any chance we get to do that with Blake Bortles and have some team take over his contract?

Considering the terms of Bortles' contract, that's highly unlikely.

Ray from Jacksonville

John: Tank for two years for Trevor Lawrence? Gee, I remember just one month ago when teams would have to tank for only one year to get Tua. I guess things change quickly.

Teams rarely if ever "tank" for an entire season for a player, though there are situations where a team's season is lost enough that it makes sense to do so late in the season. No team would tank for two seasons for a player. There's literally no reason to do so.

Jeff from Orange County, CA

Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins if you had the choice, and does Kyler Murray entering the draft make it highly likely we pick him or Haskins with the team's first pick?

I would take Haskins, but that's my choice on January 11 with very little serious conversation or study dedicated to either player. I don't have a feel for who the Jaguars will select at No. 7 overall yet. If I had to guess right now, I believe they will select Haskins if he's available. I don't have to guess right now because the NFL Draft is in late April.

Mac from Jacksonville

New Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury is on record as saying he would pick Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick of the draft. The Cardinals now have the first pick and Murray is reported to be interested in playing football rather than baseball. Here's what I suggest: We trade our seventh overall pick for Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen, who showed a lot of promise this year, to the Cardinals. We get a young, ascending quarterback. Yes, a lot of things have to go right, but I'm thinking this could work.


Nick from Palm Coast, FL

I'm a little confused. If I have a contract with you and you change and void some things in it, doesn't that VOID our agreement? Doesn't that make Fournette a free agent...

You're asking why running back Leonard Fournette didn't become a free agent when the Jaguars voided the guarantees in his contract following a one-game suspension last season. The reason is that the NFL Players Association and the NFL negotiated in the last Collective Bargaining Agreement that teams have the right to void guarantees if players are disciplined or suspended. Fournette reportedly will appeal the Jaguars' decision to void the guarantees, but the reason Fournette isn't a free agent is because the concept of voiding was collectively bargained.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Any more word on the Fournette/Coughlin meeting?

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network on Thursday reported via Twitter that Fournette "met executive VP Tom Coughlin and the rest of the team's brass to clear the air and move forward together for 2019." Rapoport also reported that "sounds like it went well for both sides and things are headed in the right direction." That's pretty much the word.

Dave from Duuuval

Dear O-Zone, Kyler Murray is coming out. I watched him play a bunch in the Big 12 and I'm telling you this kid is the real deal. He's athletic, quick, fast, he can make all the throws. If this kid had a few offensive weapons he would be dangerous. Things are going to be real come draft day, Johnny!

Hey, one fer Kyler!

Fred from Naples, FL

I think of all the questions the Jags must address this offseason, Fournette is the biggest question mark. He does not seem motivated to be a true professional. You would think we would have scouted his work ethic better at LSU. When we scout players, do our scouts get the truth from the former college players coaches? I just can't believe that Leonard suddenly got lazy and became a malcontent. Thoughts on this?

Many players enter the NFL with character questions, and it's reasonable to assume there were such questions about Fournette. If every player with such questions went undrafted or slid to the second round … well, you would have a lot of big-time players falling a long way. All signs right now seem to point to the Jaguars trying to make it work with Fournette. That makes sense because they're unlikely to get much in a trade and he's still unquestionably the best running back on the roster. This will be one to watch. Closely.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

John: Put on your Jags executive hat (just don't let Tom Coughlin see you). What would you do?

Seek vengeance on those who betrayed me.

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