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O-Zone: Gift ideas

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Andrew from Little Elm

The blueprint for every other team is too easy. Stack the box and make Trevor try to beat them. Until he proves he can beat it, Trevor will be in trouble every game.

There is truth here. Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence was a topic immediately after a 23-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Sunday, and he undoubtedly will remain a topic the rest of this week – and until he and the Jaguars' offense play better. There seems every chance he will remain a topic through the rest of the regular season – and that's NOT because he's a bust and it's NOT because he is the sole reason for the Jaguars' offensive struggles. It's because it seems unlikely the Jaguars' offense will suddenly start hitting big plays consistently enough, and it's the lack of big plays that is causing this offense to be so brutally ineffective right now. A lack of big plays hurts one way because it means offenses must string together long, multi-play drives and go the length of the field without a mistake. That's difficult against NFL defenses. It also allows defenses to stack the box, pressure the quarterback and stuff the run without worrying about getting beat deep for big plays. That compresses everything offensively, which is currently a major issue for this team – maybe the major issue. Lawrence was correct Sunday when he said he must be more accurate. But what he didn't say is receivers are dropping too many passes and they're not nearly open enough nearly often enough. You will hear a lot of buzz this week about Lawrence being a bust. No, no, no. Just no. He's growing, but the Jaguars' offensive situation makes that growth much more difficult than otherwise might be the case.

Jake from Cary, NC

It's been a while since Trevor has played well, and he doesn't seem to be improving over the last few weeks. I know it's too early to be concerned about his ability to succeed in the NFL, but at what point is it fair to start being concerned? End of the first year? End of the second year? I wish I wasn't feeling concerned so soon in his career; but here we are …

It's very possible Lawrence won't make great strides – at least not visible – until the Jaguars make strides at receiver. I can't control when people worry or how much. I'm good, but I'm not that good. I do know there's no reason to start worrying now.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

WhY dOnT tHeY hAvE TrEvOr RuN mOrE?

becaUse yoU don't WanT tO gEt Him hurt, for GOoDneSs sake.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Rookie or not Tyson Campbell stinks at his job. All that speed and is still a step late at all times

Jaguars rookie cornerback Tyson Campbell played much better against Buffalo last week than in previous games. He appeared to have a tough play early Sunday, but I didn't get the sense he was struggling all that much most of the rest of the game. I'll have to check the replay, which I haven't yet. Long travel day back from Indianapolis.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

Hey, O. Only thing I have to say is safety Rayshawn Jenkins and cornerback Shaquill Griffin are both wastes of money. Neither one has done anything to impress.

Bad eye, particularly regarding Griffin.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

The amount of offensive penalties is absurd. They lead the league in the category and likely increased their lead. I understand for example a lineman with a bunch of holding penalties indicates he's simply getting beat by his opponent. Is the reason on offense for the penalties bc they are so overmatched in talent? What's up with the crazy amount of penalties?

Penalties are the result of many, many things so there's no one answer. But yes … being overmatched can be a cause.

Bobby from Section 410

Hi, John. When do you think our offense will stop being so offensive?

Getting running back James Robinson completely healthy and in a rhythm undoubtedly will help. That's probably the best hope in the short-term and this season. For the long term, the Jaguars must improve at receiver – and Lawrence must improve accuracy. Those elements probably will work together and may take a while – like not this season.

Robert from Middleburg, FL

I am so freaking tired of the missed extra points. I'm sorry Matthew Wright, if I was coaching this team, you would be gone tomorrow. It is absolutely unacceptable. Aside from the fact that you're throwing away a free gimme point, you are killing momentum as well.

Wright missed an extra point Sunday – his second missed conversion of the season. He also not insignificantly has converted some huge field goals and has hit four times from 50 yards or more this season.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

If we had a reliable kicker we win that game, John. Our whole game plan changes when we have no choice but to score a touchdown. If on that last drive we have to kick a field goal instead of a touchdown, we win. These type of losses are the worst, man. A freaking kicker! Again!!!!


Steve from Jacksonville

I ask this with zero anger or sarcasm. Can you explain what might to be blame for how inconsistent this team is? How is it possible for them to be the same team as last week? Looking for some wisdom from the guru.

This was sent early Sunday – and perhaps the tone would have changed had it been sent later. Perhaps not. Either way, the Jaguars indeed have been inconsistent this season and figure to remain so. Why? They're young with a rookie quarterback and not incredibly talented – particularly at wide receiver. They have a lot of work to do in terms of personnel in the offseason. When you're young and not incredibly talented you therefore don't match up well with a lot of teams you play. That can mean having games such as last week's victory over Buffalo, when the Jaguars played extremely well – and when the Jaguars' defense matched up extremely well with the Buffalo offense – and everything goes right. When that happens, you get a memorable victory. It also can mean games such as a 31-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks when everything looks bad. Finally, it can mean games such as Sunday's – when the Jaguars looked bad early and pretty good in a lot of ways. This is where the Jaguars are right now. They won't be here forever (really), but they're here now.

David from Eau Claire

Time to bench Lawrence? Draft another QB next year?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. (No.).

Zac from Austin, Tejas

Props to the defense if, for no other reason, that they did as well as they did while LIVING on the field. Plus, 7 of those points weren't their fault.


Lewis from Jacksonville

Good thing we are better at stopping the run this year. We are not the Jaguars we are the Jekyll and Hydes.

The Jaguars are better against the run this season than last season. They were really bad last season and they generally speaking are OK-to-pretty good there this season. They are not great. They were not great Sunday early and then they were really good. Bottom line: the Jaguars' defense overall played at a winning level Sunday. They allowed 16 points. You'll take that overall performance most weeks in the NFL.

Rob from Jacksonville

Players or play calling or whatever, this offense is not functional.

Well, no.

Gregg from Jax

Rudy Ford is the real deal!

Ford, who signed with the Jaguars an unrestricted free agent in the offseason, indeed has become one of the feel-good stories on the team this season. Originally signed as a special-teams ace, he has emerged as a nickel safety – and the Jaguars' have improved in the back end of the defense as Ford has developed. He played exceptionally well last week against Buffalo – and at first glance, he appeared to play well Sunday. Stay tuned.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Yes, Lawrence could be more accurate. I think this whole season is unfair to him though. We have guys that can't get separation and drops have been a problem throughout the whole year. Our "playmakers" are nonexistent far too often.


TomTom from St Johns, FL

Dear Santa John: Puleeze, puleeze, puleeze!!! A-L-L I want for Christmas is some help for Little Lawrence. Would prefer someone who has speed, ability to follow plans and instructions … the desire to follow the rules and possess "good hands." Will leave some scotch cookies by the fireplace.

I assume you meant scotch and cookies, which sounds "awesome." Except for, you know, the cookies.