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O-Zone: Gone loco

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Steve from Nashville, TN

Is it true the Jaguars will have "first dibs" on all the NFL players not making the final 53-man roster near the end of August? Our personnel department will be busy that day. Is there a number in your head about how many players the Jaguars may claim off waivers during cutdown day?

All personnel department for all NFL teams are busy each year on "cutdown day." But yes … the Jaguars because they finished with the NFL's worst record in 2020 indeed will be No. 1 in the waiver order through Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season. That means they indeed will have first "dibs" on cutdown day of players who are "waived" – i.e., players with four years NFL experience or less. If a player with more experience than that is released, then that player will become a free agent and will be free to sign with any team. I would guess the Jaguars obtain around three of four players around cutdown day in late August by one means or the other. Give or take.

Mark from Prescott. AZ

John, hello. What do you think the scrimmage will look like this year? Will it be like the scrimmages had come to be – that is, a glorified practice? Here's hoping it'll be more like an orange and blue game at Florida, let's say.

I would expect the Jaguars' "scrimmage" Sunday to lean more toward the "glorified practices" you don't like than toward "spring game" format favored in colleges. Remember: spring games are played several months before the regular season, therefore allowing far more recovery time in case of injury. NFL roster sizes and salary-cap restrictions dictate that NFL teams prioritize injury prevention at all times – particularly in preseason and in the regular season.

Sean from Jacksonville

I think it's time to say ... one fer me!

No doubt.

Steve from Yulee, FL

O. Let's get to it, OK? How are offensive linemen looking against the new defensive scheme with pads on – particularly Walker Little. I read somewhere tight end Chris Manhertz's nickname was the eraser. How is he looking with pads on? You're always neutral and fair. l appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Somebody has to be the grownup in the room.

I'm not actually the grownup in the room. Far from it. I'm a rare combination of the old man on the porch screaming at drivers driving too fast and the underage kid making his own fake ID (so he can vote). Either way, the Jaguars' first practice in 2021 Training Camp in pads was Tuesday, so it's a little early for a comprehensive assessment of how the offensive line is faring. It looked like the unit run-blocked OK Tuesday in 9-on-7 work and the group overall held up fine in one-on-one pass rush work that day. Those are general impressions and not a detailed breakdown. Stay tuned.

David from Ada, OK

Okay, all this old album talk has me homesick for my first car: a '76 Olds Cutlass Supreme with a tape player that needed a fork wedged in it to play the tape properly. What was your first automobile and – more importantly – how loud was the stereo?

My first car was a 1978 Mustang Ghia – maroon, hatchback and as uncool as one could imagine. It belonged to my mother, was in rough shape by the time I started driving – and had an eight-track player. My friend, Brian Kane, would take his mother's old Mitch Miller eight-track tapes – "Sing Along with Mitch" … and tape the Clash's "London Calling" and Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" over them so we could play them in the car. I guess the stereo was loud. But it wasn't too loud. It's never too loud for "London Calling."

Fred from Wadesboro NC

I fought The Law and The Law won.

I needed money because I had none.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Is there a date when to expect CJ Henderson to be back?

Henderson, a cornerback and the No. 9 overall selection by the Jaguars in the 2020 NFL Draft, has been on the Reserve/COVID-19 list since the start of 2021 Training Camp. He was on the practice field Tuesday, though he has not been removed from the COVID-19 list. His presence presumably is a positive sign and players in that situation often have been removed from the list in the ensuing days.

Jim from Jagsonville

I know we aren't in the Dead Zone anymore, but being a Federer fan you had to get a chuckle watching Djokovic melt down at the Tokyo Olympics.

Not really. I root for Roger Federer and would love for him to always hold the record for career grand slams – and to always be acknowledged as the all-time greatest player in the men's tennis history. I don't particularly root for Novak Djokovic; frankly, he is a tough guy to support for many reasons. But I didn't want to see him melt down at the Olympics – and I was actually kind of pulling for him. He personifies greatness in the sport, and I never mind seeing greatness. It's why I own so many mirrors.

Jozy from Tallahassee, FL

How is rookie corner Tyson Campbell looking? Is the advertised speed there?

Fine. Yes.

Marcus from Jacksonville

It seems like everything I hear about training camp paints a picture of a completely new system and culture on the team. The energy is different. The focus and attention to detail is different. The players are working harder and they are healthier. There is not a second of time wasted and the expectations are sky high. That's all wonderful, but my question is, what does that say about previous regimes? Every time I hear someone talk about this year's offseason program and training camp it seems like an indictment on the previous coaching staff(s). Is this just a case of a difference in philosophies, or were the previous staffs not doing enough to bring out the best in the players?

All coaches and new regimes change culture. They bring new energy, new approaches. That is good and necessary because the No. 1 job of any NFL head coach is to create buy in and belief among players. This regime of Meyer certainly has brought such energy. Players are buying in. There is belief. Is this bringing out more from players than previous regimes? We'll see. If they win, the answer will be yes. If not, it will be no.

Jess from Glen Carbon, IL

Nickname submission for Trevor: "Longarm" - as in Long Arm of the Law. Fits nicely, don't you think?

Oh, it's just fantastic.

Jimmy from Jax Beach Sec 135 since day 1

Trevor "The Law" Lawrence … hmmmm…. Titans fought The Law and The Law won? It has potential. On to more important topics, O. Is it true you put the O in hero? Err… wait, or was it zero? Wait, what? I'm almost certain it was hero.

I did not put the O in hero. Or zero. I did put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp and I shortly thereafter put the ram in the rama lama ding dong. My friend, prominent local attorney David Barksdale, was responsible for putting the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop but he discourages me from discussing it because he has "an image to uphold." As for put the dip in the dip da dip da dip … I don't remember. I'm thinking it was Shadrick. Details are sketchy.

Garrett from Edgetown

Zone, I hate it, but Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II to the Indianapolis Colts for a second- or third-round selection. Do you take it?

Absolutely. Why wouldn't you?

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

Wait a minute, Taven Bryan had a non-football related injury? How is it not time to move in yet? He's like our third-longest tenured player and has made like two plays in five years. Do we really need to see if another camp will cause him to develop football instincts and ball awareness? Ok, you say he is strong, but he has proven over many years to be bad at football. Sometimes it's time to move on.

I don't know if Jaguars defensive lineman Taven Bryan will make the roster this season. I do know a non-football related injury because of accident is not a reason to release a player, particularly a former first-round draft selection who has as much physical ability as Bryan.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, when I was a kid, we used to play a game called "Tackle Loco." It's when you throw the football to one person, and that person run for his life as the entire group attempts to tackle the poor person with the ball. Zone, given that the pads are finally coming on, what would you do if Head Coach Urban Meyer pulls everyone together, announces "Tackle Loco" and throws you the ball?