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O-Zone: Good days

JACKSONVILLE - Let's get to it...

Michael from Orange Park, FL

Doug Pederson for President!

Jaguars fans should hope not, though I understand them feeling this way. And know this: Pederson earns this sort of respect/admiration on a week such as this – following a difficult loss, during adversity – as much as or more than when the Jaguars are having success. Pederson's even-handed approach, which is a very real part of his coaching style, shows itself during a week such as this. And its value can't be underestimated. The Jaguars' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday was difficult. They could have – and perhaps should have – won the game. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled, fumbling four times and throwing an interception. It was the sort of performance that could have shaken a team and a young player. Pederson handled it as he appears to handle most situations – by addressing it, acknowledging it, coaching through it and moving forward. There has been no sense of panic. Or crisis. This is what high-level professional coaching looks like. This is the sort of coaching players respect, believe in and trust. I joke a lot here in the O-Zone about fans and media overrating coaching because observers are so quick to blame and coaching for everything that ails a team. But in terms of setting a tone for a directing an organization, a head coach is critical. The Jaguars are in good hands in that sense. Really good hands.

Andy from Canmore, Alberta

Trevor is taking a lot of flak for a tough outing in tough conditions and rightfully so. But he didn't get much help from his receivers, specifically Christian Kirk. On six targets in the first half, Kirk got his hands on the ball five of times but was only credited with two drops. Do you know what the official definition of a drop is for the NFL? I can't seem to find one as it seems very subjective. Trevor's throwing day looked much worse statically than it was as the receivers had their issues, too.

The NFL doesn't keep official statistics on drops, so there's no real "official definition" – and the reality is it's impossible to chart drops without some subjectivity. An old "definition" that ESPN once used for its "game charters" was that drops are "incomplete passes where the receiver should have caught the pass with ordinary effort." That's a good definition. It's not perfect, but life isn't always perfect.

Kenneth from The Ville

I say 10-6 based on remaining schedule. What do you think?

I absolutely do not think the Jaguars will finish the regular season 10-6.

Steve from Nashville, TN

These next two weeks against division opponents are huge. They play a Houston team with history on its side and will play a rested and motivated Colts team in Indianapolis that will be looking for revenge after being shutout in Week 2 at the 'Bank. If the Jaguars win these two games, they will have my attention for the rest of the season.

The next two games can establish the Jaguars as a team that can contend for the division title. If they win both, they will be assured of a .500 record in the South, something they have accomplished twice in the last decade. Yes, these games matter. A lot.

Jason from North Pole, AK

I don't know how any longtime Jaguars fan can possibly watch this offense and question the play-calling. How many times already have we seen a brilliant play design that leaves someone wide open or a huge hole to move the chains? I can't remember ever getting so pumped during games about a play call. Trevor Lawrence turned the ball over five times last week, that's why we lost. We hired a Super Bowl winning, innovative, offensive-minded coach. Just relax and enjoy watching him work.

Will do.

David from The Island

How's Fortner doing? Does he look like a player that gets a second contract?

Jaguars center Luke Fortner is a rookie with potential who has been serviceable so far and who has played four NFL games. He looks like a rookie with potential who has been serviceable so far and who has played four NFL games.

Steve from Brentwood, TN

JO- Did you see Laviska Shenault is averaging 45 yards per catch? Not bad for a so far, two-catch season. Cynical eye.

Wow, you do see the world through a cynical eye. You're a trouble-ed man. I can tell. Fortunately for you, you appear to have that world in the palm of your hand.

Ben from Cuba, MO

O' I had to take time away early this week from the Zone. I knew the place was going to be rough due to the way we lost Sunday. Huge overreaction and gnashing of teeth. My takeaway from the game was that of a few other fans where we committed five turnovers and still only lost by a touchdown to the lone unbeaten team. Looking back over the first quarter of the season, can you give us your three biggest surprises and your top three things you're watching for in quarter two? A quarterly evaluation so to speak.

The inbox actually was comparatively reasonable this week, and I think most Jaguars fans and observers share your perspective. I do not think that will be the case if they lose to the Texans. My top three surprises: That the defense has created so many turnovers because that's a major turnaround from last season; that free-agent tight ends/receivers such as Evan Engram, Kirk and Zay Jones have been very productive because such transitions can take time; and that the Jaguars were able to record two one-sided victories so quickly because they haven't had those types of victories early in the season in a while. Top three things to watch: How Lawrence continues to develop, whether this team can continue to stay healthy and whether the team can grow into one that wins close games as the games get more meaningful.

Unhipcat from b bar h, CA

Hi, John. I just want to point out (again!) that the Jags won more games with Bortles playing QB than with the quitter playing defense.

We repeatedly have discussed "being nice" here in the O-Zone in recent weeks. It's important to be nice. This is not nice.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

I know "any given Sunday," but after watching that Colts/Broncos game, we better not lose to either one of those teams. Maybe the worse football game I have ever seen.

It's a week-to-week league. The Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills last season. The Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3. The Broncos beat the San Francisco 49ers last month. It's how the league works.

David from Riverside

I moved from Fleming to Riverside this summer. I thought I'd receive a welcome packet from the O-Zone after my transfer cleared. Did you send it?

I live in Springfield. I wouldn't have sent a welcome packet if you had moved there, either.

Mark from High Springs

Since it's looking like defensive end Foley Fatukasi will be out on Sunday, who will be there to contain Texans running back Dameon Pierce? I'd been hoping for a mid-week pick up, considering Ndamukong Suh is still available. However, it seems like Doug and General Manager Trent Baalke's plan is to just let the Texans run on us and hope we score faster and more often. It seems kinda risky for a divisional opponent and on Boselli's big day. I love the optimism, but it's starting to feel like a bit of a trap game. What do you think?

Fatukasi indeed was ruled out on Friday and won't play against the Texans. I don't think the plan of Pederson and Baalke is to "just let the Texans run on us," though I admit I didn't talk with either about that possibility. I expect the plan is to have the defensive front seven play gaps and assignments better than was the case last week, and to bring defensive lineman Corey Peters from the practice squad to the active roster. I don't see this as a trap game, though I do see it as a difficult game against a Texans team that has been close in every game it has played this season.

Johnny Sec404 and Westside 1-0 at HomeSide

Well, it's now 8 October, and no talk of next year's draft order. That's win, baby! PS - Jags by 3 Sunday.

Johnny Sec404 and Westside 1-0 at HomeSide is "all in."

Carl Lee from Jacksonville

This a huge game Sunday in my books. It's a AFC South game. Win Sunday and we are 3-2 and 2-0 in the Afc South. Let's fill the bank Sunday and be loud and proud. Time for the fans to step it up this Sunday. Go Jags!! LOCK DOWN THE BANK

Carl Lee is ready for some football.

Biff from Jacksonville

I used to putt putt for the fun of it.

I used to hang out with my friends in the woods in Reddie Point before they built the park and all those damned houses.