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O-Zone: Good professor

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

What's your level of concern for the offensive line? Mine's high. I can't see this team being any good if the O-Line isn't good.

You're right the line is the key to the offense, though this will be a remains-to-be-seen topic until the regular season – or at the least until training camp and preseason. The reality of organized team activities and minicamps is that practices are non-padded with no contact, which means offensive linemen – and even defensive linemen – are severely limited in what they can do or show. The positives on this front is that rookie right tackle Jawaan Taylor looks the part, and a couple of other positives are that guard Andrew Norwell and center Brandon Linder appear fully recovered from season-ending injuries last season. An unknown currently is left tackle Cam Robinson, who is returning from a torn anterior cruciate ligament that ended his 2018 season after Week 2 and who likely will be brought along slowly through training camp. Robinson needs to improve from how he played early last season, and we realistically won't have any hints about that until the preseason. Linder and Norwell need to stay on the field; we won't know if that will happen until next season, either. The good news on this front is there is hope. If this group is healthy, it should at minimum be a good offensive line. If it's not, then no … this team probably won't be very good.

Herbert from Midstate Office Supply

Any word on if the Jags will upgrade their backup quarterback position? I understand Landry Jones is available.

Landry Jones, who was released by the Oakland Raiders this week, spent time with the Jaguars last season. I assume they saw enough from him to have an idea of whether they want him, just as I assume they still have his contact information. I further assume they will contact him if they believe he is an "upgrade."

Ian from Leeds, UK

While I'll be shouting along with Stu from Wrestlingworth at Wembley, I think it's fair to point out that I'll be bellowing MOODACHAY with much greater levels of passion. That right there is a chant I can get behind.

You're right. That is fair to point out.

Ryan from Apopka, FL

On the eve of the second tennis major of the season: Who you got? Does Rafael Nadal win No. 12? (That's just crazy to think). Can the Joker hold all four major titles at once? Or does your personal favorite Federer return after missing the past three French Opens to capture his second title in Paris and maybe finally beat Nadal in Paris (he is 0-5)?

I can't realistically see Roger Federer winning the French Open this year; while he is underrated as a clay-court player, he hasn't played Roland Garros since 2015 – and it's hard to see him matching up with Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal on the surface at this stage of their careers. My guess is Federer will go out in the Round of 16 or quarters – likely to someone with a little more court time in recent years on the red clay. I see a Djokovic-Nadal final with Nadal winning in four or five sets because that's what he does on clay. Beware of Dominic Thiem; the hard-hitting young Austrian is going to win grand slams – and it wouldn't be a shock if he won this one.

Joe from Palm Coast, FL

Hey Zone, when are we going to see video of guys running around throwing and catching footballs?

Probably when you click on a video on this website.

Steve from Duval

I have more respect for Yannick Ngakoue than ever; not just that he is here but the way he handled himself in the interview was perfect and showed character and intelligence.

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue handled his interview this week regarding his contract situation well. He's an intelligent guy. I would have expected nothing less. Ngakoue clearly wants a new contract. He may or may not get one from the Jaguars before the season begins. If he doesn't get one, it will behoove him to handle himself with class, show strong work ethic and have a productive season. That will benefit him no matter where he gets that big long-term contract.

Geoffrey from Orlando, FL

Sbarro? SBARRO!?!?! Do you exclusively take lunch at airports and malls? And to think I once looked up to you. NO MORE! You have offended my delicate sensibilities for the last time sir!! GOOD DAY!

If loving Sbarro is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Keith from Jacksonville and Section 436 since 1995

Now that the first week of organized team activities are in the books, and again with the caveat that there are no pads nor hitting, is Nick Foles an upgrade at quarterback from BB5?

New Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles absolutely looks more accurate than former quarterback Blake Bortles, and he throws a prettier spiral than Bortles. If those things weren't the case, that would be a major disappointment and a major surprise.

Ryan from Fremont, OH

I spoke with someone who works for the NFL in selecting/planning the NFL draft as well as the Pro Bowl at an event last year. I specifically asked why Jacksonville hasn't been selected for the NFL draft, and they told me that hotels play a major role in selecting a location as it is hard to accommodate that many people. I have no doubt if/when Lot J happens that it will change a lot of things for the city of Jacksonville.


Stephen from Glorieta, NM

Hey O-Man, how much did you love that interview on Day 2, with the Jags new offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo? He sounds great, love the things he says about working with the Jags, Nick, his past team experiences, dealing with getting to know how to get the most out of players, etc. Of course it's too early, but can you help feeling a bit more optimistic after hearing him. Attitude may not be everything, but it's a lot. Yeah, one for DeFilippo!

DeFilippo was very good in his media availability Thursday. He sounds like a sound offensive coordinator who knows what he's doing. I can't say I feel more optimistic after hearing him because former offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was a sound offensive coordinator who also knew what he was doing. And he – like DeFilippo – had a good attitude. But yes … DeFilippo seems capable. He has a good relationship with new quarterback Nick Foles. All good on that front.

Frank from St. Augustine, FL

I can't imagine a rooster without Johnathan Cyprien on it.


Ed from Danvers

John, I have heard of players in some sports insuring themselves against injury and wondered if NFL players ever did it. Premiums on such a policy for a football player must be astronomical, so two questions: Is this ever done by NFL players and have you any ballpark idea of how much a premium would be for a certain level of coverage?

Your referring to loss-of-value insurance, and it has become relatively common in recent years for college players projected to be selected in the NFL Draft. I've never heard of an NFL player taking it because NFL players have injury settlements and get paid while on injured reserve.

Flash from Jacksonville

So, what are the odds that Johnathan Cyprien purchases the Jaguars when his playing days are over? Could we have an owner/player situation on our hands in a few months? They can pretty much plug him anywhere on the field and he would have a ton of motivation considering he would also own the team.

I never know what's going on.


Yes, I'm back. As usual I must address the commoners whom seem to relish the ridiculous "Duuuuval" scream; yes, the scream so stupid that even an uneducated caveman could do. Jeff Fisher was right - this town has no class. Gee, I wonder if other NFL teams yell their county names. Well, of course not - they have more class than that. And, once again the cave people of Duuuval wonder why the national media either ignore them or make fun of them.... you seriously don't know why you're the lowlife of the NFL? Wow... just wow!

I see the Vice President of Superiority continues to read questions and answers about a team he abhors located in a town so clearly beneath his lofty station. I wondered why he wastes his time, and I also wondered why he feels so passionately about this subject. Then I remembered what my grandmother once told me – that one of life's great truisms is that those who lack the capacity or perspective to understand something are often those that recoil from it most violently and criticize it most vehemently.

Bobby Boucher Jr. from South Central Louisiana State University

Zone, can you teach me to football?

No. Ask Mr. NFL. He knows all.

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