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O-Zone: Happy boy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brandon from Asheville, NC

I have no inside information on the Jaguars' draft board, but I have a gut feeling three out of the first four picks in Thursday's draft will be offensive line, tight end and running back. In no way is this important for you or anyone else to know, but if I get it right, I want it documented somewhere. Thank you.

Consider yourself documented – and my gut feeling is that your gut feeling is accurate. I consider offensive tackle the most likely selection for the Jaguars at No. 7 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, followed by tight end. My best guess is the Jaguars will select either Florida offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor or Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard in Round 1 and the best tight end available in Round 2. I also think there's a good chance they will trade down, particularly if Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins is available at No. 7; he could be coveted enough to entice a trade from a quarterback-craving team. My best guess is some combination of offensive line, defensive line, tight end, running back and safety will be the Jaguars' first five selections (Rounds 1-4). It's not important for you or anyone else to know that, either.

Hank from Toms River, NJ

Mr. O: How about tight end T.J. Hockenson of Iowa in the first round followed by offensive tackle Kaleb McGary of Washington in the second round? Not sure if he would fall to the second round but then we get the best tight end and at least a top offensive tackle. He has good size and a nasty streak. Thanks for your daily effort!

I think the more likely scenario is offensive tackle in Round 1 and tight end in Round 2 (or 3), but I wouldn't rule out your scenario.

Scott from Daytona Beach, FL

Can we please move on from these voluntary questions?

You can't make me.

Rob from St. Augustine, FL

What time will the first pick happen come draft night? I've read it starts at 8 p.m., but how much "chit-chat" will there be? I'm trying to plan around my work schedule. Around what time will the Jaguars pick, assuming they stay at 7?

I would expect the Arizona Cardinals to make their No. 1 overall selection sometime around 8:10-8:15 p.m., and I would expect the Jaguars to select sometime around 8:50-9:15 if they stay at No. 7.

Bradley from Oceanside, CA

I once attended a voluntary meeting where I worked and it happened to fall on one of only 358 days of perfect golf weather that San Diego gets per year. Biggest mistake of my mistake-filled life.


Iron John from St. Augustine, FL

If all our offensive-line guys come back from injury, we should have a very strong line. Who was the "least" injured, and who has the hardest road back?

Starting left guard Andrew Norwell (ankle) and starting center Brandon Linder (knee) missed the end of last season with what I would call seasonal injuries, meaning they are expected to return for next season without lingering effects. Left tackle Cam Robinson missed the last regular-season games with a torn anterior cruciate ligament, which means a longer recovery time and likely a monitored return throughout the offseason and training camp.

Aaron from Whitehall, AR

It has always amazed me how people get worked up over players not showing up for voluntary workouts ...

It's quite a scene.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

I went through the schedule and I came away with 5-11 on the positive side and 2-12 on the negative side. Almost time to draft Haskins! GO JAGs!!!!!

I fear you're on the verge of experiencing a big dose of frustration. The only thing I can tell you with more assurance than the Jaguars won't be drafting Haskins is that they won't be finishing the 2019 season 2-12.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

A few hours more and all this BS speculation can end. We can stop complaining about hypothetical future decisions and start complaining about actual decisions and players again! I'm so pumped for this year regardless of who we pick. We got a talented team and a new quarterback, this should be an exciting year. #DTWD


Phil from Woodmere, NY

I don't care what position we draft as long as we don't pass on a great player for a position of perceived need. I still remember the Cardinals drafting a tackle instead of Adrian Peterson. Just imagine Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Peterson together for their whole careers. Oh, what could have been!

OK – and for the record, we should know for sure if the Jaguars made the right selection in the 2019 NFL Draft around the fall of 2020. Or 2021.

Jess from Glenn Carbon, IL

You know, John: I can't wait until Thursday night when you will stop hearing "Tom Coughlin is a grumpy old man" and start getting the "Why did Tom Coughlin pick?"_

Fan gonna fan. Rarely is this more true than draft weekend.

Fred from Naples, FL

I get that the voluntary workouts are just that ... voluntary. I am also not surprised nor concerned that cornerback Jalen Ramsey continues to miss voluntary workouts. His play speaks for himself. However, two things concern me about linebacker Telvin Smith missing the workouts. First, he did not have a very good year last year nor has he played exceptionally well since he signed his extension. Secondly, as close as he was to Poz can you ever imagine Poz missing a workout? Voluntary or otherwise. I am just surprised that it turns out that Poz didn't really influence Telvin at all, it seems. Thoughts?

The continuing disconnect on this topic – and boy, is there a disconnect – stems from the perception that a player's presence at voluntary offseason workouts reflects his level of play, his desire to be great, or the depth of his passion for "team." The reality is presence at voluntary offseason work doesn't necessarily have anything do with those things. As Smith and former Jaguars middle linebacker Paul Posluszny … yes, they were close. And Posluszny typically participated in the offseason program. But that doesn't mean Smith has to do the same because – again – a player's attitude toward the offseason program doesn't define his attitude toward his profession or the team.

David from Orlando, FL

Johnny O: As the Jacksonville Jaguars' No. 1 fan in all the world, I will now predict who the No. 7 overall selection of the 2019 NFL draft will be ... it's left tackle Jonah Williams from the University of Alabama.

That's possible, but I don't think it's likely.

Dan from Cary, NC

Thanks for getting us through another dead zone. The combination of insight, business acumen and humor are much appreciated, John.

The pre-draft process really isn't all that dead because there's a lot of lively – if endless – discussion on draft prospects. The Dead Zone happens when in June and July when we take deep dives into the life and times of J.P. Shadrick and longtime former Florida Times-Union sports columnist/Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette – who, incidentally, never to my knowledge have been seen in the same room at the same time.

Gabe from Chapel Hills, NC

I don't think it's fair to characterize fans' desire for primetime games as simply a sign of respect/validation. I don't care much about the national perception. Night-time games - especially at home - have a special feel to them. Our 9-0 Monday Night Football victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers was one of the best sporting events I ever went to. I know coaches, players and media often prefer the usual Sunday at 1 p.m., but don't underestimate what the experience is for some fans.


RAS from Jacksonville

Hey, O: How can anyone pick defense when the team has desperate needs on offense? Offensive lineman (Jawaan Taylor) that can protect quarterback Nick Foles and break holes for running back. Tight end (Hockenson) who can do both and block downfield for wide receiver and running back and can catch the ball. Not to mention needs such as a change-of-pace running back or a wide receiver. Based on this, I say Hockenson in Round 1. For the front office, they will pick defense. They did last year for this year.

I believed for the past several weeks there was a decent change you were right – that the Jaguars might select a defensive player No. 7 overall. As the draft approaches, it feels as if the elite defensive players – edge players Nick Bosa (Ohio State) and Josh Allen (Kentucky) and tackle Quinnen Williams (Alabama) will be gone by No. 7 and it doesn't feel as if Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver or Mississippi State edge player Montez Sweat will be the selection. So, the guess here is you'll be happy – if, that is, your requirement for happiness in this crazy thing we call life is the Jaguars selecting an offensive player in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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