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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Josh from Lakewood

Where have the Jets succeeded that the Jaguars have failed since the Lawrence/Wilson draft?

With the New York Jets at 5-2 and the Jaguars at 2-5 through seven games, versions of this question are inevitable. The Jaguars, after all, selected quarterback Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft while the Jets selected quarterback Zach Wilson No. 2 overall in the same draft. I don't cover the Jets, so I can't give a detailed answer on their success this season. But one way the Jets have succeeded is they have made plays at the end of games while all Jaguars losses this season have come in the final minutes, so they have yet to reach the stage in their development that they are making those plays. The difference between winning and losing – and good records and bad records – is often that small. But the most obvious difference between the franchises is the Jets have had Head Coach Robert Saleh, the coaching staff and pretty much their entire organizational structure in place since the 2021 offseason whereas the Jaguars overhauled the entire coaching staff – including head coach and coordinators and therefore offensive/defensive systems – this past offseason. That's a major factor. When looking for differences, start there.

Steven from Charlotte, NC

A lot of draft capital and free agency money has gone into the defensive front/linebackers in the last couple years. However, it appears another year of poor play and lack of an even decent pass rush (even in obvious passing scenarios). Who takes the blame for this? The GM/scouts for not identifying actual talent, the coaches for not developing the players or is it the fans for expecting something different when the truth is we are the same ole Jags?

I don't know that it's a given yet that the Jaguars' defense is destined for "another year of poor play and lack of an event decent pass rush" in 2022. The unit is currently ranked 17th in yards allowed and 10th in points allowed and it has had a few really good games this season. But the defense indeed has struggled the last month, particularly in the last two games – allowing more than 400 yards in losses to the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants. While the unit was really good in spots early in the season – particularly in Weeks 2-3 – it feels in the last few weeks as if opponents have figured some places to attack t effectively. Those areas appear to be with quick passing and up-tempo offense in the passing game (a major issue against the Colts, and also an issue against the Giants) and run-pass options in the running game (a major issue against the Giants). With that "book" on the Jaguars' defense seemingly established, it's now up to Jaguars coaches to figure ways to counter those approaches – and most importantly, up to players to execute.

Jim from St. Augustine, FL

_Hey, John. If my memory is correct the Jags had two wins after nine games in 1996. Does hope spring eternal?   _

Google is a wonderful thing, Jim's commitment to the cause notwithstanding.

Greg from St Johns

Close and frustrating > hopeless and despair.

Many fans feel this way, that at least the Jaguars are competitive this season and seemingly close compared to the Jaguars teams of the past two seasons that weren't close at all. Others don't see much of a difference because losing sucks – and some of those others don't see progress in close losses. The thought here is that the 2022 version of close and frustrating has a chance to lead to results and the winning that follows will be better than either close/frustrating or hopeless/despair. We'll see.

Paul from Washington, D.C.

My preseason prediction for 2022 settled on 7-10. Going 5-5 to end this season, while this team finds new ways to lose, seems unlikely. Can this team learn to win?

Sure. All of their losses have been by a score or less. They have to make a play or two late and eliminate a mistake or two. That doesn't guarantee they will learn, but it certainly can be done.

Nancy from Negative

The Jaguars 100 percent finish with the worst record in the NFL for the third straight season. The "talent" on this roster is imaginary. Fabricated by idiots claiming to be experts. Everyone on this roster is as talented as their losing record indicates.

(Yawn) What?

Diego from South of Tierra del Fuego

Seems to Diego that this not a team yet but just a group of players collecting a paycheck.

I don't know Diego's definition of team. But if saying the Jaguars seem like "a group of players collecting a paycheck" implies lack of desire or effort or cohesion, I just don't see it.

Sam from Orlando, FL

Seeing renderings of the Buffalo Bills new stadium and the Tennessee Titans new stadiums, all in the billions. When do we see the new stadium in Jacksonville? Why do I feel like we probably never will until the team is in a new city or country?

I have no idea why you feel like that. It's not based on any facts or any indication from anyone with any knowledge of the Jaguars' thoughts on their future. My current assumption is that the Jaguars' future home will a dramatically renovated TIAA Bank Field. Either way I would be surprised – nay, shocked – if there's not a state-of-the-art NFL stadium in downtown Jacksonville in the future and equally stunned – nay, shocked – if the Jaguars aren't in Jacksonville. There's just no sound reason to think anything different.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Because our two games versus the Titans are still ahead of us on the schedule (December/January), I do not feel like the division title is yet out of reach for this team?

The AFC South title is not remotely out of reach. But the Titans (4-2) are two-and-half games ahead of the Jaguars (2-5). The Titans are also a team that has shown it knows its identity and plays well to that identity, so the Jaguars need to get going in a hurry.

Jeff from Orange, CA

Anyone who says trading James Robinson is the worst move in team history clearly has not been paying attention to the Jaguars for very long.

Good eye.

Steven from Duval

How long does Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson get a pass for winning a Super Bowl with a different team? It's a cool story and all but he hasn't done anything for the Jaguars and until he does, I'm done hearing about what he did years ago with a better team with a better GM.

I don't know what "get a pass" means. I suppose a lot of people will give him and his decision-making some level of credibility and respect for a while longer – at least, say, until he has coached the Jaguars for more than a couple of months' worth of games.

Jeff from Wake Forest, NC

Every Sunday morning is Daddy/Daughter morning in my home and I told my 10-year old daughter that we actually get to have a Jags party and watch the game because they are playing in London. I asked her if she knew who they were playing and she said, "The Werewolves?" Proud papa moment right there! #warrenzevon

Well done.

Richard from Duval

Rumor has it that if Nathaniel Hackett loses to the Jags Sunday, he may be fired. I personally thought the Broncos had one of the best rosters in the league and well, we all see how the Broncos are playing even with a superstar quarterback under center. We also know how Hackett was as HC for the Jaguars as well. So my question to you is this: Is Hackett just a bad coach and it doesn't matter what players he has at his disposal? Could he have been a big reason we sucked during his tenure? I have a gut feeling that the Jags will get the victory by a significant margin against the Broncos and a head coaching change will soon follow for the Broncos.

Hackett wasn't a head coach for the Jaguars; he was the offensive coordinator. And I do remember how he was in that position. The Jaguars played in the AFC Championship Game in his one full season in the role: 2017. They ranked sixth in the NFL in total yards that season and fifth in points scored.

Thomas Martin Hartley SC - Moncks Corner

Lately, you have been referring to the Jaguars' ability to move the ball up the field on offense. Might I remind you that the game is not scored by total yards but by the number of times that you cross the goal line, and at that the Jaguars are terrible.

They're not terrible scoring. They're actually 16th in the NFL in scoring, which is neither great nor terrible. In fact, in a 32-team league, it is about a "not great or terrible" as possible.