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O-Zone: Hold, please

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jeremy from Jacksonville

Does the decision to start Glennon mean he was elevated above both Minshew and Luton? My understanding was that even if Minshew said his thumb was fully recovered, Coach Marrone wanted to watch him throw for himself. Was that done? And if so, did Marrone think Minshew had more healing to do or simply decide Glennon was the better option?

Veteran Mike Glennon indeed will start at quarterback for the Jaguars against the Cleveland Browns at TIAA Bank Field Sunday. Head Coach Doug Marrone on Wednesday said he wanted to give rookie quarterback Jake Luton – the starter in the last three games – a chance to "take a step back" after throwing four interceptions in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday. As far as Minshew is concerned, Marrone said he wanted a chance to see Minshew throw for an entire week of practice and preparation to be sure the thumb that kept him out of the last three games was fully ready. Minshew will throw more in practice this week than last. Stay tuned.

Mitch from Jacksonville

It appears that having an NFL franchise is about to get very costly for the citizens of Jacksonville with the proposed investment in Lot J and the future stadium requirement. While I'm sure having an NFL franchise is a major benefit for any city, I'm beginning to have concerns that we can realistically afford the necessary investments to retain one on a g- forward basis. Are these valid concerns? I'm sure glad that I'm not a city council member. Tough decisions are on the horizon in my opinion.

Yes, there are tough decisions on the horizon. And yes, having an NFL franchise does come at a certain cost for a city. This is a pretty universal thing for cities with NFL and other major professional sports franchises. Know this: proposals such as Lot J and an eventual stadium renovation are about ensuring that TIAA Bank Field and the area around it remain at least somewhat competitive with similar stadium situations around the NFL. The stadium/surrounding area currently is well behind most NFL facilities/areas. It's a 26-year-old stadium that currently lags behind much of the NFL. Nearly every stadium in the NFL has been renovated or replaced since the Jaguars began playing in it in 1995. It shouldn't come as a shock that a major renovation is needed.

William the Contemplator from Jacksonville

You said that you believe Khan is a good owner because "He is willing to spend and do the things in his control to try to win." Really? Spending money without a positive return on your investment is good management? The general manager and head coach are the two things in his control, yet they produce a horrible record and he does nothing about it? Just where is any evidence he is a good owner?

The idea that most NFL owners are heavily involved with managing football operations is a myth. Good NFL owners hire people they believe are right for the job, let them do their jobs and support them financially by giving them anything possible to win. There's an element of chance involved with the decision because most owners aren't experts in the field, and because so much of the success of failure of the people hired depends on whether those people hit on a franchise quarterback. The Jaguars clearly haven't gotten enough right in the last decade. I expect Jaguars Owner Shad Khan to keep supporting the effort and to keep trying to get it right until he does. I don't expect most fans to believe he's a good owner until he wins. That's fine. It's what fans are supposed to think. I'll continue to feel differently because I don't necessarily see things as fans do.

Jason from Cali

I wonder if Shad Khan regrets buying the Jaguars?

I don't wonder about this. I am certain he doesn't.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, can we reach out to you if we need assistance with cooking our Turkey? Happy Thanksgiving!

Do not do this under any circumstances. For turkey assistance, please contact longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette. He's the gourmet around here, Eddy.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Happy Thanksgiving.

If you say so.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Hey John. First off, I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. I've seen enough of Mike Glennon with other teams to know that if he is our starter than we are definitely playing for that No. 1 overall pick. This team is desperate for consistent quarterback play and nobody will be able to provide that until (at least) next year.


Carl from Green Cove Springs, FL

Zone, You know... you know what I'm sayin.' Honestly, you know, I have no idea what Marrone is saying... ya' know what I'm sayin.'

I typically know pretty much what Marrone is saying, and I like how he handles himself with the media. He's not perfect on this front. Perfection apparently is the domain of other people in these parts – readers from Green Cove Springs, in particular.

Donny from Heathrow, FL and Section 35 Day 2

As Jag fan living in the Orlando area it's been amusing to me to listen to Buccaneer fans and especially the media blamed Head Coach Bruce Arians much more than quarterback Tom Brady for the Bucs' losses. From national media like Colin to your old colleague Mike Bianchi locally, the finger pointing towards Arians and the OC Byron Leftwich and the excuse making for Brady is laughable! All you have to do is watch the games and see Brady isn't making the plays he used to make while turning the ball over more than he ever has. The loss to the Los Angeles Rams Monday night and especially the blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints fall squarely on the 43-year-old Brady's shoulders with the picks he threw and mistakes he made. A work colleague complained bitterly this to me this morning about the Bucs' recent losses and I told him with a straight face that, you know … it's always coaching in the NFL. He replied that it has to be because it can't be Brady's fault ... he's Tom freaking Brady! Evidently the coaching sucks around the league any time a team loses ... is that right Oehser?

It's always coaching in the NFL, particularly after losses and often not as much after victories. Even in Tampa Bay, evidently. By the way … who is "Mike Bianchi?"

Glenn from Orlando, FL

Zone, since we know the New York Jets won't win a game and we hold the tiebreaker with the Cincinnati Bengals for second overall pick, let the team know it's OK to win this week if they want. After nine weeks, a little change around here might be refreshing.

The team will continue to do what it has been doing all season – try to do whatever it takes to win. The team doesn't need my input on this matter.

David from Broward County, FL

You have told us this year that the offensive line has played well this year, far better than most fans think. Also, you never list offensive line as a need area heading into the offseason. I disagree completely. With the Jags almost certainly bringing in a highly-drafted rookie quarterback, offensive line is a top priority. This current is o line needs a total blowup, reset. The two guards, A.J. Cann and Andrew Norwell, must go. Center Brandon Linder should go also, because he is injured far too much. Jawaan Taylor has potential and must be better developed. Cam Robinson is journeyman at best and can stay as long as a potential replacement/serious competition is drafted or signed. Whoever coaches next year, a new offensive line coach and philosophy must be adopted. What has been done last few years hasn't worked and putting a high draft pick quarterback behind this current line would be malpractice. Thoughts?

I think we don't agree.

Nicholas from Annapolis, MD

There's a long way to go, but it's going to be so Jacksonville Jaguars to end up with the second and 29th(or higher) pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Two weeks in a row the Jets could have, but failed to, help us out. The Los Angeles Rams have entered the meat of their schedule and are looking like a serious contender to win the NFC through two games. Just a bit of good luck the other way and were looking at the first and potentially another Top 20 pick. At some point the franchise has have things fall correctly at quarterback, right? I'm not buying that the Jaguars have just had the worst quarterback evaluators in the league for 25 years. Things just don't seem to fall our way.

Yes, at some point things will fall correctly for the Jaguars at quarterback. There appears a better-than-decent chance the Jaguars will have a top two or three – or two – selection in next offseason's draft. I would expect them to select a quarterback with that selection.

Biff from Jacksonville

I'm thankful for you. Are you thankful for me?

Let me put you on hold.