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O-Zone: Honest misunderstanding

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Ray from Vernon, FL:
O Man, I'm trying to understand why Brandon Allen is still on the roster. Is there any chance in your mind he could become another Tom Brady? Is he better than Chad Henne? Because Chad is a pretty expensive backup, wouldn't it be fair to say Brandon could do the job cheaper? Has Brandon really, truly been given a fair chance? I've seen him play pretty good in preseason – albeit against second- and third-stringers. Just wondering. Thanks for you keeping us fans entertained during the dead zone.
John: Wow, many questions … Here are a few answers: Jaguars third-team quarterback Brandon Allen indeed is a source of fascination to many fans, not to mention a source of confusion. Why is he on the roster? Because the Jaguars saw enough in him to select him in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and because they still think enough of his potential to deem him worthy of one of 90 offseason roster spots. Will they think enough of him to deem him worthy of one of 53 in-season roster spots next season? That remains to be seen, and it's a storyline that will play out in training camp. There is very little chance in my mind he could become another Tom Brady because Brady is one of the great players in the sport's history, so by definition there's little chance Allen – or any player, for that matter – can match his career. Allen as of now has not shown himself to be better than Henne, though – like his roster spot – that storyline will play out in training camp. Henne at $3 million is expensive, but that's not as expensive as Henne was in 2016 ($5 million) and experienced backup quarterbacks don't come cheap. As for whether Allen has received a "fair chance," he has been given a reasonable chance considering he was a sixth-round draft selection in 2016 and considering no one expected him to play as a rookie. Perhaps he will earn a bigger chance in training camp in a few months. We'll see.
Shawn from the Mean Streets of Arlington:
So, if I'm not mistaken, it's always better to have a great quarterback than a mediocre quarterback? Interesting analysis … you're so smart.
John: It's the simple things that make life sweet.
Bob from Jacksonville:
John - Is it just me or does James from J-Ville seem more the arrogant jerk than Coach Marrone? I respect his right to his opinion, but couldn't disagree more. I think Coach Marrone is proven (see his record at Buffalo). I see him as one who would like to win "tons of Super Bowls," not as one who has done that. I hear his comments as sincere and to the point. I, too, want to "see what this one does," but don't think he will be gone next year. Just saying. I would be interested to know how other fans feel
John: You're referring to an O-Zone question earlier this week in which "James from J-Ville" expressed feelings toward Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone that were somewhere south of warm and fuzzy. I do understand how people don't feel warm and fuzzy toward Marrone. He's not a warm-and-fuzzy type. I think it's safe to say he realizes this, and that he has "come to terms" with it. What he does seem to be is a straightforward, to-the-point head football coach who indeed was leading the Buffalo Bills in the right direction before stepping away from the head-coaching position there after the 2014 season. As for wanting to see how Marrone does … sure, all Jaguars fans want that. He feels like a good fit to me. I'm not predicting a playoff season for this team. But I do expect it to be competitive and look like a disciplined team that's in most games. And I expect it will look like an ascending team – and no, I don't think Marrone will be gone after this season.
Brandon from Duval:
John, I'm so ready for the regular season. All I want to see is Blake Bortles playing well, the defense forcing turnovers and sacks, no injuries, and no news stories involving our guys! Am I asking for too much? #DTWD
John: Probably. It's difficult for an NFL team to have "no injuries."
John from Jacksonville:
Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics. The obvious source of Bortles taking steps back last season is all about the tongue, not mechanics. In his 2015 season, 80 percent of the photos of him throwing passes showed his tongue sticking out. In 2016, it was greatly reduced to less than 50 percent. He needs his tongue out to help guide his throws and to make better decisions. It's all about the tongue. Run with it O-Zone and I won't tell anyone that I told you this exclusive fact.
John: OK.
Ethan from wherever:
"Sixteen Candles" is objectively incorrect. It's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," maaaaan. "Sixteen Candles" is in fact one of the worst films, dude. C'mon. Be a better human. There's no story in "Sixteen Candles!" Just a girl and guy pining over each other and eventually there's a cake. Nothing of value happens. It's lazy writing. This explains a lot, though.
John: Yes, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was good, too. And don't worry: you're not uncool for being incorrect. I'm just cooler for being more correct – or something like that.
Pete from Queensbury, NY:
John, what is your music of choice when driving to/from work? What current bands do you like?
John: I'm old. What's a "current band?"
Scott from Jacksonville:
If the Jags played the Patriots would Poz be required to cover Gronkowski?
John: At times, yes, but it wouldn't be a case of Paul Poslusnzy covering Rob Gronkowski one on one all over the field – and it usually wouldn't be on third downs or passing situations. Posluszny as the Jaguars' strong-side linebacker will be playing more of a run-defending role, though there would be situations when he would cover tight ends, too.
Sam from Orlando, FL:
Who wins in a fight? Shadrick or Bill Brasky. Hold on a second! Brasky's first name is Shadrick.
John: Jaguars 2017 Training Camp begins July 27.
Jonathan from Jacksonville:
Why do you think Cam Robinson will be playing guard? Cam has never play that position before and do you think they have the time for him to adjust/learn that position? #WinNow
John: I have laid out my reasons for believing Robinson will play guard this season pretty clearly and pretty often. The biggest reason is I believe Branden Albert and Jermey Parnell will be playing the tackle positions. Following that, I believe Robinson will be one of the Jaguars' best five offensive linemen next season and I believe the Jaguars will start their best five offensive linemen in 2017. I also do not believe Robinson will play center, so that leaves guard as the spot where he will play. A final reason – to go along with the aforementioned reasons – is it's hardly uncommon for an NFL-tackle-to-be to play guard early in his career and then move to guard. Do I think the Jaguars have time in training camp for him to adjust/learn the position? I do, and in that sense I think there will be a lot of learning and adjusting for Robinson no matter his position. He's a rookie trying to prepare to start in the NFL. He's going to be playing a dramatically different game (yes, even for a lineman from Alabama). His clock and his transition basically will start when the pads go on in training camp, and that's true whether he's lining up at guard or tackle.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
John, any word on if there will be a new season of the Gus Bradley Radio Show with Doug Marrone? Gus was always honest, but he basically said the same thing every week. But Marrone? That would be entertainment!
John: There will not be a Gus Bradley Radio Show on Jaguars Radio in the fall.
Mike from Atlanta, GA:
Shadrick is the kind of guy who microwaves fish in the break room. I heard that he shows up to random hotels in the area and goes in for the continental breakfast and leaves despite not being a guest at the hotel. He also strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn't agree that free refills are for paying customers only. I'm just saying.
John: J.P. Shadrick is a fine, upstanding member of the staff and he deserves – nay, commands – our respect. I'd appreciate it in the future if our readers remember this.
Steve from Denver, CO:
O, Did JP come up with the #WinLunch promo?
John: I think most astute Jaguars observers know Tom Coughlin during his introductory press conference in January said he wants to win lunch. I also think most astute Jaguars observer know J.P. Shadrick is a fine, upstanding member of the staff and he deserves – nay, commands – our respect. I'd appreciate it in the future if our readers remember this.

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