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zac from austin, tejax

I was chuckling at how much coverage some of these free-agent acquisitions were getting, as if they were going to be game-changers. Then, re-watching the 2017 playoff run, I realized the Mayor was a free-agent acquisition. I rescind my cynicism and am excited for next season.

Free agents get covered when they sign because it's news, and that's what gets discussed in the offseason. And yes … you're correct that former Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell's impact as an unrestricted free agent was extraordinary. I wouldn't count on a repeat of that with this (or any) free-agent group because Campbell's production is rare – particularly for a free agent. But can an acquisition such as middle linebacker Joe Schobert change the dynamic of a defense? Absolutely.

Chris from Section 437

DiRocco is predicting 4-12 with the Jags getting swept in the division. This is laughable. How many times have the Jags been completely swept in the division? He should be assigned to another team …

Who's DiRocco?

Michael from Sanford, FL

I've had time to process the draft and learn about our new draft class, as well as UDFA signings. One of the only certainties in the draft is that each year, each team will draft seemingly promising players that for one reason or another just don't work out. Obviously, you can't miss with your first-round pick, but building a strong roster requires you hit on non-premium picks as well. Having guys like center Brandon Linder, wide receiver Allen Hurns, linebacker Telvin Smith, cornerback Aaron Colvin and defensive end Yannick Ngakoue playing on rookie contracts was one of the main reasons we've had the cap space to consistently sign free agents to market-setting contracts. The 2020 NFL Draft class was reported to be as deep as any draft we've seen in decades, and we just got 12 players out of it. Even if our draft board was completely off, and we got poor value for our draft picks, that's still 12 chances to get difference-makers and key role-players. All the guys we drafted are talented, self-motivated, high-character, team-first football players, so even though I'm sure some won't work out, some of them will – and if we're lucky it'll be more than a few.

This is a measured, accurate way to view the draft. It's how teams realistically view it every offseason, and it's how the Jaguars view the '20 draft. Such reason and perspective obviously have no place in this forum.

David from Ada, OK

Business executives don't fire the managers at the stores that are in the bottom half of sales. They look at each store in a case-by-case basis and try and determine if that store is "underperforming." Generally that means doing a lot of complex math the average guy would not understand. Even then they don't just fire the manager. They try and help the manager have all the tools they need to succeed. If all the managers at this store have never got the store to improve then maybe the wait and see approach isn't the dumbest idea.

This is a measured, accurate way to view assessing a general manager and head coach. It's how good NFL teams realistically view it. It obviously has no place in this forum.

Bob from St. Augustine, FL

I thought we were upgrading the offense. Looking at the projected scores of each game does not transmit the thought.

Looking at projected scores of games in May is not exactly a measured, accurate way of and judging offseason acquisitions. It obviously nestles nicely into this forum.

John from Cape May Courthouse

Will this team continue to struggle scoring in 2020?

I can't predict the future, though the Jaguars should be better offensively than last season with quarterback Gardner Minshew II having a year of experience.

Charles from Savannah, GA

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton is a seasoned starting quarterback. Minshew would benefit from learning from someone like Dalton. I don't understand why this team settled for a backup like Mike Glennon instead of signing Dalton when he was available.

The Jaguars indeed signed Glennon Friday, and a major reason was the experience he will add to the quarterbacks group after four seasons with Tampa Bay, one with Chicago, one with Arizona and one with Oakland. The Jaguars, as you mention, did not sign Dalton – who instead signed with the Dallas Cowboys. Why did this happen? Maybe Dalton wanted to sign with Dallas as a backup and not Jacksonville?

Ryan from Reality, NJ

I have made it an annual, somewhat masochistic, tradition upon release of the NFL schedule to read the game-by-game W/L projections for all of the opposing teams on our schedule for the year. This year, the beat writers for the other teams all project a W against the Jaguars. Even the Bengals. Even the Dolphins. For the record - the Jags beat writer for ESPN predicts a four-win season. So how about you O-mighty O-zone? Realistically, how many games do you think the Jaguars will win this season? And is the number enough for Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone to keep their jobs?

I don't know how many games the Jaguars will win in 2020. What I do know beyond the slightest shred of doubt is beat writers for other teams haven't remotely enough knowledge of teams they don't cover to know how other teams will fare. Sorry to ruin your masochistic tradition – and your opinion of beat writers' knowledge – but I'm not wrong about that.

Rob from St. Augustine, FL

I feel bad for you, dealing with all the hate mail you're about to get. Fans insisting the "dumb Jags" simply "choosing Glennon over Cam."

Don't feel bad for me. When I look in the mirror every day, I get to see me looking back. #lifeisgood

Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL

I am always perplexed how many players must disregard their agent's advice when it comes to money matters. Probably ego has a lot to do with it, but these are the professionals they trusted at the beginning of their business venture. In your opinion, are most agents good guys?

I've found in five-plus decades on this planet that groups of people largely are made up of decent people, wonderful people and awful people with the first group being quite large and the other groups consisting mostly of outliers. I don't interact with agents now nearly as much as I did in the mid-to-late 1990s while working for the Florida Times-Union, but the decent-wonderful-awful ratio for agents at the time was pretty much in line with the rest of society. I see no reason that wouldn't still hold true.

David from Maplewood, NJ

Zone, I'm predicting nine wins and the stache's star continues to ascend. The kid may never be considered elite, Top 5, but to me from the outside he also seems incapable of accepting failure. He may not have all the physical attributes but who cares? Blaine Gabbert was made in a quarterback lab physically and he sucks. It's all between the ears and in the chest and this kid has both to spare.


Tommy from Fernandina Beach, FL

Hey KOAF, you stated in an answer yesterday that Jaguars Owner Shad Khan believes that Caldwell/Marrone will have better results since they jettisoned former Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin. How will that be measured? I would hope he expects more wins, period. It's the only important stat that we fans care about. No more small steps are acceptable.

Victories will be one measure. I doubt they will be the only measure considering the youth of the roster, but Khan has made it clear he expects to win this season. I don't know a number and I doubt he has a number, either. Khan must look at the 2020 season and see evidence the team is moving in the right direction. The exact form that must take, only Khan knows. And only he will decide.

Jordan from Mandarin

I have the Jags getting two, maybe three wins. What I love about the NFL is that a season takes a life of its own. Teams get hot, teams get injured, and a lot of weird stuff happens in between. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. I am just glad football is coming.

What's great about the NFL compared to college football is it doesn't matter what you or anyone else thinks about a team before the regular season begins. All teams start 0-0 in control of their own destiny with no polls or opinions coming into play.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Jags better pray that Minshew is the man because if Mike Glennon is your backup, you're in trouble.

"(Insert team here) better pray that (insert starting quarterback here) is the man because if (insert backup quarterback here) is your backup you're in trouble" is pretty much a thing that can be uttered by most fan bases of most NFL teams.