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Jaginator from (formerly of Section 124)

The biggest issue with replay (and especially, with Al Riveron) is there is no sense of simply correcting the obvious, head-scratching, highway-robbery calls - and leaving the rest alone. Absolutely horrible travesty-of-justice calls only happen every-so-often. When they do, most fans look at the (repeated) replays and think, "We all see what actually happened. Why can't they just correct the call?" But the NFL has gone so far down the rabbit hole of (over)analyzing every little ticky-tack decision. SMH

This isn't remotely the fault of senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron; all he and his officials can do is officiate under the rules created by the league. And you're exactly right that there is no sense of "simply correcting the obvious, head-scratching, highway-robbery call" because that's not how officiating or legislating organizations works. A rule can't state "Hey, reverse this if it's highway robbery and leave the rest alone," because with few exceptions every team and fan base can find a play on which they believe they were robbed. Rules must be written so that they cover all situations and leave as little room as possible for interpretation. You're right that the true "travesty-of-justice" calls only happen every so often. They're in fact rare enough that I'm not sure the league should try too hard to write a rule for every specific case. If you think there's controversy now, try putting in a rule that essentially says, "You don't usually review this situation, but if it's really obvious you can." Suddenly you have a system in which you're determine on the fly what defines "obvious." The league doesn't want that. And that would be chaos.

Brad from Orange Park, FL

Has anyone ever pointed out and/or noticed how much William Bramley – who appears in episodes of Ancient Aliens – and Jaguars Head Doug Marrone look and sound as similar as they do? I was halfway listening to the television and heard Bramley start talking, sounding just like Marrone - then look up and see how much he looks like him too ... and I'm thinking like "what is going on right now?"

That's ironic. I'm currently thinking that, too.

Big on Blake from Philly

Unpopular opinion here Zone, but with the amount of money allocated to the player and the connections new quarterback Nick Foles already has with the younger receivers, why should the Jags even keep Marqise Lee on the roster? I'm glad he's recovered from his knee surgery, but we played without him last year and I don't think having him on the field would've changed the team's fortune any. The other two wideouts from his draft year have been shipped out of town. So why keep an overpaid under-contributing asset when the wide receiver corps may benefit from keeping an undrafted rookie or two on the team instead?

I don't know that your opinion is unpopular as much as it's misinformed. The Jaguars indeed missed Lee as a receiver last season, and they also missed his toughness not only in the passing game but as a downfield blocker. In addition to that, those around the team will tell you that the entire offense absolutely missed his leadership. You stated that the Jaguars played without him last season and that you don't think having him on the field would have changed his fortune. While his absence wasn't the sole reason the offense slid from No. 6 in the NFL in total yards to one of the NFL's worst, Lee not playing absolutely hurt the offense.

JZ from St. Augustine, FL

Do you think Lee will be ready Week 1 and which wide receivers will make the roster?

I will still be surprised if Lee is active Week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs because of the seriousness of his knee injury. That said, I'm surprised he has progressed this quickly so there's every possibility he will defy my expectations again. My guess as of August 19 on the receivers on the 53-man roster: Lee, Chris Conley, Dede Westbrook, DJ Chark Jr., Keelan Cole with Tyre Brady and Tre McBride possibilities depending on roster needs elsewhere.

Scott from Fernandina Beach, FL

Hi Senior O, got any thoughts yet on who the Jaguars will keep on the O Line?

My best guess as of August 19: Left tackle Cam Robinson, left guard Andrew Norwell, center Brandon Linder, right guards A.J. Cann/Will Richardson, right tackle Jawaan Taylor, swing tackle Cedric Ogbuehi and swing interior lineman Tyler Shatley. I also think swing tackle Josh Wells and interior lineman Brandon Thomas have a chance to make the 53-man roster, depending if the Jaguars keep eight, nine or 10 offensive linemen.

Al from Orange Park, FL

How many quarterbacks do you expect the Jags to keep on the active roster this year?

Two. I expect Nick Foles to start with Gardner Minshew II as the backup and Alex McGough on the practice squad.

Gero Rademacher

As someone who grew up with soccer and has therefore heard of various injuries, such as a cruciate ligament rupture, it is not really understandable to hear why a healing and rehabilitation process in the NFL takes 12 months or longer (in soccer about six to seven months). Is it possibly due to higher strain on the legs due to higher body weight and/or other movement sequences than in soccer?

I'm not a doctor, but I do know what the norm has been in covering these injuries in the NFL for two and half decades. When referencing a ligament taking upwards of 12 months to heal, I'm referencing an anterior cruciate ligament tear – which typically takes about nine months to recover full range of motion. You can be back from the ACL tear within six-to-seven months but to return pre-injury form takes longer. Returning to full pre-injury form – i.e., confidence, instinctive movement and something close to full effectiveness and explosion – often can take into the second season after the injury.

John from Fernandina Beach, FL

O, mighty oracle of Zone, in a "normal" preseason we'd expect to see the starters/front-line players play a series or two, and about a quarter or so in the second preseason game. That hasn't happened with the Jags this year, so, what is your expectation for the amount of playing time the fans can expect to see the "starters" get in the third preseason game on Thursday?

I expect the starters to play and play at least into the second quarter in Miami Thursday. They normally would play through halftime and into the third quarter because of the dress-rehearsal nature of Preseason Week 3, but "normally" doesn't apply to this preseason.

Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville

The answer you had about the PI review policy was dead on. The irony is the league put the rule in place to promote more legitimacy in the officiating and I believe it is going to have the opposite effect. The credibility of the game I believe might be at all-time low given the amount of errors we are seeing. This is only made more problematic with the onset of 18 cameras with 4K definition all over the field seeing every minute detail the human eye could not possibly catch. Now to introduce a system where judgment calls can be systematically reviewed and overturned to the point where it could very well impact the outcome of game? Seems like too much power is being put into the referee's hands. I don't know the answer. I suppose my suggestion would be adding additional referee personnel on the field. One additional back judge or something, but something had to be better than this. At least they still limit the coaches to two challenges. Do you think the new system will help or hurt the game? Here is to 2019 season. #HOLDONTIGHT

I think NFL officials do a fine job considering the speed and pace of the game, and I think the increased criticism and focus on this area is largely because in the age of Twitter and the 24/7 news cycle officiating has become an easy target. I do not think the answer is to add more officials, or more layers to the replay system, but I do believe the new rules allowing pass interference will prove frustrating to fans, observers and participants. I hope that frustration is enough to get rid of the pass-interference addition after this season. We'll see.

Braddock from Jacksonville

Trying to see how to phrase this ... why would we not take a shot at Garrett Gilbert and Charles Johnson? They have clearly outplayed every quarterback and wide receiver on the Jags and were playing in Orlando a couple months ago. For the Browns and the Eagles to have them is just ridiculous. They were the two best players in their league and there will be a bunch of those guys on an NFL roster. Before you answer, watch the Browns game from today. Quarterbacks don't grow on trees, but Gilbert is ready.


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