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O-Zone: Just a game

LONDON – Let's get to it …

Tom from Moncks Corner

Please correct me if I'm wrong. (I'm sure you will) Isn't the main job of the offensive coordinator twofold? One is to devise a game plan that takes advantage of the other team's defensive weaknesses, and the other is to develop a plan that your offense can execute. You continue to point out that the offense is not executing. After four games, is that not admitting that offensive coordinator Press Taylor is failing at his most important responsibility?

First a reminder: O-Zone answers aren't "admissions" or anything of the like. They're answers – sometimes to questions and often to misplaced accusations. Second … an offense not executing isn't by definition the sole responsibility of the coordinator. In fact, that's often not the case at all. While it would make analyzing football far easier if offensive execution depended solely on the coordinator – or solely on play-calling – if either were the case, success or failure would be decided in film rooms and meetings. All successful coordinators would go on to be successful head coaches and there would be no reason to play the games on the field. It could be like an endless, thrilling game of Strat-O-Matic Football with players rendered unnecessary. Hell, we wouldn't even need postseason honors of that pesky Hall of Fame thing. Think of it: Each year, seven-ish players are inducted into the Hall of Fame. One coach is inducted. We should probably reverse that or eliminate players from consideration altogether. Because it's always coaching in the NFL.

Karter from Sahuarita

What do you think it will take to win? To me, unless the offense scores over 30, we need at least three sacks and win the turnover battle by two. Maybe all the above are needed.

The Jaguars play the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday. The Bills may be the best team in the AFC – and the NFL. They're as good as any team in the NFL offensively and pretty close to that defensively. All the above indeed may be needed to win.

Chris from Mandarin

Are we really sure that Walker Little is a better guard than the players that play guard for this team? Moving him there could be a mistake.

We're not sure of anything. Coaches projected Little as one of the Jaguars' five best offensive linemen and the thought of playing Little at left guard would be to get the five best offensive linemen on the field. Could it be a mistake? I suppose. Life's full of risks. This one seems low compared to others.

Nathan from Utah, US

Black and white Zone, I was reading the morning paper and I found this interesting fact: Through four weeks, the AFC South is the only division without a three-loss team. And the only division in the league that has no team with a losing record. So, through four weeks, the AFC South is hands down the toughest/best division in the league. Yes? Now it seems to me, being Week 5 of the season it's, "Time to play football." Teams know what they look like, what they are. This Week 5 will show what they are. Yes? For the Jaguars to win the South this season they need to beat the Bills. A loss, contingent on the manner, could very well mean that the Jaguars aren't good enough this year to win such a tough division. No?

No. A loss Sunday will not mean the Jaguars aren't good enough to win the AFC South. Single NFL games are rarely a summation on an entire season. Curious, though: What's a "morning paper?"

Bill from Springfield, VA

I know it's a next-up league, but how much are wide receiver Zay Jones and wide receiver Jamal Agnew missed right now and when does the Great Prognosticator predict their return?

Jones has been out two weeks with a knee injury and Agnew has been out a week with a quadriceps injury. Jones is really missed offensively and Agnew is really missed on special teams as a returner. Both are considered day-to-day this week. I expect both to play Sunday.

Jason from St Augustine, FL

It's too bad Elijah Cooks has been a healthy scratch every week. He just seemed like one of those dynamic players that needed to be on the field.

Wide receiver Elijah Cooks is a rookie with a lot of potential. The Jaguars believe strongly enough in him to have kept him on the 53-player roster so he will be with the team moving forward. He currently is the sixth-best receiver on the team/practice squad, though that could change as he matures and grows as a player.

Pete Jax Beach

John. Seriously who actually got that Oklahoma reference? I mean, know your audience! A quick question regarding Kansas City … is everything up to date there?

Count me among those who didn't get the "Oklahoma" reference. I've never watched it straight through, though I did have League of Their Own reference a day or so back. I do love a good musical, though. There actually was a best-musical debate on the Jaguars Media bus Thursday. I said "Rent," though I quickly amended it to "Les Miserables." The former was otherworldly. The latter is timeless. Either way, I was right. Naturally.

Marcus from Jax

The assumption before the season was that the offensive line was a strength. Through four games that has not proven to be true. The assumption now is that the line will improve as the season progresses, which may happen with left tackle Cam Robinson returning. What if that assumption fails to be true as well? Is a trade for a lineman a viable option – and if so, how long do you wait to make that move? If you wait all the way to the deadline, you may already be in a hole that will be hard to climb out of, but if you make that move too early, you may not allow time for the line to gel and show what they're really capable of? What do you think, John?

Trading too far before the tradeline has a negative you didn't mention. If you trade too soon before the deadline, you may be limiting your potential trade targets because teams don't yet believe they're out of the current season's playoff chase and are therefore reluctant to trade quality players. There are a lot of hypotheticals in your question. Hypothetical questions usually get general answers. Sure, a trade is possible. Anything's possible. We'll see as the trading deadline nears.

David from Orlando, FL

KOAF – There has been some talk that when Cam Robinson returns, he will assume the left tackle position and Walker Little will kick inside to left guard. If this happens, this has the potential to be the strong side with more runs going to the left. What do you think?


Rich from Dacula, GA

The Kansas City game was supposed to be high scoring. (Wrong). The Bills just scored 48 on Miami. Do we have the firepower to keep up with them, or is this going to turn into a "D" battle?

It's a week-to-week league. Just because teams score big one week doesn't mean it happens the next week. But the Bills are playing very well offensively right now – as well as any team in the league – and seem less week-to-week than most teams. I expect the Jaguars to need to score in the high 20s to win. At least. We'll see.

John from Jacksonville

I took my 12-year-old son to the Jaguars' first home preseason game. For my Christmas present this year, he bought us tickets to Monday Night Football versus the Bengals. It will be our first MNF game. Is it possible this game could get flexed?

The NFL changed the rules this season to allow Monday Night Football games in Weeks 13-18 to be flexed. The Jaguars-Cincinnati Bengals MNF game is December 4, which is Week 13. Yes, it could be flexed. And where does your son work? And are they hiring?

Clay from Atlantic Beach

In today's hyper-analytics world is "pass interference calls drawn" a metric teams use? Does seem like wide receivers should be getting some credit if they continually get open and have to be interfered with to prevent plays?

Teams do track interference penalties drawn. Receivers absolutely should get credit for this. It's always seemed a bit odd to me that they don't.

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

Why are we whining so much about getting Robinson back? I'm glad he's back but Houston fielded a bunch of backups that manhandled the Jags. Isn't that an indictment on our general manager and the lack of talent on the offensive Line?

No one's whining, though a lot of people understandably believe a starting left tackle returning is a positive. And not every game is an indictment or final judgement. Sometimes games are just games and a team or player plays poorly. It's real life. Not a video game.