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O-Zone: Keep saving

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mike from New Milford, NJ

O, I had about three weeks of O-Zone catching up to do. After just a few reads, I was already champing at the bit to write in about the "Stadium of the Future." However, Donny from Heathrow, FL, Section 37, Day 2 recently absolutely nailed it. He hit on Shad's actions, investments and commitment to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The only extra sentiment on top of Donny's involves Wayne Weaver. If I understand correctly, Wayne had a handshake agreement with Shad to sell the franchise to someone who would let the Jaguars roots keep digging. Fans who call Mr. Khan a greedy owner simply don't understand the current situation's reality. The renovation is absolutely necessary. As is public funding. There aren't many owners who would have been so patient and continued to invest in the team and the city. I think most, maybe all, owners in his shoes would have jumped on the Los Angeles or Las Vegas openings. The ball is in the city's court to keep an NFL franchise around. I'm confident they know what they'll miss if it's gone and strike a deal. The people of Duval should all get on board with it. One fer Wayne and Shad.

The constant distrust/misunderstanding of Jaguars Owner Shad Khan's motivations/actions since he purchased the team in January 2012, though perhaps understandable, does get tedious at times. It's understandable because many people these days tend naturally to be suspicious and it seems to be "cooler" distrust people than believe in them. Some also seem to lean toward distrust Khan because the people of Jacksonville have been beaten over the head for decade with this idea that the city's somehow not good enough to be in the NFL. Those people have heard this long enough that many just naturally feel there's "another shoe to drop," and that Khan therefore has been secretly plotting to move the team since purchasing it. The reality, as Donny from Heathrow pointed out, is that Khan has consistently supported Jacksonville and invested in the stadium for more than a decade. He now plans to invest $1 billion into the Stadium of the Future and surrounding infrastructure. People who want the Jaguars in Jacksonville indeed should feel incredibly fortunate Khan owns this franchise. And yes … original owner Wayne Weaver had a lot to do with this. Weaver absolutely prioritized finding an owner to succeed him who was committed to keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville. One fer Wayne and Shad? If you're a fan of the NFL in Jacksonville, absolutely.

Brandon from Omaha, NE

Hey, O. Is it realistic to believe wide receivers Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk will play together for the Jaguars beyond just this upcoming season? If Ridley doesn't live up to the hype, the Jaguars are unlikely to offer an extension and give up a second-round pick. If he does live up to the WR1 billing, then he'll command north of $20 million per year. Kirk also makes over $20 million per year. With outside linebacker Josh Allen on the last year of his contract, tightendEvan Engram playing on the franchise tag, extension-eligible players like quarterback Trevor Lawrence and cornerback Tyson Campbell, there will need to be cuts somewhere. I just don't see how the team can afford to pay two wide receivers close to $45 million per year. Some readers believe the team will move on from left tackle Cam Robinson after this season for cap purposes, but I think Kirk is more likely if Ridley gets extended. How do you see it?

The Jaguars will have a lot of difficult decisions next offseason. They either will have to release good players or allow good players to sign elsewhere as unrestricted free agents. This is the cost of being good, the cost of having to sign a franchise quarterback to long-term contract and the cost of having to spend big in free agency in 2021 and 2022 to make up for a lot of weak roster spots after multiple unproductive seasons. I expect I will receive countless emails in the coming months asking who the Jaguars will re-sign and what players they will have to let leave next offseason. I don't know the answers to these questions because no one does. Here's the reality: They will re-sign Lawrence to as monstrous contract, perhaps as monstrous as any contract ever. What players they re-sign and what players they don't likely will depend largely on who plays well in 2023. You can project all you want, but until this season plays out, a lot on this front is unknown.

Don from Marshall, NC

Maybe some fans are not aware of the fact that without Shad Khan, there would be no team in Jacksonville. He has gone above and beyond trying to make it happen. He has made a huge contribution to the community and Duval ever since he has been the owner. Jaguars are lucky, lucky, lucky to have him as owner. Need to Respect and Go Jaguars!

When it comes to Khan, Don remains "all in."

Vince from Farmington, NM

Senor O. Pressures seem to be an undervalued component in the pass-rush equation. They are not as flashy as a strip sack, or even a sack for that matter. They do result in forced passes and decisions based on more panic than reason. Those would seem to result in more interceptions and the even flashier pick-six scenarios. Once we get this thought settled, we can begin to argue what is more important, sacks or interceptions? Fans gotta fan…

I don't know if this will get "settled." Disagreement on such matters is an area in which fans thrive. Sacks are usually better than pressures because they result in lost yardage. But a big-time pressure on fourth down that results in an incomplete pass is just as effective. Interceptions typically are more important than sacks, because nothing usually is better for a defense than a turnover. But as time goes on, I've become more and more a believer that constant pressure is the No. 1 goal of a defense. Constant pressure usually results in a frazzled quarterback, which tends to result in sacks, lost fumbles and interceptions. And good results for the team.

Richard from St Augustine, FL

Were you a fan of Queen and Freddy Mercury? What were your favorite songs?

I consider myself a Queen fan. As far as favorites … Year of '39 (Night at the Opera), It's Late (News of the World) and Don't Stop Me Now (Jazz) come to mind.

PDub from Panama City, FL

Oh Great King of all Funk, This is a copycat league. Seeing the success the Philadelphia Eagles had on fourth and short with the "rugby" type push for first down, would the JAGS consider this sort of play occasionally? How about rookie running back Tank Bigsby practicing at the quarterback position for this type attempt instead of risking the Trevor getting injured?

We shall see.

Reese from Loyal Jaguar fan in VA

The champs put us in their Rings! 20-27 JAX … me oh my!! Maybe, just maybe, we will have one of those World Champions Rings soon enough. Go Jags!!

The Kansas City Chiefs ncluded the score of their AFC Divisional Playoff victory over the Jaguars on the Super Bowl rings commemorating their Super Bowl title this past February. It's not uncommon for teams to include playoff scores on Super Bowl rings, and I suppose the Jaguars' inclusion on the ring should at least serve as a reminder that this is now a playoff team with a say in who wins Super Bowls. It's a step in the right direction and there's absolutely a feeling around this franchise that sustainable success is possible. A lot goes into making a contender a champion, but is a Super Bowl title around here in the next few seasons possible? Why the hell not?

Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

To the whiners about stadium costs, the alternative is for the Jags to relocate to a city willing to do what's needed to support an NFL franchise. There are only 32 of them on the entire planet. They might want to think a little more about the privilege it is to have one of these teams.

Pretty much.

JayPee from the Vortex

Yay!!! Stadium question!! All this talk about wanting to boost local revenue got me thinking. Why would we give revenue to Daytona, Orlando, or Gainesville? Upgrade UNF and keep it all here.

Nothing about the Jaguars' Stadium of the Future – or potential alternate locales while that stadium is being upgraded – is finalized. Upgrading UNF would be expected to add about $120 million to the cost of the project. It's expected that playing in Daytona, Orlando or Gainesville would be far less expensive. Costs will matter in this project, particularly to the people paying them.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, enough of the offseason small talk. I'm thinking big. Can you please let me know now many billions of dollars I need to save in order to buy my own NFL team?