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O-Zone Late Night: Chiefs 40, Jaguars 26

JACKSONVILLE –This was troubling from the start.

Things started really bad for the Jaguars Sunday. And while there were glimpses of hope and life during a chaotic first half, there was little to like for the Jaguars in a 40-26 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at TIAA Bank Field Sunday.

The defense allowed a slew of big plays. The Jaguars let Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes look like what he is – the reigning NFL reigning Most Valuable Player and a player who could define the league for years

If you were counting Chiefs big plays Sunday, you got tired early. It was easy to lose track.

We haven't even mentioned the biggest Jaguars storyline: a first-quarter injury to quarterback Nick Foles' left collarbone. He will have surgery Monday, which likely means he is out for a month. At least.

Backup quarterback Gardner Minshew played fine in his place, but the Chiefs inevitably pulled away.

One thing that can't be ignored: the offense, even without Foles, played well enough to win Sunday. More than well enough. The much-respected Jaguars defense allowed nearly 500 yards and allowed scores on the Chiefs' first seven possessions.

That's worrisome. That has to change fast. We'll see if it does.

Let's get to it …

Jerell from Columbia, SC

I got a bad feeling about this game.

This was the much-anticipated, oft-ballyhooed, rarely-joyous First Email of the game and therefore the First Email of the Season. Jerell wasn't wrong. Not by a long shot.

The Third from Boston

The Jags' D was aware Sammy Watkins was an eligible receiver, right?

It didn't seem that way early. The Jaguars allowed Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins two touchdown receptions in the first quarter, and three for the game. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had 211 yards passing after the quarter, the most by an NFL quarterback in the first quarter of a game since 2004. The Jaguars looked out-schemed as much as they looked outplayed. It was ridiculous.

Adrian from El Paso, TX

One: The Jags need to start fining substantially these dumb plays where the defense shoots itself in the foot; unsportsmanlike penalties and ejections are absolutely avoidable. I'm tired of seeing this team playing with a swagger that they haven't earned since 2017, they can't cover or tackle and it's embarrassing. Two: Big ups for Gardner Minshew; losing Nick Foles is devastating, but his play gives at least a bit of hope that all is not lost on the offense. Thoughts?

One: Fining players for mistakes and off-field issues often isn't all that effective; most players care more about playing time than fines. That leads to the dilemma that often faces coaches in these situations – i.e., do you bench players for penalties when doing so takes your best players off the field? As for the Jaguars' swagger: you're right. They need to win before strutting. Two: Yes, Minshew played well Sunday. It's encouraging. His task now will be to maintain and improve his level of play, something that for rookie quarterbacks is far easier said than done.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

The passing game looked pretty good with quarterback Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew. We have that going for us which is kind of nice.

The offense wasn't great, but it sure wasn't bad – and it wasn't the issue. The problem was what was supposed to be a very good Jaguars defense allowed scores on the Chiefs' first seven possessions. The Chiefs' offense is really good, but the fact that the assumed good Jaguars defense was out of position and over and over is concerning. If you had told me before the game the Jaguars' offense would score 19 points on four extended drives, I would have told you l liked the chances of getting 10ish points on defense – and that I liked the Jaguars chances to win. As it turned out, there was little to like about the defensive effort Sunday.

Eric from Columbus, IN

That was the most pathetic, embarrassing circus I've ever seen. More so after the whistle than before it. Maybe we start 1-3 and then win nine straight?

The Jaguars team that played Sunday is a long way from winning three consecutive games, much less nine.

Nick from Kingsland, GA

What's the official count on how many times you've seen the phrase "catch a break"?

A lot more than the times the Jaguars actually have caught one.

Baguar from London

Billion-dollar defense got bitch slapped. CBS even found an excuse to switch the game.

My understanding is CBS had a local power outage that caused them to switch from the Jaguars game late. They couldn't have been blamed for doing so anyway.

Brian from Greenwood, IN

What a complete disaster of a start to the season. You could not have scripted it worse. Penalties gifting them opportunity. A complete meltdown and ejection by the centerpiece of the defense. Injuries, lack of focus, lack of execution, mental errors. This season could not have started worse, could it?


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