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O-Zone Late Night: Round 1

JACKSONVILLE – The pick is in, and it was a surprise.

In this case, that appears to have been good for the Jaguars – because the surprise was they were able to select University of Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen No. 7 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft on Thursday night.

Yes, the selection meant the Jaguars didn't immediately draft to address perceived needs at right tackle or tight end. But the Jaguars spent March and April addressing those positions in free agency enough to not have to draft for need. Consider that mission accomplished.

Few thought Allen would last to the Jaguars at No. 7 Thursday. Most analysts had him projected in the Top 5, with some projecting him as high as No. 3. On paper at least, this was a real steal.

The Jaguars certainly think so. We'll see how it plays out.

Let's get to it …

David from Broward County

OK, we got Josh Allen. Wow: Didn't think he would be there at No. 7. Thank you Jon Gruden, Bucs and Giants. Now, pick best tight end available at No. 38 and coach him up quick. Go Jags!

You weren't alone in your surprise; few analysts thought Allen would slide to the Jaguars. The biggest surprise on this front was when the Oakland Raiders – with Jon Gruden as head coach and Mike Mayock as general manager – selected Clemson defensive tackle Clelin Ferrell No. 4 overall. Tampa Bay selecting Louisiana State linebacker Devin White at No. 5 wasn't a real surprise; he's a rare linebacker elite enough to select in the Top 5. Was the New York Giants' selection of quarterback Daniel Jones at No. 6 a surprise? A little, but quarterbacks often shake up entire drafts. Whatever the reasons, the Jaguars indeed were surprised when Allen was available. Pleasantly so. It feels like the Jaguars got a break Thursday. Time will tell.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

John, I didn't expect Allen to fall to No. 7 so I can understand the pick. Jags have to get a someone to cover Nick Foles' right side, though – and a tight end. Hopefully those picks come.

The NFL Draft lasts seven rounds, contrary to perception.

Unhip Cat Still

Mr. O, now that you know who's off the board, where do the Jags go Day Two?

My guess before the draft was the Jaguars would go defensive line, offensive line, running back, tight end and safety with their first five selections. That still feels right. Best guess here is they will select tight end with their first selection of Round 2 Friday – No. 38 overall.

George from Jacksonville

Like Gomer Pyle said, 'Suprise, suprise, suprise.'

There are "Rs" in there, but whatever.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Great pick of Josh Allen!!!!!!! GO JAGS!!!!!!!

Wait. What?

Nicholas from Virginia Beach, VA


… werewolves of London.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

The Jaguars had someone else in mind. They figured Josh Allen wouldn't be available when they selected. He was the highest-rated player on their board, so they took him. Was that more or less what happened?

Pretty much, yes. Both General Manager David Caldwell and Senior Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin said Allen rarely fell to No. 7 when the team was putting together its pre-draft scenarios. But Caldwell did say there was enough talk around the league about Allen possible slipping that they were prepared to make the selection.

Mr. NFL from Jacksonville

Well, it looks like Grandpa Coughlin is going to continue our 1970s offensive style. We have no chance of joining the modern NFL with this old-time offensive philosophy. Foles hands off, Foles hands off, Foles hands off, PUNT.

Really? That's what you took from the Jaguars selecting a pass rusher that many projected in the Top 5? And what did you think a rookie tight end or a right tackle was going to do? Completely revamp the offense? The Jaguars will throw next season more than years past. They won't throw enough to satisfy many people, because many people will never be satisfied. But their selection in the Top 10 didn't dramatically change the offense.

Kent from Jacksonville

I'm not mad at all the Jags didn't go with Hockenson. I would have gone offense, but Josh Allen is a stud, and I can't believe he got past Oakland and Tampa Bay!!! Third-and-long, and the quarterback sees Yannick, Darius, Calais and Josh Allen staring at him with bad intentions... I'm excited, O. Really excited!!

Thank goodness you're not angry. I'll pass it along. The higher-ups will be so relieved.

Andy from Roswell, GA

Love the pick on multiple levels. Going to bed happy.

Well, now I can sleep.

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