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O-Zone: Let's bounce

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Cliff from Everywhere with helicopter


I received multiple "queries" such as this over the last three days since the NFL released the 2023 schedule, and understandably so. And if I typically refrain from fruitless May frivolity such as predicting week-to-week victories and losses, my general thought is 11-6 is as good a guess as any when it comes to the Jaguars' 2023 record. The Jaguars have six games against 2022 postseason teams – home against the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens; at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; and at the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Recent history and quarterback situations tell us that Kansas City, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Buffalo and Baltimore again likely will be among the NFL's best teams again in 2023. The retirement of quarterback Tom Brady makes Tampa Bay a question team. If you figure the Jaguars go 3-3 or 2-4 against those teams and 9-2 or 8-3 against the more "manageable" teams, that gets you to 11-6. That's no guarantee. While many Jaguars observers are penciling in a postseason appearance, this team still must prove it can play consistently at the level it played late last season. The belief here is the Jaguars will do that. If they do, 11-6 is a reasonable projection. Let's go with that for now.

Steve from Nashville, TN

This looks to be a very manageable first-place schedule, playing the "tougher" teams at home or in London is a significant advantage. Enough 1 p.m. starts to keep the senior writer happy?

There are never enough 1 p.m. starts to keep the senior writer happy. Come to think of it, there's never enough of anything to keep the senior writer happy.

Spazman from Jacksonville

John - Why are the Jaguars not interested in re-signing Dan Arnold?

They like their current tight-end room – Evan Engram, Gerrit Prince, Luke Farrell and Brenton Strange – and feel that foursome is an upgrade over the 2022 room.

Nick from London, England

There has been lots of talk about the advantages of playing two games here, and rightly because there will be some, but there's a need for caution too. I remember one year they were only here a few days and a bunch of them still managed to get thrown out of a night club. You think Doug can keep them all in work mode for the whole lengthy trip?

NFL players are young people who socialize together and they sometimes do ill-advised things. Because they're young people. That can happen in London. It can happen in Jacksonville. It can happen in any NFL city and any non-NFL city. There's no reason to think there's any more danger of this happening because the Jaguars are playing back-to-back games in London this season, and I don't expect Head Coach Doug Pederson to have any issues keeping the Jaguars in Work Mode.

Michael from Middleburg, FL

The 2023 schedule video was absolutely hilarious. It shows a lot about the players and coaches to participate in something like that. Great job!!

This indeed is a point that shouldn't be lost when enjoying It Was Written, the Jaguars' 2023 Schedule Release Video. The video can be seen here, by the way, and it indeed wouldn't have been possible without the participation of many Jaguars players – including quarterback Trevor Lawrence – Owner Shad Khan and Pederson. Asher Grodman, a star on CBS' Ghosts, directed all involved well, but to get the participation of coaches, players and owner? That's good stuff. It made for a cool experience. Good stuff.

Ross from Scotland

Love the Schedule Release video! How are we supposed to wait four months before the first "episode?"

New Girl is on Hulu. I've been bingeing it. It's good.

Jeff from Wake Forest, NC

"The joke didn't fly with the team … literally." That's gold Jerry. GOLD!

Good stuff.

That Shawn guy from The mean streets

I'm glad to see you got a short spot in that 2023 Schedule Release video.

I did have a short spot in the schedule release video. We're all thankful it was a short spot.

Nathan from Utah, US

Zone, correct me if I'm wrong - or don't. Are there any historical stats? Because I think the weather advantage thing is a myth. I think it comes down to the individual player and how they handle the conditions on game day - as it's the same for both teams. Right? As far as the Jaguars having any advantage over Kansas City due to the heat, consider this: KC gets hot. Averaging just seven degrees cooler than Jacksonville in Sept. And have a record temperature of 10 degrees more at 103. For all the fans worried about an advantage - just show up, Jacksonville! And get loud!! DUUUVAL!!!

Good teams typically benefit from "advantages" such as home field, warm weather and cold weather. Bad teams typically do not. There is a slew of negative statistics regarding the Jaguars in many situations in recent seasons, for example. One that stands out is their longstanding struggles on the West Coast. Well, guess what? They weren't very good anywhere for a lot of years. If the Jaguars are better than the teams they play, they'll fare pretty well no matter the venue or weather. If not …

Randall from Jacksonville

Why does everyone want to sign a pass rusher now? Let's get into camp and see how we look.

That's very possible …

James from Salt Lake City Via Jagsonville

O-man, just an observation, but having two games in London is definitely an advantage for us. I used to fly to Spain a lot. The jet lag is real for a few days so take what we can get. It could cause issues in the fourth quarter.

…. as is this.

Richard from Mean streets of Sampson, FL

Is the sod down on the Miller Electric Center Practice field? If not, will it be down in time the team meets for upcoming voluntary OTAs? If not, will they just use TIAA Bank Field and Daily's Place inside field until sod is ready to practice on? Are you expecting Jags to possibly pick up another veteran player before or after cut down to 53? Strings 4EVA Duuuuvaaaaal!

Sod is down on the Miller Electric Center practice fields. The Jaguars will still use the TIAA Bank Field for the offseason program and will begin using the practice fields for 2023 Training Camp. And I do expect there's a good possibility the Jaguars sign a veteran corner or pass rusher before training camp. Maybe. Possibly. Stay tuned.

Steve from Nashville, TN

The longevity of this team's national irrelevance hit home with these two facts you wrote: "marking the Jaguars' first appearance on Monday Night Football since 2011" and "will mark their first regular-season appearance on Sunday Night Football since 2008."


Bradley from Sparks, NV

I do not have any idea if or when the NFL will establish an international division but if it happens, I would think the pros significantly outweigh the cons as far as the Jags relocating to London. Am I missing something?

I don't have any idea if the NFL will establish an international division, but if it happens the Jaguars aren't relocating to London. No list of pros and cons is necessary.

Don from Marshall, NC

Nobody is going to take Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson's spot. When he is in the lineup he is dominating. He is a Pro Bowl player who does not get credit because he plays for the Jaguars. That BS is going to stop this year. Go Jaguars!

Don remains "all in."

Joe from Southside

I remembered you once said that you grew up a Washington fan. What's your reaction to official sale of the team and Snyder no longer an owner?

The Washington Commanders indeed announced Friday that Dan Snyder has agreed to sell the franchise to a group led by Josh Harris, who also owns the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers and the NHL's New Jersey Devils. I have no reaction to this as a former fan because I don't have a passion for the team that a current fan does. As someone who observes the NFL, the sale felt inevitable and it's understandable that Washington fans welcome the move. The franchise was one of the league's best for two decades and has been mediocre during most of Snyder's tenure as owner. Here's hoping for that fan base's sake the sale changes the franchise's course.

Lawrence from Blair, NE

Have you seen Fabio these days? He looks like hell, so .... good call! Also, I really hate to break it to you, but your coworkers are right. Tossing chunks of chicken breast in wing sauce does not make them wings O. They are just nuggets, man. So go eat your chicken nuggies, macaroni and cheese, and be sure to get the apple sauce and juice box.

I can't talk right now. There's a bouncy house and a face painter out back.