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Clayton from Gambier, OH

A Brinks truck. A spat on the sideline with the head coach. A trade demand. A flu, and then back injury. Now another child on the way. A reasonable person has got to think Jalen Ramsey's time in Jacksonville will be over at some point in the near future, right? PS: I hope not.

The saga of Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey indeed continues. That much we know. What I'm not sure anyone knows yet is where the saga will go next or how it will end. The latest two developments came Wednesday, with Ramsey first missing practice because of a back injury and then returning home to Nashville, Tennessee, for the birth of his second daughter. This came after missing practice Monday with the flu, which came after requesting a trade last week, which came after the aforementioned sideline spat and so on and so on. What I do know is the flu, the back and the returning home for the birth were all legitimate. Coincidental? Certainly. Legitimate? Just as certainly. A harder question to answer is where this is headed. I don't think Ramsey's career in Jacksonville will be over "in the near future," and I think the most likely scenario remains him playing out the season with the Jaguars. This may not thrill him, but that's OK; not everyone needs to be thrilled all the time. What happens once the offseason arrives is anyone's guess and I wouldn't bet my house on any scenario. That's how weird and unpredictable this story remains. But if I had to guess, him playing out the 2019 season with the Jaguars would be part of that story.

Keith from Palatka, FL

So now the Jaguars must kowtow to every whim and wish of His Highness or our petulant cornerback will consider it disrespect and want to play for another team. Is anyone else sick of this jerk? I wish some team would give the Jaguars two first-round picks to get this pariah off the team. Jalen Ramsey is disgusting.

So, if I'm reading this right – and let me know if I'm not – one kinda, sorta not fer Jalen?

Bradley from Carson City, NV

Four out of the next five games are highly winnable road games with the Bressless saibts coming to Jacksonville in the middle. Do you see the Jags taking four of five?

I don't know about the other four games, but if the Jaguars can't beat the Bressless saibts, then someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

Unhipcat from Couple Days in Palm Springs

Hi John. A first and a second from a bad team is better than two firsts from a good team.


Brian from Neptune Beach, FL

It seems to me that an offseason trade of Ramsey would make so much more sense than making a trade at the beginning of the season. With elite talent typically being found only the Top 10 or so picks the difference in the value of an early one and a late one is huge. Knowing what pick in 2020 you are trading for would be very important. Also, you could find a trade partner that had a bad year in 2019 but is either getting some key injured players back and looks to be in a win-now mode or has a front office on the hot seat that needs to win now or potentially be out of a job.

I think there's a much greater chance of Ramsey getting traded in the offseason than during the regular season for many of the reasons you cite.

Cliff from Las Vegas, NV

I love all of your Madden references. But every time I see one, I honestly wonder, when was the last time you played a game of Madden?

It has been a minute. I used to play quite a bit and used to like it. I have tried to play it a few times in recent years, but I'm so bad at it that it's not fun.

Clyde from Jacksonville

What's going on with coach Marrone? His body language is much different than I have ever seen before during the Wednesday press talks. You and everyone else had to notice? Ramsey drama getting to him? Something else? You know ...

Don't read too much into Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone's body language as it relates to Ramsey – or as it relates to anything. He's the first one to tell you: He's not going to give off a giddy, feel-good vibe very often – particularly on a Wednesday during the season.

Braddock from Jacksonville

O king of Bunk. You might fool the rest of these readers, not me. I've been asking for two seasons why we are kissing someone's ass who is rated as garbage by analytics. Now all of a sudden; I have supporters. Look: the dude is a good player. He isn't great. Great is Deion Sanders, Patrick Peterson, Champ Bailey, Darrelle Revis … you know, guys that make a real impact on the score. He needs to put his mouthpiece in, shut his mouth and play. When guys like Boselli, Searcy and Tommy Mac take my side, it makes you look more foolish. You may agree with us but refuse to pick a side. Why not? Grow a pair.

There are few things as silly or sad as someone passionately involved in a one-way fight, and by the way: Any analytic that rates Ramsey as garbage should be reexamined. I wouldn't put Ramsey in the class of the cornerbacks you mention because he hasn't done it for as long as those players. But he unquestionably is among the top corners in the league, and sure: It would be nice if he talked less and played more. But it doesn't mean he's not elite.

K Long from Pee Wee, Valley

Jess from Glen Carbon, IL wrote that Jaguars Executive Vice President Tom Coughlin should be fired for signing quarterback Nick Foles? Who gets the reward for finding quarterback Gardner Minshew in the sixth round?


ABC from ABCTown

Do you think the Jags have real plans for letting Ramsey go or did they just say, "Oh we are looking for trade offers, but we will say none of them was good enough?" So now we can tell Ramsey that they looked for trades because he wanted us to. But they just wanted Ramsey to stay and hopefully sign an extension next year.

I think when Ramsey first requested the trade, emotions were high and the team listened to offers with the idea of perhaps accommodating the request. I think once time passed the realization that there is no obligation to trade Ramsey became prevalent and the inclination to take any trade that wasn't mind-blowing faded accordingly.

Jason from North Pole, AK

I don't want to say this too loud but after all the crap Marrone got for how he handled the preseason and after seeing the rash of injuries across the league at key positions, this roster is remarkably healthy. With one major exception obviously, but Nick Foles' injury was obviously not preventable. Do you think the preseason strategy made a difference?

It didn't hurt.

Paul from Jacksonville

As teams start to scout and respect Minshew, perhaps we might not see as many defenders in the box, it will shrink the windows Gardner has, but should open up some possibilities in the running game. Will be interesting to see if teams take away Minshew and force the Jags to beat them with the running game?

Teams aren't going to pull defenders out of the box based on one or two games from Minshew. But if he continues to be effective … yes, it's fair to say that will happen at some point.

Mark from Jacksonville

This might be a dumb question, but does the narrative (which I believe to be true) that the Jags are suited to play with a lead, especially defensively, mean that it's smart for them to choose to receive the opening kickoff every time they win the coin toss?

It is if they score on their opening possession.

Chuck from Newport News, VA

I know we may "not be there ...yet..." But will Calais Campbell be the first Jaguar in the HoF? GO JAGS!!!

No, because I think former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli will get in the Hall of Fame in one of the next few offseasons. He has been a finalist the last few years, and voters with more of a feel for the process – and more experience around it – believe he will get inducted sooner rather than later. As for Campbell, the thought here is he will be a longshot – though if he has another year or two matching his last two, that shot will get a lot shorter.

Big on Blake from Philly

Zone, it seems we have a similar situation at home. My wife thinks you're always wrong, too.

She can get in line.

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