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O-Zone: Lost boy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

You're a smug, know-it-all. It's sickening, plain and simple. You're so sure they're NOT going to take an offensive tackle first and you're so sure they're going wide receiver next. What if they don't? Will you admit it?

I may be smug, but I absolutely don't know it all – and I sure don't know who the Jaguars will select anywhere in the 2022 NFL Draft, including No. 1 overall. I do continue to believe they will select a player on the defensive front there, and I continue to expect that to be edge defender Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan. But while that's my projection, it wouldn't surprise me much if the selection is Travon Walker of Georgia. I would be surprised if it's offensive tackle simply because of what a disruptive player could add to the defense – and because they seem to like Cam Robinson as their left tackle. Could I be wrong on that? Weirder things have happened. As far as No. 33 overall, I have far less of a feeling about what the Jaguars will do there. Wide receiver makes sense because it still feels as if the Jaguars need to draft and develop a potential big-time player at the position. But you can't force it; if such a player isn't there, they likely go another direction. Interior offensive line could make sense. Will I admit all this if it happens? Maybe. Or maybe I'll just continue living in a smug state of denial. I'll probably opt for the latter. It sounds easier and more fun.

Dan from Jacksonville

Assuming Robinson signs a long-term deal, what would you say the over-under is on the Jags moving one of the tackles to (starting) guard? Do you think it more likely Taylor or Little? Just curious your thoughts. None of us know if it's good or bad anyway. Thanks!!

I don't know the "over-under" on this. I also don't know that it depends on Robinson signing a long-term deal. I do think there's a decent chance Walker Little starts at right tackle next season with Jawaan Taylor playing guard. The over-under? Let's say, "37."

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I know there is no star power at the top. But does the drop off of good to okay at least start later?

Yes. While the absence of big-time quarterbacks has contributed to the 2022 NFL Draft lacking "star power" early in Round 1, it generally is considered a very good – and deep – draft throughout.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

We definitely have some very smart football minds that will be teaching quarterback Trevor Lawrence. I know sometimes having to many chefs in the kitchen is a bad thing, but this doesn't feel like one of those situations. I can't see how this won't do anything but help his growth.

The Jaguars indeed have three former NFL offensive coordinators – Head Coach Doug Pederson, quarterbacks coach Mike McCoy and passing-game coordinator Jim Bob Cooter – on staff, in addition to offensive coordinator Press Taylor. All four also have coached quarterbacks in the NFL. The chefs-in-the-kitchen thing could be a concern. That's up to Pederson to manage. From what I have seen of Pederson, and from what I understand about his background and approach, I expect he will manage it fine.

Johnny from Jax

I'm really surprised, dare I say astonished, at how people don't understand how this trade thing really works each and every year.

Yes, you may dare. And yeah … it's a whole thing.

James from Jacksonville

After all of the draft simulations that I have seen and run, I believe that our Jags should be able to draft four-to-five Day One starters if drafted properly – without trades. How many Day 1 impact players do you foresee us drafting this year?

Day One impact players? If you mean players who make you a lot better and stand out from Week 1 of their rookie season, I would say the Jaguars might get one – if they're lucky. I have covered a lot of really good players in two and a half decades. I only have covered a few who made an impact in the first month of their rookie seasons. Still, the Jaguars can have a really good draft without having "Day One impact players." Rookies typically take time to develop and contribute significantly. Even really good ones.

Jonathan from Jax

I really think all these mock drafters have it all wrong and I can't wait to laugh at all the people who are so shocked when the Top 5 looks nothing like them. One week.

You go, girl.

Peter from Duplek, Slovenia

Hello, John. I've got one big favor for you. Being a Jaguars fan in Europe means watching draft at some of the impossible hours imaginable. In recent years I would setup an alarm clock to at least get Jaguars pick. This year I'm going on holidays in Southern France and will not make it. I know all the important people in the organization value your opinion and will definitely let you know our pick so could you just send me a name on my email in advance so I can sleep in peace? Appreciate it, thank you. Peter.

That's some real time and effort to let everyone know you're "holidaying in Southern France." Well done. Impressive.

Fred from Naples, FL

I understand the knock regarding Tyler Linderbaum is that he can only play center and is not versatile. I say that if you have the opportunity to draft your center for the next seven plus years you go ahead and take him with Pick No. 33. Thoughts?

I've heard the same "knock" on Iowa center Tyler Lindebaum – that while most analysts believe he will be a really good center, the concern is he can't play guard. The concern sort of makes sense because coaches like versatility on the interior of the line. But if he's a good center … play him at center.

Dave from Jacksonville

Hey Zoner, I think it's interesting how Ja'Marr Chase has elevated the wide receiver position in the NFL in one season. From a "dime a dozen" position to the second-highest valued position. I think we will see eight wide receivers taken in Round 1 of the draft. No. 33 will probably be a linebacker or interior offensive lineman. I think wide receiver value will match in the third round. What do you say?

Hey Daver, I think it's interesting how you're exaggerating just a bit Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase's impact on perception of the position. While Chase's impact on the Bengals' AFC Championship season certainly has contributed to the perception, the league has been trending that direction for a while – and receivers such as Julio Jones and DaVante Adams were much more valuable than a dime a dozen even before this past season. I also think that quarterback and pass rusher still rank above wide receiver in terms of value, though it's fair to wonder if wide receiver is perhaps catching – and perhaps passing – offensive line. Still, there's no question you're correct about the big picture. Receiver never has been more valuable, and it wouldn't be surprising if seven or eight players at the position went in Round 1 next week. That's roughly a quarter of the first round. Considering how the game is played these days, that's probably appropriate.

James from Jacksonville

Just wanted to say great podcast with Mike McCoy, seems like a genuine guy, can't wait to see what he brings to the team.

Jaguars quarterbacks coach Mike McCoy indeed was a guest on this week's O-Zone Podcast. I never had met McCoy – who has been an offensive coordinator for two teams and served as the San Diego Chargers' head coach from 2013-2016 – before this. I was impressed with his approach and enthusiasm for the position. It feels as if he's in the right position at the right time of his career. I can't imagine him not having a positive influence on Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Nathan from Utah, US

Zone, could you see the Jags trading up to get a player who may slip into the later part of the first round? What player might that be? And around what pick could you see that happening?

I could see the Jaguars trading from No. 33 to around Nos. 23-28 for the right wide receiver. Or for Linderbaum. Both moves would make sense.

Rob from San Antonio, TX

KOAF, Jumbo Shrimp?!?!? What happened to the Jacksonville Suns? How long have I been asleep? Baseball's never been hotter than … the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp?!? Sorry, I'll go back to telling the neighbor kids to get off my lawn.

I grew up with the Suns, too. I also grew up in a time when you had to stop and ask directions because there were no cellphones with GPS. I used to get lost a lot. I don't as much anymore.