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JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday …

Let's get to it …

Darren from Las Vegas, NV

Do you think quarterbacks should have a say when teams are looking for new head coaches? How much input do you think Lawrence warrants as a No. 1 overall pick? After the terrible job former Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer did to help develop him, the team has to get it right. A quarterback, even a first overall pick, will only get so many chances in the NFL.

Each situation is different when it comes to this question – and it typically varies based on the quarterback's importance to the organization. In the case of rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, he is critical to the Jaguars' future – and it's key he has a proper relationship with the head coach. It's obviously also critical that that coach sets up a structure in which Lawrence can develop. There also is the matter of whether the player can handle the responsibility of being a franchise quarterback and whether he merits some level of input about the coach. You wouldn't want an entitled, immature and unprofessional player providing input; that would be worse than the player having no input at all. While Lawrence hasn't done enough on the field this season, he has shown he is worth building around. And you're right: The Jaguars must get his development right. That means it's key they get the next head coach right. At this point, why shouldn't Lawrence have some input into the decision? It's his career, and the franchise is depending on him. There's little risk in allowing him some say.

Joe from Duval

New rock bottom has been found ... wow. Is this professional football? Have you seen anything like it?

I have received multiple emails along these lines since the Jaguars' 30-16 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday – and while it indeed is "Look-ahead" Wednesday, the topic merits an answer. Yes, losing to a rebuilding franchise twice in one season is disturbing. But I guess I just didn't see much to differentiate Sunday's Jaguars loss from so many others this season. The Jaguars have lost six consecutive games and haven't led in any of them. They have trailed by double digits in the first half of all six games, too. Yes, it's bad. Yes, they're essentially going to have to start over next offseason for a second consecutive season. All of that is troubling and it's not what Jaguars Owner Shad Khan planned – or what anyone wanted. But I guess I just see this entire six-week stretch – and maybe the entire season – as a "rock bottom." Little from that perspective stood out about Sunday's loss.

Rob from San Antonio, TX

O, I seriously want to thank our players. Despite an incredibly difficult season they've all handled it admirably and with class. Struggle and stress of that degree often shows a person's true colors and our players (that have spoken publicly) seem to be handling it as well as anyone could. They 100 percent still have the total support of at least one fan. Please give them a "one fer" for us all.

Hey, one fer the players.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

How do you have the most salary-cap room and the best you do offensively in FA is wide receiver Laquon Treadwell?

The Jaguars took the approach this past offseason of trying to spend conservatively in free agency and build up the entire roster as opposed to focusing on adding "home-run" players. That approach worked OK in a couple of spots such as cornerback (Shaq Griffin), defensive line (Malcom Brown) linebacker (Damien Wilson) and returner (Jamal Agnew). It didn't benefit them as much at receiver.

J. Hooks from Orange Park, FL

If you were running the show, would you consider resting Lawrence for the remainder of the season to prevent injury and have him observe on the sideline to get mental reps? It seems to me that he's gotten enough reps on the field and having him healthy for the upcoming offseason to work on his mechanics and fundamentals instead of rehabbing a possible injury would be more beneficial? I'm just saying … the season's done. On to the next.

No. I wouldn't rest Lawrence. I would play him because reps – real reps – are better than mental reps.

Tom from Chesapeake

How do you feel about hiring a coordinator as the next head coach? I am of the mind that this organization is in such disarray that it would be too much to expect an inexperienced coach to address all that is wrong within the organization while learning all the nuances of being a head coach. Don't you think that an experienced head coach would be the prudent choice, at least this time?

I do like the idea of former Indianapolis Colts/Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell or former Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson as the Jaguars' next head coach. That's because I have seen them in that role – and in Caldwell's case, I have seen him first-hand. But there's nothing inherently wrong with inexperience. Coordinators with no head-coaching experience can succeed, as can candidates who have been head coaches. There's no magic formula. If there were, everyone would try that. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had three head coaches since 1969 – Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin – and none had previous head coaching experience. Three of the NFL's best head coaches – Andy Reid, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick, have been wildly successful in second head-coaching stints. No one way trumps the other. You just have to find the right guy.

Jckroye jax

The Jags are very good at being a bad team and there is no hope for improvement this season.


Paul from Saint Johns

Would you trade Lawrence right now, straight up, for Justin Herbert?

Well, sure … and Patrick Mahomes, too. And probably a few others. Those quarterbacks have proven it. Lawrence has not. That doesn't mean he won't be great. It means the others already are.

Jamie from Titusville, NJ



Steve from Nashville, TN

Have you ever thought about if the current NFL draft process is effective at creating parity in the league? Several teams year in and year out draft outside the Top 10 and always seem to field a competitive team and consistently make the playoffs on the flip side teams that always seem to draft in the Top 10, like our team and maybe Detroit, just don't seem to leverage that advantage to produce on field results. Maybe something like an expansion draft where the bottom teams can pluck one unprotected player from a previous year playoff team. I am sure the Players Association would be OK with that? Or is forcing parity to help overcome certain team management incompetence or pervasive bad luck un-American or one player on a 53-man roster will not make much difference to a bad team?

The NFL has provided plenty of ways for struggling teams to improve. The only way the NFL could do more would be to mandate that struggling teams be allowed to poach players already under contract with teams, which would be nonsensical and not remotely fair to anyone involved.

Steve from Cardiff

Without going into specifics, do the many stories on UM speak to a way different power dynamic between coach and player in the college game to the pro game?

Yes, but a lot depends on the head coach's approach.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Tyson Campbell has made the most progress of the entire rookie class. Definitely has turned his season around with how he's played.

Jaguars rookie cornerback Tyson Campbell has been remarkable. In a season otherwise lost on many fronts, he has gone from a player struggling mightily – a liability in many ways – to being perhaps the best player in the Jaguars' secondary. He appears to be a starting-level corner around which you can build – and perhaps even a No. 1 corner. Hat tip to him. It could have easily skewed the other way.

Deanna from Chester, SC

Why are Jags fans the absolute worst on here? The ones I meet at the games are great but on here they are who I'm disappointed in, not the team. I followed Trevor there and have no complaints – and I lose a lot of money coming to every home game from upstate South Carolina. I'm not upset really because I'm not on the field, but I'm smart enough to know one elite player can't win alone. He needs elite coaching –and someone strong and fast to catch the balls. Why so much pressure on a 22-year-old kid? Tom Brady got shut out. Houston been shut out twice. But Trevor gets crucified. I'm renewing my season seats because – unlike so many – I believe in Trevor and some of these other players. I get being upset after years of being bad, but this is a new team with new receivers – weekly, it seems – so give the guys a break. Maybe then they wouldn't feel so much pressure to be perfect and can actually score.

Fans gonna fan, Deanna – and when they're online, they're really gonna fan.