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O-Zone: Most disturbing day

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Bill from Orlando, FL

I'm bored. When do we get our Jaguars news?

I'm assuming you're referencing learning the Jaguars' offseason moves, and I would expect the next few weeks – particularly as we near the start of the NFL's 2024 League Year – to be busier on this front than the last few weeks. The Jaguars officially announced the 2024 additions to the coaching staff Thursday morning, and the offseason "news cycle" typically picks up at the NFL Scouting Combine – which will be held next week in Indianapolis, Ind. I expect we'll start getting at least an early feel for the direction on many issues when Head Coach Doug Pederson and General Manager Trent Baalke speak Tuesday. Other key dates after that will force news. The deadline to apply the franchise tag is March 5 – and if the Jaguars haven't signed outside linebacker Josh Allen to a long-term deal by then, I would expect them to apply the tag to him on or before that day. The other key date? The March 13 start of the league year. I expect the Jaguars to release multiple veterans or restructure contracts before then to clear salary-cap room, with the team likely to sign at least a free agent or two on or shortly after March 13. Bottom line: Be patient. This offseason will get "newsy" soon enough.

Michael from Orange Park, FL

The clock keeps ticking. The calendar keeps flipping. And still, we have no news on Josh Allen's contract. What's the holdup, zoney?

I don't know that we know that there's a true "holdup" on this front. But when it comes to contract news, no news is usually the norm – and more than that, no news for the public is often good news. Few teams want to "negotiate" through the media, and most agents also dislike that approach. Perhaps there are discussions ongoing between Allen and the Jaguars. Perhaps not. We realistically likely won't know much either way until there is a deal – or until one side or the other says a deal isn't anticipated. But the fact that we haven't heard anything – and the fact that a deal has yet to be announced – is neither good nor bad news. The deadline to announce the franchise tag is March 5. The start of the league year is eight days later. Those are the "deadline" days that figure to spark urgency on this issue – and perhaps a deal.

Tom from Sanford

Could the Jags please fire Baalke and hire Shawn from Moore County, NC? Please?

Probably not.

Tom from The Mean Streets of Nocatee

Doesn't the Analytics Department spend a lot of his time writing rasslin' scripts?

I suppose you're "cleverly" referencing Jaguars chief football strategy officer Tony Khan. Yes, Khan also is the President of All-Elite Wrestling. But while he long has been a proponent/leader of analytics in the NFL, and while he long has been crucial to the Jaguars' analytics, he is not the "Entire Analytics Department."

Don from Marshall, NC

Trevor Lawrence is going to get paid there is no way around it. Next year it'll be more. Josh Allen deserves a long-term contract. First two priorities would go a long way in getting things rolling!

When it comes to signing Lawrence and Allen to long-term contracts, Don remains "all in."

Harrison from London

I've become quite interested in mock drafts and I'm convinced the Jags will take a corner with the 17th pick, but realistically what position do you think we will take?

I think there's a decent chance the Jaguars will select cornerback at No. 17 overall. It also wouldn't surprise me if they select offensive or defensive line. Or wide receiver. Put me down for cornerback today and I'll probably change my mind tomorrow. Remember: While people talk in terms of positional needs for teams throughout the months leading to a draft, teams typically don't lock in on a specific position – particularly when selecting outside the top few selections. You don't want to say "We'll take a corner at No. 17" regardless of the corner available. You want to make sure you get a good player there and not try to force a player because he plays a certain position.

*Chesterfield from Isle of Man  *

Is the Rat Dog OK? Haven't seen any mentioned in any of the papers lately.

Rat Dog is fine. She's sleeping next to me as I write this.

Bill from Jacksonville

Help me understand, Zone. People think of the wide receiver room as a strength. I don't see it. Why? Why?

It's most accurate to call the Jaguars' wide receivers a potential strength. If Zay Jones and Christian Kirk return healthy in 2023, and if Calvin Ridley returns and improves on his 2023 season, then the Jaguars have a very productive group of receivers. If you include tight end Evan Engram in that group, then it's potentially among the better units in the NFL. But with Jones playing much of the season through injuries last season, and with Kirk out the last five games, the group lost some cohesion and production last season – and it didn't feel like one of the best in the NFL. It's conceivable the Jaguars could move into 2024 with Ridley, Kirk, Jones and Engram as their four – and that makes sense on one level. It's also a position where you could see them wanting to add a rookie or a free agent and not bring Ridley or Jones back. This is an intriguing one to watch. Stay tuned.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

This is just my annual call out for a show made up of J.P. Shadrick, Oehser, and Pete Prisco for all of the old man yelling at the sky content that we crave. And John trying to keep Pete between the lines is always pretty funny.

I expect we'll speak with Pete at the combine this week. Stay tuned.

John from Jacksonville

Hi, KOAGF. Do you think it is odd that the league has not made the formula for compensatory selections public? This seems to open themselves up for accusations of being bias or providing favors.

It's maybe a little odd. But while the exact formula for compensatory selections isn't known to the public – or even to teams – the general formula of unrestricted free-agency gains/losses is known enough that teams/observers project future compensatory selections pretty accurately. The Jaguars, for example, are expected to receive a third-round selection in the 2024 NFL Draft for losing right tackle Jawaan Taylor last offseason (Kansas City Chiefs) and a '24 sixth-round selection for losing pass rusher Arden Key (Tennessee Titans). It would be surprising if those projections are wrong. Teams are something a bit frustrated by not receiving a compensatory selection when they believed one was deserved, but those usually involve potential seventh-round selections. The frustration in those cases is therefore pretty minor.

Jay from So-Cal

Let's quit fooling around and get offensive and defensive line in the draft with the first picks and get some other offensive line guys in to be able to manage a decent offense. It's not the running back's fault the line has been sub-par. Running backs Travis Etienne Jr. and Tank Bigsby need some help! Quarterback Trevor Lawrence, too, too! Give Allen a good contract and pick somebody, anybody, up that can get on the edge and get sacks and move outside linebacker Travon Walker inside. He is not natural outside on the edge. He won't be. That's not his style. Inside he can be awesome. Can't fit a square in a circle and be alright with these two glaring needs.


Zac from Austin, Tejas

My life - if week one we have the same five starting offensive linemen, would that stun you?

The Jaguars' starting offensive line at the end of last season essentially was right tackle Anton Harrison, right guard Brandon Scherff, center Luke Fortner, left guard Ezra Cleveland and left tackle Cam Robinson. I expect several of those players to return next season, but yes … I would be stunned – or pretty close to it – if that was the starting offensive line in 2024 Week One.

Marcus from Jacksonville

OK, maybe calling a rookie backup running back a failed draft pick for not contributing in his rookie season is taking it too far. But rookie contracts in the NFL are four years, so even if he plays up to expectations in the next three, his ceiling is 75 percent. It reminds me of school, when you forgot to write a paper and your teacher tells you that you can turn it in late, but the highest you can get is a C. I'm not saying Bigsby is a bust or can't be good. I'm saying that a lost year for a third-round pick is a tremendous loss in value on what seems to be the most valuable commodity to an NFL team.


Larry from Wattsburg(h), PA

Are you still streaking?

Only on Thursdays.