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O-Zone: Much better

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Josh from Yulee, FL

I'm so tired of hearing people talk about how Minshew doesn't have an "NFL arm" or he doesn't have the "physical tools" to be a great quarterback. The mental aspect is always overlooked. All the winners have a great mentality and do whatever it takes to win. He is "the guy."

Your fatigue on this subject is understandable. Gardner Minshew II's size and arm strength has been discussed among Jaguars fans ad nauseum in this forum and elsewhere for close to a year now. But I fear your fatigue won't end soon. He's the quarterback of an NFL team that's trying to determine if he's the franchise guy going forward; because he's not a prototype and has a few shortcomings, the debate has merit. And remember: Despite your conviction that he's "the guy," he hasn't quite earned that status yet. He took steps in that direction last season and earned the starting job for this season. He looked very good throughout much of the Jaguars' Week 1 victory over Indianapolis. If he plays that way consistently, and if he increasingly improves at how he handles how defenses defend him, then he may well be "the guy" going forward. But you're absolutely right that has a great mentality, desire and work ethic. Those things mean a lot. And in Minshew's case, perhaps they'll mean enough. Stay tuned.

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

Do you think the Jags might be particularly aggressive on offense this week in attempt to take the lead and force the Titans out of the run game?

I expect the Jaguars to do what they feel is best offensively against the Titans – as they would every week. I expect that to be about establishing rookie running back James Robinson because the Jaguars want to hold possession longer and have more plays than they did against the Colts, and I expect them to take more shots downfield in the passing game than they did last week because Tennessee plays more man coverage than Indianapolis. But I don't expect the Jaguars to go overboard with aggressive play calls early just because they're playing the Titans and running back Derrick Henry. You can't go into a game desperate and doing things you don't want to do out of fear of the opponent. The Jaguars can beat the Titans playing their own way. They just have to play very well.

Sean from Jacksonville

Man, O-man. The Los Angeles Rams sure are digging that giant contract hole deeper and faster lately. I'm OK with that for two reasons. One, it isn't the Jaguars. And, two, it's fun watching a team inevitably jettison high-priced players when all that money is due year in and year out.


Hulky Baby from Las Vegas, NV

Stop the bubble screens for God's sake or this is a guaranteed loss.


The Other Bill from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Is Taven Bryan still playing for the Jags?

Absolutely. Bryan, the Jaguars' first-round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft, started against the Colts and played more plays than any other Jaguars defensive lineman. He didn't have statistics, but he impacted the game by disrupting a very good Colts defensive line. He will start again against Tennessee Sunday. If you tune in, you'll have a chance to see him.

Joe from Jacksonville

Just want you to remind people if they don't know. Minshew 4 and 4 still in playoff race then you know. Ok GO.

Man, Joe – and you got so close, too. Keep swinging.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, how sweet would it be if Robinson out-plays Harvey? If he does, do you think we come away with the sweet smell of victory?

I don't know who the hell Harvey is, but if Robinson outplays Henry … yeah, that would be sweet for the Jaguars and their fans. And if the Jaguars out-rush Henry Sunday … yeah, that would be a solid formula for victory.

Adam from Jacksonville

Hey Bro-Zone! Why is crunchy so much better than creamy peanut butter?

It just is.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

Bad feeling, Zone. We're not ready for this one, are we?

Two answers – "yes" and "we'll see." I don't doubt that the Jaguars will be ready mentally and emotionally Sunday. This is a confident team that likes playing together, and it's a team ready to keep showing the NFL it's better than preseason expectations. For those reasons, I believe the Jaguars will play better Sunday than they have played in most of their recent meetings in Nashville. Now, are they ready as a team to beat Tennessee? That's another issue. The Titans are very good and they're at a different stage of development than the Jaguars. They are a mature team that made the AFC Championship Game and feels ready to contend for the postseason again. They believe they can push for the Super Bowl. They have a veteran quarterback, a talented team at most positions and one of the NFL's best running games. The Jaguars have a young quarterback and a young overall roster that seems like it's going to be a rapidly improving team this season. The Titans are at home. Those factors make it seem like a tough game with the Titans finding a way to win in the fourth quarter. We'll see.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

O-man: I can get the arm strength argument against Minshew, but the height thing is bogus. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is listed at 5-feet-10 and no one worries if he can see the throws in the middle. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who I've heard is pretty good, is only 6-feet flat. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is the same height as Minshew. So … I'm thinking that is a smoke screen.

A couple of thoughts. One: People absolutely did worry about whether Murray can see throws in the middle of the field, and Murray's size absolutely was a topic before the 2019 NFL Draft. It's a reason he may not have been selected for a while had the Cardinals not selected him No. 1. At some point in his career – when he is not as mobile as he is now, when he has to play more from the pocket — his height absolutely could be an issue. Argue all you want, but height is something NFL people consider when drafting quarterbacks. It can be overcome with other special skills. But quarterbacks who make it at that height are outliers.

unhipcat from carlsbad, ca

O. John Prine passing was a sad day. He wrote such introspective lyrics, especially as a young man. And lighthearted ones, too. "In Spite of Ourselves" always makes me smile.

There are few artists of any genre I consider staggeringly good. Prine was among them.

Jarrett from Crosby, ND

Zone, whenever you or anyone else lists the reasons for the reluctance to dub Minshew a franchise quarterback, height is always one of the primary contributors. As much as I hate descending to the obvious, I feel compelled to observe that Kyler Murray (the first overall pick of Minshew's draft) is significantly shorter. Yet no one seems to question him like they do Minshew. I find this unfair and annoying. Give it to me straight, Zone. What gives?

Murray has a stronger arm and otherworldly mobility. That – and the fact that he was the Heisman Trophy winner – allowed him to be the No. 1 overall selection. As far as who does or doesn't question Murray … I suppose I would care a lot about that if he played for the Jaguars and I had to write about him every day. He doesn't and I don't write about him every day. So, I don't care. Here's the thing to remember about the Minshew arguments and discussions, though: the discussions and arguments about height and arm strength don't matter all that much and the discussions and arguments aren't preventing him from getting an opportunity. He has the opportunity. He's a starting quarterback in the NFL. If he can make the throws and the plays necessary consistently enough this season, I expect he will be a starting quarterback moving forward. If he can't, he won't. End of discussion. Maybe.

Sam from Winter Park, FL

Mr. NFL is Ryan Day.

Who is who?

Tommy from Spring Hill, TN

AJ didn't want any part of CJ. Moodachay! Go Jags!

Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown indeed was ruled out of the Jaguars-Titans game Sunday with a bone bruise on his knee. I can't rightly say that he "didn't want any part of [Jaguars cornerback] CJ" Henderson, but he's a very good player. He's a big part of the Titans' offense. It's a loss.

Shawn from the Mean Streets of Arlington

One fer not waiting for misery? And are you really who you say you are? KOAF? You have my vote.

I am not who I say I am. I am so much better than this. I hope.