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O-Zone: Never mind

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

With a year of experience under his belt (Lawrence) and the return of Etienne and the other additions we made on offense, do you believe there is an opportunity to run more of an up-tempo or no-huddle offense to keep the opponent's defense from substituting with a running clock? Is a no-huddle offense something in Coach Pederson's playbook?

Pretty much any NFL offensive scheme can run no-huddle, up-tempo offense, and it's certainly something Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson employed as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. But although the return to health of running back Travis Etienne Jr. and other additions should help the Jaguars' offense, particular players wouldn't necessarily inspire more up-tempo series. There are a couple of factors that could prompt this. One is if quarterback Trevor Lawrence appears more comfortable with it. Another is if the offense as a whole functions better using it. Still another is if Pederson and offensive coaches believe simplifying calls and moving quickly make sense for this group of players. Those are reasons teams go up-tempo these days as much trying to reduce defensive substitutions, but yes … you could see it from the Jaguars in 2022. Very possibly.

Paul from Jacksonville

If you were a general manager, would you rather have an experienced/veteran quarterback like Matt Ryan or a young, talented quarterback like Lawrence? There seems to be advantages and disadvantages to both.

This depends on the specific quarterback rather than just the labels "experienced/veteran" and "young/talented." I would take Lawrence over Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan because I believe Lawrence will accelerate quickly and make whatever mistakes he might make worthwhile in the long run – and because I think Ryan is still good, though no longer elite. If the experienced veteran were Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, then that's a different answer.

Sprinkle from DUUUUVAAAAAL

OK, Zone. It's my turn for uniform ideas. Picture this: The current teal is too basic. We're changing it to a Twilight Tuscan-teal. I'm thinking Ivory-cream pants. A French tuck in the front says, "I'm a ferocious Jaguar, but I still purr." And Zone, listen to me. I cannot possibly emphasize this next part more. ACCESSORIZE.


Ed from Jax by Lionel Playworld

What role do the coaches envision for Etienne? Will he be a typical early down back? Will he be a third-down back? Will he motion or line up as a wide receiver? Would this be the same type of role/usage that the previous coaching staff envisioned?

I expect Etienne to get carries on early downs. If James Robinson is healthy, I expect Robinson to be more of an every-down back with Etienne playing a lot in passing situations. I expect he will line up at wide receiver at times. I don't know if this is all that similar to what the previous coaching staff had in mind for Etienne. Coaches typically don't reveal specifics of how they plan to use specific players until the regular season. Etienne didn't play in the regular season last season and we're still a little less than two months from training camp. Stay tuned.       

Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL

No one should take seriously a left tackle saying it's hard to go from left tackle to right. It is harder--on the player's wallet. I doubt that any right tackle has ever complained about moving left.

Some players can switch from one side of the offensive line to the other relatively easily and some can't. I suppose you know better than they do, though. That seems plausible.

Lawrence from West Jax

Any read on James Robinson – i.e., rehab, time before we see him the field. Excited to see Travis Etienne on the field but would love to see both!

Pederson recently said Robinson is expected to begin practicing in training camp – so early August-ish. Or so.

Jaginator from (formerly of) Section 124

I'd like to know if you have any thoughts on our coach's firing in Philly? I know that you didn't cover their team and maybe you know no more about it than the rest of us. But it felt very odd how he went from Super Bowl-winning coach to the FORMER head coach in such a short period of time. And while it's all water-under-the-bridge at this point, it still feels odd to me now.

My impression from speaking to colleagues in Philadelphia was that this was more a case of a tenure running its course than anything else. The Eagles won the Super Bowl following the 2017 season and made two more postseason appearances before slipping out of the playoffs in 2020, with Pederson being fired after that '20 season. Why did the Eagles slip? Many reasons, certainly, but remember: They won the Super Bowl without an elite, franchise quarterback and it's difficult to build a decade-long power without that foundation piece. Reports around 2020 were that Eagles management wanted Pederson to make changes – including coaching staff changes – that he didn't want to make. Bottom line: Coaching changes happen in the NFL for many reasons, and they happen far more quickly than once was the case. It doesn't make the departed coach a bad coach. It just means the owner that year saw it necessary to make changes. That's why good coaches get fired all the time and it's yet another reason it's always coaching in the NFL.

David from Orlando, FL

KOAF - I saw a few articles suggesting this or that team would be a good landing spot for current Jaguars WR Marvin Jones Jr. Has the team given you any impressions that Marvin Jones Jr. isn't in our plans for this coming season?


Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, I trust your opinion (maybe). What is your feeling about this team? Better or about the same as last year at this time?

Better. Lawrence is a year further along in his development – and while the off-field weirdness around the franchise last season may have kept him from developing as much as should have been the case, the experience gained should help in 2022. And I like Pederson's tone and professionalism, which should be a positive in the short- and long-term.

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, do you have any reason to believe at this point that Lawrence won't live up to the expectations that existed when he was drafted - that is, that he would be a generational talent? I recall you spoke very highly of Jalen Ramsey before and after the draft. You never wavered from that belief. And, cowardly, injury faking bum that he may be, Ramsey turned out to be among the best at his position in the world. The hype was greater than that for Lawrence. So as it stands now, do you anticipate him being among the best? Is he the Jaguars' Mahomes from your vantage point right now?

Quarterbacks are tricker to project than cornerbacks; the position is more layered with more responsibility and therefore more demanding. I believed before last season Lawrence had every chance to be elite – i.e., one of the best players at his position. He hasn't shown himself to be on the level of Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City or Josh Allen of Buffalo yet. He also has done nothing to make you think he can't do that. He still has a chance. Absolutely. And he just as absolutely has a long way to go to be that.

Billy Joe from Jacksonville Beach

Please, O, please no more hypothesis regarding even a remote possibility Jawaan Taylor could be moved to left guard to compete for playing time. I was already having night sweats over that position as it concerns Trevor Lawrence remaining upright and healthy for the entire season. The thought of Taylor playing there would elevate my situation from night sweats to nightmares. I know I need help. But so does the Jaguars' quarterback in terms of excellence pass protection and the running backs run blocking.

Many observers believe Taylor would be a really good guard – and that his skill set fits there. Taylor playing there is a little bit of a hypothesis at this point, but it's not a ridiculous one.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

In an apparent 59th matchup between the two, Nadal vs. Joker. Who ya got?

Rafael Nadal will play Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals of the French Open Tuesday. I haven't been as locked in on this tournament as I have past tennis grand slams. With Roger Federer not participating, I'm a bit more casual in my tennis interest these days. I'll go with Djokovic Tuesday because he's the one player historically over whom Nadal doesn't seem to have a dramatic mental advantage on clay. I'm starting to wonder if anyone is going to beat Carlos Alcaraz in this one. It seems ridiculous to think the 19-year-old is the favorite, but maybe …

Johnny from Still Westside

Oops. Never mind. It was a dumb thought, anyway.