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O-Zone: No comparison

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it…

Chris from Section 437

Zone, it seems we have had bad luck with big players being suspended or not playing for some reason – losing wide receiver Jimmy Smith, wide receiver Justin Blackmon and now linebacker Telvin Smith in a decade and a half. Have you seen bad luck like this with any other franchises?

I don't follow other franchises as closely as I do the Jaguars, though many franchises historically have lost players in strange ways. Still, throw in former wide receiver R. Jay Soward and this franchise certainly has seen more than its share of odd career endings. I would put the Blackmon, Soward and Smith situations up there with some of the stranger I've seen. At the same time, I hesitate to categorize Smith's current situation until we know more about it. While Smith indeed announced last week that he doesn't plan to play next season, it feels like we're in the very early stages of this playing out. We don't know when – or if – he'll return to the Jaguars, just as we don't know the motivation for his recent actions. Until then, it's difficult to know an end game – or how it fits with other situations in franchise history.

Matthew from Lauderhill, FL

One glance at the measurables and film each - exit Keelan Cole and enter Tyre Brady? Is there a significant risk with this transaction that I'm missing?

The thing to remember about Cole/Brady is that one player (Cole) has done it at the NFL level and the other player (Brady) hasn't. If Brady proves to be better than Cole, then, no … there's not much risk to the transaction.

Toph from Da Bang Em

Who are some under-the-radar guys you could see having a decent season this year?

I never know how to answer questions about overlooked or under-the-radar Jaguars players because readers of this forum have a knowledge of the team that goes deeper than most. I suppose players such as linebacker Jake Ryan, safety Jarrod Wilson, wide receiver Chris Conley and maybe running back Ryquell Armstead would qualify. Are they under the radar? It probably depends on who's asking.

Rick from McAlester

I've heard fans discussing the Jags moving to a 3-4 defense due to the selection of edge defender Josh Allen and the hiring of Dom Capers as a consultant. Is there any truth to this?

Not to any significant degree. The Jaguars likely will use some 3-4 defensive concepts next season, but just about every team uses 3-4 and 4-3 concepts no matter their base defense.

Brian from PDX

Hey Funk! Isn't it kind of a stupid question to ask if Josh Allen is going to be playing weak-side linebacker just because Telvin is on sabbatical? It sort of reveals how little reporters know about the scheme and the draft pick.

Maybe, but I didn't have a problem with reporters on Friday asking Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone how Smith's situation would affect where the team might play Allen. Allen's a talented linebacker versatile enough to play a lot of positions. I don't doubt that the team could use him in some capacity to strengthen the linebacker corps if it somehow is weakened by what's going on with Smith.

Nick from Palatka, FL

Jerell for GM!!

Goodness gracious.

Darren from Fort Worth, TX

All Telvin Smith news aside, can we talk about left tackle Cam Robinson? How's his recovery? Is it looking like he'll be ready for Week 1?

The team isn't going to get into many specifics on Robinson or any other injured players in the next few weeks because NFL rules say they don't have to get into those specifics until the regular season. Robinson sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament in Week 2 last season. The timing of that injury in this era usually means a player would be back by the season opener with his return closely monitored and a gradual ramping up to full participation throughout training camp and preseason. I've heard nothing to indicate that won't be the case with Robinson. Stay tuned.

Sean from the Mean Streets of Arlington

Can we all dance again?

Not quite yet.

The Ghost of Millard Fillmore from the No-Nothing Party

Sup dork? Now that Josh Allen knows where his locker is, what are the chances he plays strong-side linebacker on first and second down and rushes the passer on third downs?

Relatively slim – at least for a while. Allen worked at defensive end in rookie minicamp, and I imagine he will continue to work there exclusively into training camp. The Jaguars want him to be great at one thing before having him learn two things.

Adam from Jacksonville

Would I be too far out on a limb if I thought that Myles Jack will play better at weak-side backer than Telvin?

Not too far at all.

Keith from Jacksonville and Section 436 Since 1995

If/when Telvin Smith is places on the Did Not Report list, and the Jags use his cap savings to sign YN 91, what happens if he changes his mind?

A lot of people have assumed that Smith's situation automatically will lead to the Jaguars using that money/cap space to sign defensive end Yannick Ngakoue to a long-term extension. I don't know that one has as much to do with the other as is being commonly assumed.

Tom from Jacksonville

New quarterback, questions at wide receiver and tight end, a running back with a lot to prove and never stays healthy, Yannick Ngakoue possibly holding out, little safety depth, losing a vocal leader on defense, a brutal schedule... yup this season is already looking very bleak. 0-16 here we come.

This is a silly, reactive take. But I suppose that's the point.

Steve from Nashville, TN

"He can't wear 41." Hello John, can we get a quick refresher course on why our kicker cannot sport the 92 on his or her jersey?

Under NFL rules, numbers can be worn by the following position groups: 1-19 (kicks, punters and quarterbacks), 20-39 (running backs and defensive backs), 40-49 (running backs, linebackers, tight ends and defensive backs), 50-59 (centers, defensive linemen and linebackers), 60-79 (offensive linemen and defensive linemen), 80-89 (wide receivers and tight end), 90-99 (defensive linemen and linebackers).

Chris from London, UK

Jon, I'm a big fan of Marqise Lee and probably one of the few fans that wanted him resigned over A Rob, but I have worries about him this season!! Someone wrote in last week stating that these days ACL's are repaired stronger than they originally were, but take it from someone who has been there: It is all a mental thing. The knee might be 100 percent, but it can take months for your head to trust that is back and to go full throttle on it! Do you have any updates on him???

Lee is confident he will be ready for the 2019 regular season, and the word around the Jaguars is he is remarkably ahead of schedule. But you're correct that a major part of returning from any injury involving an ACL is regaining the trust in the knee. The knee itself typically returns to full strength after around a year. How soon after that trust develops depends on the individual.

Fred from Jacksonville

I think unhipcat from wherever is actually pretty darned cool.


David from The Island

John, interesting to see how different franchises handle personnel decisions. Do you think that New England would "pay" Yan, trade him, or let him be a free agent and get compensatory pick?

They probably would try to trade him or allow him to become a free agent because: Tom Brady.

Dylan from Aurora, IL

Can you give some insight into how undrafted free agents are recruited/signed? How does the team's front office go about recruiting UDFAs? It seems like it would be a mad scramble right after Round 7 of the draft ends. Also, how do their contracts work ... do they get paid immediately, or only if they make the 53-man roster, or is this something that varies case by case? Also, is there a league minimum that UDFAs are paid if they are signed to the official roster? Thanks!

Signing UDFAs indeed is a mad scramble after the draft – and the scramble begins in the sixth and seventh rounds. That's when scouts start calling players that may go undrafted. The players typically get some level of signing bonus. If they make the team, they typically play for the rookie minimum until which time they renegotiate an extension.

Scott from Medford, NJ

Singing only Queen songs on karaoke ... who wins Minshew or Frenette?

Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew undoubtedly channels his inner Freddie Mercury in memorable fashion. I think we can all assume that. But when it comes to mimicking the great tenor, no one compares with longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette.

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