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O-Zone: No idea

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brett from Jacksonville

Do you think if Anton and Walker both look good through the first month that Cam can be on the trade block and get an early draft pick for someone most likely to not be on the team next year?

I expect right tackle Anton Harrison and left tackle Walker Little to play well the first four games while left tackle Cam Robinson serves his NFL suspension for a violation of the performance-enhancing drugs policy. As such, I also expect these sorts of questions to increase. And I suppose the Jaguars could consider trading Robinson in that scenario. But the Jaguars learned last season the value of having three quality tackles when Little played effectively in place of Robinson when the latter missed the end of the season with a knee injury. I doubt the Jaguars would have made the postseason had they not had three good tackles: Little, Robinson and Jawaan Taylor. I expect Robinson to start at left tackle when he returns with Little moving inside to guard, then I expect Little to start at left tackle in 2024 with Robinson's salary making it unrealistic he is still with the team at the time. Why not do it sooner and trade Robinson? Because you can't always try to build equity for the future. Sometimes it's about winning now and being the best team you can be – and the Jaguars will be a better team in '23 with Robinson than without him.

Nathan from Utah, US

Zone, do you know if the Jaguars are going to run more hurry-up or no-huddle this year? How much do you see Lawrence running the offense and calling plays?

Faster-paced offenses become more of an option – and more effective – the better the quarterback and receivers know the offense. I therefore would expect the Jaguars to utilize this more when advantageous or necessary. Remember, though: Veering too much in this direction, or doing so recklessly, can be disadvantageous for the defense. I would expect quarterback Trevor Lawrence to do more at the line of scrimmage as time goes forward beginning this season, but I don't expect it to be the core of the offense. He's getting there. I don't know that he's there.

Johnny from Westside, Section 408 - I was right it was 408

Hi, Zone. It's me. Sup. I have a thought and would love your opinion: Why don't we start our second-team players in the preseason to allow them to get reps against the opposing first-teamers (better quality reps) then trot out our first team to play against the opposing backups (less chance of our starters getting injured, plus it's game-speed but less danger of injury)? Maybe the first string gets a little less out of it, but isn't it really the backups who need the reps anyways? I hope this makes sense. #duuuvalll

I don't know that there's less chance of starters getting injured against backups. In fact, I would say that's almost certainly not the case. Still, I guess I wouldn't have a problem if some NFL team veered away from conventional methods and did this. I don't know that it would benefit anyone enough to make it very notable.

The other Ryan from Denver from OP

One fer Greg from 122. Thanks for your service.


The Man from Snowy River

KOAF, I think you funked up your explanation to Ken from Rabun Gap, GA regarding the third quarterback rule. You stated, "the new NFL third quarterback rule says teams may elevate a third quarterback from the practice squad if the first two quarterbacks become unavailable in a game because of injury." I believe the rule states if all three quarterbacks are on the active 53-man roster and the third quarterback is inactive on game day he may still dress out and may enter the game if the first two quarterbacks become unavailable because of injury.

Good eye. You're right. I erred. Write this moment down and remember it. It won't happen again until it happens again. Probably soon. Maybe really soon.

Bill from Hammock, FL

Zone, one of our weakest defensive areas last season was covering the tight end (Kansas City Chiefs game in post season). Is there a way to improve this area and, if so, how?

Don't play Travis Kelce.

Stephen from 113 from Jacksonville via Pennsauken NJ

John, can you give us a refresher course on the practice squad? Are all players on the practice squad "poachable" by other teams or can some of those players be "protected" and not poached? If a player moves up to the 53-man roster, does he have to stay a minimal amount of games? Can a practice squad player be bounced back and forth multiple times and are there any limits on the number of bounces? If a player spends the entire year on the practice squad does he get any "time served" credit? Thanks.

Teams can keep 16 players on the practice squad – and unlike pre-COVID-19 rules – a team can have six veterans among those 16 players. The specifics are a bit complicated, but it can be summed up by saying teams can have a lot more experience – and capability – on the practice squad than before these rules were implemented. Practice squad players are free agents and can sign with their "own" team or another team any week, with the caveat that teams can also designate four players a week who can't be signed by other teams. Players signed from the practice squad do not have to remain on the roster of their own team for any particular time, but they must remain on a "poaching" team's roster three weeks. Teams can activate two players a week from the practice squad and a player can't be activated more than three times in a season without being signed to the active roster. A player does not accrue a season of experience if he spends the entire season on a practice squad.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

I think any angst over our defense is a little premature. This is a team that in the final back-to-back regular-season road games last year held their opponents to three points each. In the final three regular season and two postseason games, they did not allow a fourth quarter score until the Kansas City Chiefs scored midway through the fourth quarter in the final game.

I agree. There's a perception among some observers that the Jaguars' offense was great last season and the defense was awful. This perception is overblown, though the offense certainly peaked at season's end and looks to be continuing that growth. The defense ranked fourth in takeaways and 12th in points allowed. It had some good performances late in the season. It allowed 30 points to the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Wild Card Playoff victory, but it also had some huge stops and kept the Jaguars in the game when the offense/special teams were committing five first-half turnovers. It also had some big stops in the second-half against the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC Divisional Playoff loss. I don't expect this defense to be dominant this season. But I see no reason it can't be as good as – or improved from – last season and complement an improving offense.

Darwin from Cebu, Philippines

Hello, KOAF! Two-part question: 1) Has Foley Fatukasi fully recovered from his injury and how is he doing in camp so far? Nobody has been talking about him, but I believe the consistent pressure from the interior three will be a key factor in order for this defense to shine. 2) When outside linebackers Travon Walker or Josh Allen are in a three-point technique, can the formation be considered a four-three?

Fatukasi, who signed as an unrestricted free agent from the New York Jets in the 2022 offseason, has been healthy and participating 100 percent throughout the offseason and 2023 Training Camp. Coaches have unanimously spoken highly of him throughout camp, with Head Coach Doug Pederson saying recently he is starting to look like the player the Jaguars scouted in the 2022 offseason. If that's true, then you're correct that the Jaguars' defensive line trio of Roy Robertson-Harris, DaVon Hamilton and Fatukasi can be a strength. If so, the pass rushers should improve accordingly. When Walker and Allen are in a three-point technique, it could indeed be considered a 4-3 scheme. Except if Hamilton, Robertson-Harris and Fatukasi are on the field also in three-point techniques. It would then be a 5-2 – or something to that effect.

Larry from Jacksonville

How do you think the Week 2 matchup will the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs will play out? Who comes out on top and does the winner of that game win the Super Bowl this year?

Week 2 is five weeks away. I haven't the foggiest idea who will win the Chiefs-Jaguars game that week or if the winner will win the Super Bowl. I'm good. I'm not that good.