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O-Zone: No more needed

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

You said after free agency you expect all the new signings to make the final roster. Which in theory makes sense, because they were recently signed for a reason. But now I feel like that just won't work numbers-wise at wide receiver. Marvin Jones Jr., DJ Chark Jr. and Laviska Shenault Jr. are locks. You'd certainly expect Collin Johnson and Jalen Camp to make the roster. That's already five without counting Travis Etienne Jr. Keeping both Jamal Agnew and Phillip Dorsett II would be seven receivers (or maybe seven and a half depending on how you count Etienne). Looks to me like Agnew or Dorsett is likely to be an odd man out.

You're right in the sense that seven is more receivers than teams typically keep. Remember, though, that Camp was a sixth-round selection and therefore could be a practice-squad possibility. Remember, too, that Agnew was signed as a returner/wide receiver, so he could be kept as a returner in addition to however many receivers the Jaguars opt to retain. Either way, the receiver position absolutely is intriguing. It's a position where the Jaguars should be strong, but it's one where they also have had significant turnover this offseason – and it's a position with a lot of new players expected to play multiple roles. That will made it an area to watch come late July and early August.

Nathan from St. Augustine, FL

What's up, John? With the preseason schedule now set, what do you think the preseason will look like as far as starters and playing time? Do you think starters will sit out the last game as in years past or play more because of the shortened preseason schedule? Also, do you think most teams will mostly follow the same schedule as far as playing time as they have done in years past? Or could this be all over the place around the league being something brand new?

There's much to dig through with this topic, and I doubt we'll get a definitive answer until the preseason. It may even take a few preseasons to get the answer. Perhaps the most difficult challenge for most teams will be getting adequate time to evaluate the final few positions on the roster; by comparison, it's relatively easy to structure playing time to allow starters/key contributors necessary reps to prepare for the regular season. I expect we'll see teams try different approaches for a season or two until trial and error produces some level of so-called "best practices" in the area. My best guess is many teams will play starters about two series in the preseason opener and a little less than a quarter in Preseason Week 2, with the idea being to get an extensive look at the "bottom of the roster" in the final three quarters or so of those games. That would enable teams to use Preseason Week 3 as the so-called dress rehearsal with a final look at the "bottom" players in the second half of what is now the final preseason game. Teams could do this and still get plenty of rest for starters because there's a week off between Preseason Week 3 and the regular season. But that's a guess. Only a guess.

Steve from Jacksonville

Whether or not you like or hate the idea of No. 85, I think Mr. Lawrence just answered the question about what the locker room thinks of Tim Tebow. We all now need to collectively shut up.

Good luck with that.

Jim from Callahan, FL

I think the Jags' draft has the potential one of the best of all time. The first three selections can essentially be labeled first-round quality. Then we got two COVID-19 opt-out guys who were first-round candidates in Walker Little and Jay Tufele, I believe. Then, the potential surprise is the Alabama linebacker. Could be an all-time great class.

This draft class has potential to be very good – if all the players you mention turn out to be very good. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 overall obviously is supposed to be good, as are the early-round selections. And I feel the same as you about offensive tackle Walker Little and defensive tackle Jay Tufele – that they have a lot of traits that make you think they would have been selected earlier than Round 2 and Round 4, respectively, had they not opted out of the 2020 season. But I'll add the obvious caveat here that many NFL draft classes have the potential to be great in the weeks after the draft. We won't really have any idea how good any class is until the draftees start playing.

Kevin from Jacksonville

These Tim Tebow questions are getting out of hand and exhausting. We are trying to read about the Jaguars here, bro. Every day it is Tim Tebow this and Tim Tebow that. Enough already. This is a Jaguars website not a Tim Tebow site. Enough already.

Did you have a question, bro?

Sam from Orlando, FL

Does Tebow get this shot if he went to Oregon and wasn't coached by Urban in college? Yay or nay?

Of course not. Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer believes in Tebow, and it's doubtful he would feel so strongly had he not coached Tebow at the University of Florida. But your question seems to imply something untoward about this. I've said this often and it remains true: Tebow being on the 90-man roster means he's getting an opportunity. If Meyer is wrong about Tebow and it's clear he can't help the team, then he likely will release him. If that happens, who really cares? Outside of Tebow, of course.

Juan from Jax Beach

Did the Detroit fans consider Marvin Gaye or George Plimpton to be taking roster spots from more qualified players?

I'm old, Juan. I'm not that old.

John from Jacksonville

Just a few more questions on Tebow. What does coming back into the league do for his pension? Is he fully vested for a pension? If he makes the team at what point will he have accrued another season toward his pension?

Tebow is fully vested for his NFL pension, but it's hard to imagine this being a "topic." Tebow is successful enough financially that he needn't worry about his NFL pension.

Steve from Woodbine, GA

How in the world did Jaguars left tackle Cam Robinson manage to practice all day with his jersey on backwards? Did anybody tell him?

He does this most days. He's wacky that way. Or, as Jaguars center Brandon Linder said on the topic Thursday, "I think he just wants his name right there. I don't think there's too much to look into."

Drangus from Duval

Linder been around a while, so it's weird to read that he didn't think the team was providing what the players need to succeed "for a while." I didn't necessarily read that as a shot at past leadership (maybe it is), more so the current efforts of Urban Renewal, but what are your thoughts on what he meant?

Brandon Linder had this to say Thursday when asked about improvements in culture, facilities and sports performance since Meyer took over in January, "We're changing the culture, that's for sure. He's been giving us everything that we need to succeed, and we haven't had that around here in a while." Linder went on to say, "It's just on the performance side: dry needling, cupping, all the different therapies, activation stuff, equipment, that kind of stuff. We have a couple new facilities going up. The food's been better, nutrition, all these different shakes and what not. It's just we have more at our hands now to succeed and to help us show our potential on the field, show our value. I don't think [it's being] pampered or special. I think we're the ones on the field making this thing go. We have to give it back. We have to give it back when we're on the field. That's the whole thing, right? We're getting everything we need, but when we step on that field, we have to exhaust all efforts." I took Linder to be saying that it is better now under Meyer than it was before.

Amy from Prescott, AZ

Hello, new Jaguars fan from Arizona. Love reading your daily Q&A. When reading all the questions about Tim Tebow: making the league minimum, no guarantee of roster spot (must earn both), I would like fans to consider this: The Cardinals are paying AJ Green $6 million fully guaranteed and he has played slightly over 50 percent of his games the last three years. There is something to be upset about! At this point in the Tebow experiment, no harm no foul but much upside. Arizona doesn't even really have a tight end room .... would love to have Tebow here! Can you imagine Tim and JJ Watt's effort and enthusiasm in a locker room? At this part of season, all good all possibilities, go Jaguars!

You had me at, "Love reading your Daily Q&A."