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O-Zone: Not quite yet

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Rich from Dacula, GA

When you have a team on the rise, I've heard the team has a Super Bowl window. Have the Jaguars entered it? What makes it a window, quarterback? If we went 12-5 this year, then is the window open? How long does it stay open? Buffalo had a window, but with a lot of turnover this year, has their window closed or just shut a bit? Just looking forward to when we can expect some talk of the old Super Bowl window.

A team's Super Bowl window can depend on multiple factors. The biggest factor is quarterback. If you have a franchise quarterback and the rest of the team is in solid shape to support that quarterback, the championship window is as long as that quarterback is healthy and playing at a high level. In that sense, the Buffalo Bills with quarterback Josh Allen would appear to be very much in a Super Bowl window. Are the Jaguars in a Super Bowl window? I expect to have a better feel for the answer this season.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

When the renovations are complete to EverBank Stadium, "a next-generation transparent protective shell" will insulate fans and players from the Florida heat for September and October home games. Do you believe this eliminates a heat and humidity homefield advantage for the Jaguars when playing an equally matched opponent early in the regular season?

I think the September and October homefield advantage in Jacksonville is a bit overstated at times. If a team is really good, it tends to take advantage of such advantages. If a team isn't very good, that advantage is a lot less of an advantage.

Hilarious from Funnytown

Hey, when is the football gonna start? I'm ready for some football.

Jaguars 2024 Training Camp is scheduled to begin sometime in late July.

Sprinkle from Southside

Yo, Zone. After all the hype, I went over to Strings and had a few Bullet Bobs. The hype is more than warranted. I'll be doing that again soon. I was able to meet Luke Farrell last season and he gave me an autograph. He's a nice guy. I really liked his development and think he can be a key contributor. I remember people critiquing Brenton Strange for not having a larger role, but I thought that was a testament to the faith they had in Luke Farrell. I am also hearing a lot of hype about the international player Patrick Murtagh, which is great. Is Luke Farrell in jeopardy of losing a spot? How did he look in OTAs? In other words, did he rock that baseball cap?

I expect Luke Farrell, who looked like a player practicing in a baseball cap during 2024 Organized Team Activities, to have a role at tight end for the Jaguars in 2024. One fer Bullet Bobs. Make that two fer Bullet Bobs. It's the dead zone.

Reese from Loyal Jaguar fan in VA

Good afternoon! I am writing this on July 7 at 3:37 p.m. in "real time" in regards to your response. I'm always dreaming, so I navigate cumulus, stratus, etc. very well good sir! Yes, I excitedly wrote a email to the O-zone at said time on July 5 and I guess I could've used that twilight of time and did something else. There is a lesson to learn in every failure, so I do not regret taking all 292 days to share my DUUUVAL experience and this is definitely in "real time" because is there really any other type of time? So only one thing is true. You were right that I was excited and I didn't even see fireworks on the fourth, but I did have a good time good sir! Go Jaguars!!

Reese is either my new favorite emailer or not. I'm leaning toward favorite. I think.

Michael from Orange Park, FL

I know it's the dead zone, but humor me by answering a football question. You seem very pessimistic about this team's age. Why are you also confident they will be good?

I believe the Jaguars can be good and win the AFC South in 2024 because I think the additions of center Mitch Morse and defensive lineman Arik Armstead will solidify two areas that struggled at times last season. It gives me a little pause that both players are in their 10th seasons because veterans with double-digit experience can be a bit more susceptible to injury. This doesn't guarantee these players will struggle to make it through the season. It means I have a little pause.

Greg from Section 122, Jacksonville, FL

First, I am skeptical about the temperature impact of a roof. It sounds great in theory, but really we couldn't spring for air conditioning? And the whole thing is dependent on "prevailing winds," which you know on hot days there is little of. Heard they would be installing large industrial circulation fans on the ceilings to help? Also: What does the new construction mean for NFL lightning rules? Since we are no longer technically outside, do we care about lightning strikes?

Your skepticism is understandable. The idea of the Jaguars' Stadium of the Future being cooled by breezeways and building materials that will reduce heat is a bit unorthodox – and perhaps ahead of its time. People were once skeptical of electricity, the theory of gravity and the interweb. This isn't witchcraft. People infinitely smarter than I (they exist) believe this is the correct move. I'll buy. As for lightning strikes … I confess I don't know the answer. I'll work on this one.

Brendan from The Moral High Ground

Any news on the hotly anticipated throwbacks?


Dwayne from Jacksonville

Breezeways. Will that include doors we can open or close depending who is kicking a field goal? Homefield advantage may help us reach the Super Bowl!


Creepy Dave from Cleveland, TN

Whoa. Did you just compare reading the O-Zone to watching Road House? You are good sir, but you're not that good.


Stephen from 113 from Jacksonville via Pennsauken NJ

John, Since it's the Dead Zone, we have time to plan ahead. When T Law takes us to the Super Bowl this year, there will inevitably be one of those silly Mayor-versus-Mayor food bets. Some team from Philly will probably put up Cheese Steaks and soft pretzels. What will be Mayor Deegan's counteroffer? Thanks.

Were it me, I'd go Sbarro's Stromboli and a Diet RC. I'm guessing Mayor Deegan goes seafood or barbecue. Here's guessing O-Zone readers offer some better ideas than mine.

George from Savannah, GA

Here's one for your dad. Great remembrance yesterday.

One fer REO. Much appreciated.

Jax by Lionel Playworld

Adding on to William's from Savannah sentiment, before the Jags I remember the circus and monster truck shows being the big events. Would people rather see Bigfoot (monster truck) than Trevor Lawrence? Do people want to go back to fighting for a parking space at Regency during Christmas? When Outback Steakhouse opened there was an hour-long wait; do we want to go back to that? Yugoslavia exported cars here; do people want to drive Yugos again? I hear people want to bring back toll booths. Why not bring back The Landing at this point.

I may or may not have faked tossing a quarter into a toll booth and turned around after the bell rung to make people think I had "missed." Nah, I didn't. I swear I didn't. I know I didn't drive a Yugo or see Bigfoot – and I like Outback fine though I don't go all that often. What I can tell you for certain is some of my best memories were at Regency and that the Landing was really cool for a while. None of which means this city would be better without the Jaguars. Jacksonville was great without the Jaguars. I loved growing up here before the team. That's true. It's also true that it's greater them with than without.

Michael from Scranton, PA

I am a craft beer fan, but I have never seen a Bullet Bob before. Is it a Florida exclusive beer, or can it be found in other regions?

Bullet Bob is an IPA brewed by Strings Brewery in Springfield on Main Street in Jacksonville. I can't speak for my Strings friends and call it their "signature" beer. I can speak for myself when call it pretty much the best locally-brewed beer in Jacksonville – though the Aardwolf Southbank IPA is very close.

Dorian from Jacksonville

Is it too soon for completely new uniforms and helmets?

NFL teams may introduce new uniforms and helmets every five seasons, and teams that change ownership may do so regardless of their last uniform change. The Jaguars last introduced new uniforms in 2018. They therefore could do so at anytime, though I wouldn't expect this move before the Stadium of the Future is complete. The Stadium of the Future is expected to open in August 2028.