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O-Zone: Not very often

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mark from Des Moines

O, at what point is it fair for Jags fans to start being critical of Calvin Ridley? Excluding a few good games, he hasn't seemed like the No. 1 wide receiver. I've been trying to be understanding since he was out of football for a long time and on a new team. I'm hoping he just needs that in-game chemistry to build up like it did for Easy E in the second half of the season last year. At the moment now, I wouldn't try to re-sign him unless it was a very-team friendly deal. Save those resources to try to re-sign outside lineacker Josh Allen.

Fans can be critical of whatever they choose, wide receiver Calvin Ridley included. It's true Ridley hasn't had the production of a "No. 1 receiver" this season, though he has had an impact – particularly in victories over Indianapolis, Buffalo and Atlanta. Perhaps that can be attributed to his nearly two-year layoff in 2021 and 2022, or to the Jaguars' offense as a whole stalling in situations, or to he and quarterback Trevor Lawrence still seeking the chemistry Lawrence has with other receivers.  But while he hasn't produced like a "True No. 1," there's an area between true No. 1 and disappointment. The thought here is that Ridley is a lot closer to good than disappointing. Time will tell what happens in the offseason. We're halfway into this season. That's a lot of time and games remaining.

Cliff from Everywhere with helicopter

Disappointing result, but understandable. There needs to be a response on Sunday. If the Jaguars don't take Tennessee apart this week at home, I'd be concerned.

The Jaguars need to beat the Tennessee Titans at EverBank Stadium Sunday. It's a division game at home against a team three games under .500 that has struggled offensively. It's a game the Jaguars should win. Whether they take "Tennessee apart" matters not at all.

Steve from Upper Tract

I have been watching this team since their inception. I have always wondered why the Jax media doesn't hold this team accountable for their terrible play. It just seems like the team is always given a pass for being the "Same ole Jags." Is the media afraid the owner will get offended and leave?

I've never been smart enough to know what "media holding teams accountable" means or what "giving a pass" means. Does holding accountable mean getting into shouting matches with players or coaches after losses? Or going on the air and shouting criticisms to show anger? I hear media questioning and analyzing the Jaguars constantly, and I hear media asking questions to players and coaches. I hear media criticize the Jaguars after losses. Some people don't think it's enough. I guess. OK. Whatever.

Howard from Homestead

Just to remind everyone, the Titans are evil. Their players are dirty. Their coaches are smelly. Their cheerleaders are ugly. Their owners are moronic. Their parents are related. Their kids are clumsy. Their every fan is automatically placed on Santa's naughty list. Sweeping them is a winning season, no matter the record. Being swept by them is a losing season, no matter the record. They must be beaten, broken, demolished and embarrassed. May they always step on LEGOs and lose to the Jaguars. That is all.

We talk a lot here in the O-Zone about the importance of being nice. Then again, it's Titans week, so whatever.

Markus from Richmond

Given the Jaguars inability to win at home, do you think it might be best for them to have a No. 6 or 7 seed so they can play most playoff games on the road?


Jonathan from Blackfoot, ID (from J-Ville

What's happening O-Knows? Isn't it kind of funny that one bad game makes fans forget that the Jaguars won the five games prior to that disaster? We need to chill. With that said, we still have some issues that need worked out if we want to compete with the elite teams. The problem is that these fixes can't be addressed until the offseason. The roster is what it is for the last eight games. The interior O line is terrible. Not to be mean (always be nice) but that is the truth. Something must change with the players themselves. I am 100 percent behind our team, so let's freaking go Duval! Can I be all in too like Don?

You're correct to a point, and the Jaguars' offensive line isn't likely to be one of the NFL's most dominant units over the next two months. But offensive lines, perhaps as much as any position group in the NFL, can improve with continuity, cohesion and communication. This group can get better and can be good enough for this team to get into the playoffs and compete there.

John from Jacksonville

Hi KOAGF - The way I see it, it doesn't matter much what the Jags do this weekend if the Texans win this weekend. The winner of the Jags vs Texans game gives the victor control of their own destiny.

Sunday's game absolutely matters for the Jaguars. This is the 10th game of the season for both of these teams. The Texans are also playing their 10th game Sunday. That means all teams involved have seven games remaining, which is more than enough time for a multitude of scenarios in the AFC South race. I understand your point and I understand that Jaguars-Texans next Sunday has a big feel because of the one-game separation between the teams, but it's mid-November. All games still matter a lot.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

They way we are playing at home this year makes me wonder if getting home playoff games are worth it? We are horrible at our true home.

It's worth it.

Chris from Mandarin

The Jaguars don't seem to be running much play action this season. They used this to push the ball down the field last year. How come?

The effectiveness of play action depends largely on an effective fake handoff. An effective fake handoff depends on the defense believing the offense can run effectively. That hasn't been all that believable for the Jaguars at times this season.

Jason from Suffolk, VA

Perspective? Here's some perspective for you! Trevor Lawrence has more turnovers this year than touchdowns. Thats through the course of the whole season, not just San Francisco. You keep saying this is about one bad game. It is not about one game, it's about the offense during the entire season to this point. The team overall has been better, but to think this turnover issue is only minor or about one game is terrible perspective on your part.

I suck. Ask anyone.

Jonathon from Jacksonville

Big O', what's the overall feel with what is going on with Zay Jones?

Wide receiver Zay Jones, who has missed the last three games with a knee injury, was arrested Monday on a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery. The feeling regarding the off-field incident is that the team will wait until more is known before doing more. The feeling from a football sense is that Jones is day-to-day, and I expect him to play when healthy. I expect that could be Sunday.

MrDude from PVB

John, in the big picture the San Francisco loss means little. It's an NFC opponent that no other team in the division plays so it doesn't really affect tiebreakers. While it was disappointing to see such a lackluster performance at home, the team still controls its destiny. Take care of business in the division and the conference and this will be quickly forgotten. The next few weeks are huge now. Thoughts?

The next few games are huge.

Marcus from Jacksonville

John, can you give some insight on your belief that the Jags offense is a "tick away" from breaking out? Is there anything in particular that gives you that sense, or is it just a gut feeling? The reason I ask is, when the defense gets turnovers in bunches, we say that that's who they are, but when the offense gives the ball away in bunches, they just need to clean it up and they're just a tick away from turning it around. I don't get why good things are always seen as definitive while bad things are seen as temporary anomalies. Is it possible that this is just who the offense is…a group that will be clunky but good in spurts, will struggle in the red zone and turn the ball over in key moments?

Sure, it's possible this is what the Jaguars' offense is. When I say it feels a tick away, I mean the unit has moved consistently between the 20-yard lines in most games and struggled with self-inflicted and correctable areas. That leads me to believe it's close. Maybe it will be close all season and never reach its potential. Maybe it will get worse. But for most of the season, it has felt from this perspective that it's close.

Crash from Glen Saint Mary

OZ! The Jags love to win, but do they hate to lose?

Yes. It's one reason they have lost so infrequently lately.