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O-Zone: One fer…

JACKSONILLE – Let's get to it …

Bill from Hawthorn Woods, IL

I never expected the Jaguars to make all 12 picks with no trades. I truly believed this draft would result in eight or players, having used some picks to move up in key places. I'll leave it to the pros to decide if it was a good plan or bad plan, but can all 12 make the team? If they do, this will be even a younger team than I expected. Do you see much chance of been competitive in 2020 that way? Bonus question: will this team start camp with Josh Dobbs and a rookie as all there is behind quarterback Gardner Minshew II?

I expected a few trades, too, but Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell clearly thought the 2020 NFL Draft deep enough to not waste selections to move up. As he said during his post-draft videoconference Saturday, the trades he made in recent weeks/months/years were so the Jaguars could draft more players and not fewer. He also said over the weekend that that while that approach may not have been the right approach to all drafts, the depth this year was such that it made sense. As far as whether all 12 can make the team … absolutely. I would be surprised all 12 aren't on the roster or practice squad. NFL teams churn the roster every season and it's hardly uncommon for teams to have 10 rookies. For a team in transition, and the Jaguars certainly fit that description, it wouldn't be unusual at all. I think this season's team has a chance to be more competitive, because I don't think this team will get gashed in the run the way it did last season. Bonus answer: I still believe the Jaguars will look for a veteran quarterback behind Minshew; I don't know if they'll find one that makes sense.

lowercase zac from austin, tejas quarentine tent J

Avoid lying here, as the King of All Funk - do you feel threatened by our offensive tackle, the Smoothie King?

I am never threatened. I am the King of All Funk.

David from Ada, OK

It's a good draft class. Most people who have graded the draft give us good marks. Even though it's a deep draft, it was still great to get as many "experts" who agreed we did well. We also got character, which means maybe they will stay. It's about as good as we can hope for. Thumbs up here.

There's every reason think this will be a good class. The Jaguars drafted players with the tools to be good with the desire to be great. They also drafted a lot of players, which raises the percentage chance those players will develop. The draft is a percentage game, which means it's likely at least one of the draftees the Jaguars really, really like won't be as good as they hope and at least one of the draftees they drafted late will be better than they expect. The class has a chance. Its clock starts now. Stay tuned.

Zach from Atlanta, GA

No question, just wanted to thank you and the team at for your coverage during the draft. It's been a much-needed distraction during these trying times, and it's greatly appreciated.

You're right. I did a great job.

John from St. Augustine, FL

Did we wait too long to draft defensive tackle and offensive line? Both seem like we settled.

I don't know what "settled" means when it comes to the NFL Draft. No, the Jaguars didn't take defensive tackle or offensive line in the first round. I thought they might take a defensive tackle early and they night have done so had Derrick Brown of Auburn been available at No. 9 overall. I never thought they were selecting an offensive lineman and wrote as much for months leading to the draft. The offensive lineman they selected, Ben Bartch of St. John's, likely will need time to develop. In that sense, I guess they "settled" for a player who won't start immediately. But since they weren't looking for a player who could start away, I don't know that they would see it as settling.

Al from Orange Park, FL

How many fifth, sixth and seventh-rounders do you see making the team? Seems like the wide receiver, cornerback and linebacker rooms might be a bit crowded right now?

All, or very close to it. The Jaguars didn't make the trades they made this offseason to have fewer selections, and they didn't select the players they chose the last few days to cut them.

Mark from Jacksonville

Terrible draft. This team could actually go 0-16 this year.

Ha. OK.

Erin from Jacksonville

After the draft David Caldwell, said "… this is about as satisfied as we have been …" This speaks volumes about this organization. The Jaguars have had one winning season in eight years under the Owner Shad Khan/Caldwell regime and they are going around talking about how satisfied they are. They should not be satisfied until they can put a team together that at least has back-to-back winning s seasons. Geez!

Caldwell was speaking after an intense, three-day process that ended a year's process leading to a draft. Also: He was talking about the draft and not the last eight seasons. What he said actually doesn't volumes speak about anything except how Caldwell felt about the draft. Geez.

Johnny from Jagsonville

Do you agree, if local guy [Miami linebacker) Shaq Quarterman turns out as great as his potential, our 3-4 look could really be strong? We currently have three great edge rushers that gives them a lot of flexibility in who stands up and who is on the edge.

Yeah, pretty much.

Tommy from Springhill, TN

As someone who grew up in Jacksonville, I am proud to be a Jaguar fan. I know fandom are going to fan but I also knew some of this fan base was going to go Redneck Crazy over this draft. It makes no sense . We get 2 of the top 4 players on our board that we were targeting and people are mad because Caldwell didn't take players who were gone. Our defense was brutal last year but they are mad because we didn't take a receiver at 9 or 20.

Fans fan, Tommy. It's what they do.

Ray from Jacksonville

John: the word "expertise" should not be used in an answer defending Caldwell. Expertise? Double digit losses except for one season that the lack of expertise required bringing in a mentor? Caldwell was too young when hired and has not grown into the job. We always hear teams must draft and develop players but most of his high picks never got a second contract.

I'll decide what words I should and shouldn't use. And as far as I can tell, what you're saying is … hey, one fer Caldwell!

Gero from Wenden

Hello Koaf. Is there any concern that one or the other selected player has suffered an injury at college? As far as I had noticed, one player had an ACL in 2018.

A torn anterior cruciate ligament two or three decades ago could be career-ending and certainly career-altering. That's usually not the case anymore, particularly if a player is under 25 or so. It's a factor. It's something to consider when drafting a player. It's something to investigate. But it needn't keep you from drafting the player.

Steve from Jacksonville

Running back? Are you surprised that the Jags did not address running back in this draft? What does this mean for running back Leonard Fournette? Will Head Coach Doug Marrone and Caldwell try to fix their relationship with Fournette? If not, who is going to carry the rock for them this season?

I was surprised the Jaguars didn't draft a running back, because I was a little surprised they didn't trade Fournette. I think the fact that they didn't trade him probably means he will start next season. As far as fixing the relationship … sure, I guess. I'll tell you what the relationship might be? Hey, Leonard. Here's the ball. Run. There's a guy to block. Go do it. It's football. It's a business. It will behoove Fournette to play well this season. I would imagine he understands that.

Joe from Jacksonville

Sad news ...Otto from Ponte Vedra passed away last Thursday afternoon. As you know, he was a frequent contributor to the O-Zone and loved seeing his name in your column. He would always call me when his question would be selected by you, which was fairly frequently. I once joked that he appeared so often because your dad's name is Otto. He and I would have texted all night long during the draft as in past years. A great fan and friend, and he will be missed.

I received this email this weekend and saw it Sunday. That's terrible news. One fer Otto. And you're right: He absolutely will be missed.