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O-Zone: One love

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Round Rock, TX

I heard you say on Drive Time that you think Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey hasn't done any harm, and it's all in fun. I'm fine with how Jalen was last year. He talked a lot, but he wasn't screwing up. I didn't get concerned until he missed mandatory camp and Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone didn't indicate that there was an agreement and everything was all good. In fact, Doug indicated he didn't know when he was coming back. The suspension is another indication that Jalen is screwing up. He needs to stop screwing up. Right?

You would have a point if your facts were correct. They're not, so you really don't. Marrone clearly stated multiple times that he had spoken to Ramsey in the offseason about the possibility of missing days early in training camp because of the possible birth of his daughter during that time – and Marrone clearly stated he was fine with Ramsey returning when he was comfortable that mother and daughter were settled. Yes, this week's suspension was a disciplinary measure, which means Ramsey made a mistake early this week. But to say this week's suspension was connected to Ramsey missing the first two padded practices of training camp is categorically incorrect. What Ramsey says in the media indeed is all in fun. If his actions cross a line that merits discipline, that's obviously not in fun and is an issue. I would be surprised if Ramsey needing to be disciplined is a habit. Very surprised, actually.

Alex from Wausau

Hey O, I wanted to make a quick shout out to the players and Coach Marrone for stopping over after practice in Minnesota Thursday. I haven't had an opportunity to see the Jags close up since '95 in Stevens Point and Thursday was a day I'll never forget! Many players came over after practice, and all mentioned how much they appreciated us fans and could not have been nicer or cooler … what an experience! I want to single out wide receiver Keelan Cole; his interactions with the kids in our group were over-the-top nice. What an amazing young man!


Mike from Eagan, MN

John, I wanted to say how grateful we are to have this team. We are one of the few Jaguars fan families up here in Minnesota, and the Jaguars were completely accommodating and took time to sign autographs for both of our kids. Every player who came over was extremely nice and engaging, and an equipment manager gave our son a REAL Jaguars football; he is on Cloud 9!!! This is a fantastic team, we love our players, and all the Vikings fans around us were amazed at how awesome the team was with our kids. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Also cool.

Bryan from Jacksonville

John, since our identity on offense is running, everyone will expect it. But with Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles' improved play in the offseason and the receivers doing well in camp, could you see the coaches maybe opening up the playbook and passing more then we normally do? I think the opening drive against the Saints was a perfect mix of run/pass and would love to see that all year.

The Jaguars will have an open playbook this season, and they will pass when appropriate. But this team is going to run. A lot. That's where everything will start. It's what Marrone and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett believe in. It's not going to change. There absolutely will be mix, but the philosophy will start with the run.

Alex from Los Angeles, CA

I for one am happy the game is on at 1 p.m. I couldn't watch it if it was at a normal night time hour. I just would like to remind people the world doesn't revolve around them. It revolves around Jalen Ramsey.

Fair point.

Mark from Archer, FL

John, I know it won't happen because of the money he is due this season. But honestly, I would love for the Jags to cut wide receiver Donte Moncrief. Not because he can't be good or anything. I just think we have so many good young receivers that we should be keeping them to give them a chance to develop into something special. Do you think there is any chance at all this happens?

No, and it shouldn't. Even if you believe Moncrief is the fifth of the Jaguars' top receivers – and I'm not at all sure that's the case – you wouldn't want to do this. The NFL is a league of attrition. Injuries happen. Don't. Cut. Good. Football. Players.

Marcus from Jacksonville

I'm cool with Jalen saying whatever he wants about other players and teams. I just hope he always has the back of his teammates. That seems to be the tipping point for vocal players. When they start criticizing their own teammates and coaches it typically ends with them on another team sooner or later. I hope Jalen doesn't stop talking, as long as he only has praise for his team (at least in public!).

You are correct.

Joshua from Lynchburg, VA

Jalen Ramsey is a lot of things. "Over-drafted" ain't one of them.

You, too, are correct.

Steve from Jacksonville

"Fowler and Ramsey will be away from the team until Monday." So, a nice quick paid vacation then?

Interpret it however you want. That's not how coaches interpret it. Or players. But you probably know better than the coaches – or anyone else. A lot of people online do.

Tyler from Jacksonville

How do you see the snaps going at wide receiver? Let's say that three are on the field at a time on average; that means there are 300 percent of snaps available. Who gets them? Based on reports it feels like Marqise Lee/Donte Moncrief/Dede Westbrook/Keelan Cole/DJ Chark Jr. will all get 59 percent with the sixth guy getting five percent. Sound about right?

That does sound about right. I keep expecting for one, two or three receivers to separate during training camp. But I'm not sure it's a bad thing for the Jaguars if that doesn't happen. I do get a feeling that the Jaguars are far deeper at this position than many observers believe, and I continue to think it's going to be a team strength.

Bradley from Carson City, NV

The decision to make guard Andrew Norwell the priority over wide receiver Allen Robinson seems well-thought out at this point. Do you see this as a true year-long receiver by committee thing or do you see a pecking order naturally occurring after the first few games?

Oddly enough, you're right: the Jaguars did actually put some thought into their free-agent moves this offseason before spending millions of dollars and steering the course of their franchise by signing Norwell as a free agent from Carolina. As far as how the wide receivers will shake out with Robinson having signed with Chicago, I anticipate roles will solidify themselves through the early part of the season. This is a position group with a lot of young, developing players and what is the case in September may not be the case in October.

Paul from St. Johns, FL

Should we be worried that Norwell hasn't been practicing due to injury?

Worry if you want, but Norwell was in pads this week. He didn't practice, but being in pads – and being with the team – was a good sign.

Hugo from ABQ

O-Dude, I agree that the 24-hour news cycle we live in today contributes to the "shorter" leash on QB development, but the increase in salaries paid to these players has to be a responsible for it as well. Terry Bradshaw was the highest paid quarterback all time in 1981 and he was making $470,000 a year. JaMarcus Russell got $32 million guaranteed.

Money's relative. When Bradshaw played, $470,000 was a lot for a quarterback. Now, a lot for a quarterback is a lot more. Money might have a small role, but patience is a bigger role. Teams and fans always have had a short supply of it. But now it sometimes seems to have gone away completely.

Jimmy from Gainesville, FL

Mainstream NFL media thinking our wide receiver corps subpar …


Chris from Section 437

Do Ramsey and Fowler lose a game check because of the suspension?

No. Fowler will lose a game check when he serves a suspension against the New York Giants in the first game of the 2018 regular season under the NFL's personal conduct policy, but neither he nor Ramsey will be suspended for a regular-season game for the incidents that occurred this past Sunday.

Matthew from Fort Worth, TX

One 'fer the best Telvinism, "It's love."

He got that from me. (Obviously)

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